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Carrying a multi-tool is the perfect option for those who don’t want to carry loads of things to make their travel safer. These tools are meant to assist in everyday situations too and not just the outdoor activities. For instance, one can use them to open cans, tweeze out a thorn from your leg, cut twines, or illuminate the path using the built-in LED flashlight!


What to carry?


It is always advisable to carry a multi-tool and be prepared for situations, expected or unexpected, that can be a challenge.  Whenever planning for an outdoor activity like camping, trekking or a family picnic, carry this multi-tool without thinking twice. From starting a fire to building a raft, multi-tools can do just about everything!


How to carry?


Make the right choice of multi-tool getting one that is lightweight and compact. Carrying a multi tool in its proper case will enhance its overall life. Proper casing also ensures protection against corrosion and mishandling.


Our Assurance of Quality


Knife Country USA specializes in the market of outdoor gear,  multi-tools, knives, and accessories. To make sure our customers get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of multi-tools and outdoor utilities from leading brands like Leatherman, Swiss Army, Gerber, and Opinel.

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