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Currently, there are numerous convenient yet powerful self-defense weapons for counterattack and defense. One weapon, Knife Country USA offers is the baton. Batons are relatively effective, easy to use and conceal. It is a formidable weapon of arm’s length and a short fat stick. This lightweight defense tool is a perfect for women and men alike. Well-acclaimed as a truncheon, it is used to strike bludgeon, jab, block and aid in arm lock.


In order to meet the varying needs of our customers, different types of batons are available. Choices include, tactile, sentry, concealable, and more. The collapsible baton is easier to use, quite effective, compact and a  top choice for many customers. The telescoping metal baton is efficient security weapon that requires centrifugal force to open. Knife Country USA's customers include, law enforcement personnel, military pesonnel and the consumer. Knife Country USA has a large range of batons and accessories, from leading brands, such as, ASP, Blackhawk, Maxpedition, Smith & Wesson Knives, and more. 

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