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Batons and nightsticks are powerful self-defense weapons that are easy to conceal, easy to use, and are perfect for subduing an attacker or keeping them off-balance. In the hands of a determined individual, a baton turns you into a formidable opponent. In the hands of someone with training, a baton makes you almost unstoppable. From striking, to bludgeoning, to jabbing, to blocking and aiding in arm locks, a tactical baton is a versatile tool that gives you a strategic advantage as well as piece of mind.

The advantage of an expandable baton.

Forget the image of an old-fashioned neighborhood cop twirling his baton as he walks his beat (though we carry those, too), today's expanding batons and collapsible nightsticks add portability, concealability, and convenience to your self-defense mix. Surprising an enemy and keeping them anxious is always an effective self-defense strategy, and the fast deployment of a telescoping baton can help you turn the tables in a threatening situation and shift momentum back to your favor. Few attackers will expect to see a baton snap open in front of them, and that's exactly how we like it.

Most expandable batons can be opened with centrifugal force by flicking your wrist. They are typically hollow and are crafted from high-impact lightweight metals for inflicting maximum damage without sacrificing speed or flexibility. These factors make it a perfect self-defense tool for men and women alike across all backgrounds. If you've got space in your purse or your bag, you should have one on hand.

Selections designed to meet any threat profile.

Different people from different walks of life face different threats every day, and we've expanded our collection of collapsible nightsticks and tactical batons to meet these needs. Choices include tactile batons, sentry batons, concealable batons, and more. For law enforcement, security guards, and other security personnel, we have heavy-duty options that are designed for higher level threats. For civilians and professionals, we have concealable metal batons geared more to personal self-defense.

Looking out for your so you can look out for yourself.

At Knife Country USA, we take personal protection seriously and consider it our duty to watch out for each other. That's why for our baton collection, we've selected truncheons and accessories from leading brands whose names you know, such as ASP, Blackhawk, Maxpedition, Smith & Wesson, and many more.

Please note: Regulations governing the sale, ownership, and use of batons, nightsticks, and truncheons vary greatly by country, state, and jurisdiction. By purchasing one of these items, you affirming that is legal for you to do so. Please be aware of the applicable laws in your area before making a purchase. If you have questions about batons or any of our products, contact us at (800) 342-9118 or send us an email.

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