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Uzi is an Israel-based company popularly known in the marketplace for its top-notch weapon manufacturing. The company has carved its niche in the industry by crafting some of the best open-bolts, pistols, submachine guns, handguns, and other lethal weapons. Uzi was founded around 1950s by an Israeli family which introduced some of the finest submachine guns to Special Forces and military.


Uzi has started developing its product catalog for customers including travelers, hunters, hikers, campers and backpackers. The tactical product line includes a variety of smartly crafted tools and accessories such as fixed blade knives, folding knives, binoculars, scopes, flashlights, watches, axes, daggers, and tactical pens. Each product is precisely designed to offer great functionality and reliability.


Provides Reliable and Highly Functional Tactical Tools and Accessories

Uzi products are manufactured in different countries across the globe including China. Each product has a distinctive feature that helps individual in life-threatening situations. Uzi export these finest-quality products to approximately 90 countries around the world that put their trust in the innovation and design of Uzi tools. Uzi folding knives are available in different locking mechanism like framework, a liner lock and lock back. Also, some of the fixed blade knives have single-piece construction that boosts the strength and durability of the knives. The flashlights have long shell-life and they’re highly resistant to water and abrasion. Each product is designed using advanced technology and precise tool making practices to ensure the premium quality and high-performance.


Material Construction that Boosts Strength and High-Performance Life

Each Uzi product has a great ergonomic feel, the tools are designed to be both highly functional and eye-captivating. The material construction is the major selling point of Uzi as the company uses the finest quality material to manufacture the tactical products. Uzi knives feature drop-point, dagger-style, tanto and partially serrated blade with standard edges which are made from high-quality stainless steel with a stonewashed or black finish. These knives are perfect for various outdoor excursions including hunting, fishing, camping, traveling and hiking. Similarly, the handle constructions of Uzi knives are made from a material including aluminum, G-10, stainless steel, rubber, and nylon. The flashlights and watches are water-resistant and feature a robust black housing composition. Not just these, the handcuffs, tactical pens, listening devices, and binoculars also feature a tough, high functional and high-performing construction.


Exploring the Best-Selling Product Range of Uzi

Uzi offers a wide inventory of top-notch tools and tactical accessories that highly caters to outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, hikers, campers and backpackers. Uzi offers a brief and detailed range of best-selling axes, batons, knives, binocular, tactical pens, flashlights, handcuffs, multi-tools, watches, and listening devices.


Uzi Axes: This series consists of different small and big axes and hatchets made from the high-quality stainless head with a sharp cutting edge to offer precision in cutting jobs. The Uzi axes are safe to carry as they come along with tough sheaths. These tactical axes are perfect for combats, hunting, and cutting woods.


Uzi Expandable Batons: The Expandable Batons can be used as a perfect alternative for defense tools. Easy to deploy, these extendable batons, in a flip of the wrist, open and strike short blows and powerful blows. These lightweight batons are compact in size and easily fit in different pockets, camp kits and backpacks.


Uzi Fixed Blade Knives: The series offers hard-handles, practically designed fixed blade knives that deliver high performance. Most of these fixed blade knives feature drop-point blade perfect for cutting, chopping, and piercing. The sturdy handle construction is done using material including high-quality aluminum and stainless steel.


Uzi Flashlights: The Uzi Flashlight series offers a variety of rugged, practically and ergonomically designed flashlights. Most of these flashlights are resistant to water and easily withstands everyday handling abuse. These flashlights are powered by AA batteries and are available with a lightweight holster for multiple carry options.


Uzi Folding Pocket Knives: The series offers a wide array of folding knives with the different reliable and trustable assisted opening/closing mechanism. The knives display robustness and quality construction. Uzi Framelock Pocket Knives are made from high-grade stonewashed finish stainless steel. The Frame lock locking mechanism offers a secured and reliable lockup to the blade and removes chances of accidental opening. Uzi Linerlock Pocket Knives are equipped with thumb studs and high-grade stainless steel blades. The liner lock mechanism allows the user to have a single-hand operation and the blade securely lock up to the handle. Uzi Lockback Pocket Knives are available in different sizes and designs. These foldable pocket knives come with stainless blade and offer excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion.


Uzi Handcuffs & Personal Restraints:It offers a wide range ofsmartly designed handcuffs and personal restraints. The hard-handled handcuffs are available in different designs, colors, and shapes. This series also comprises of cuff cases, handcuff keys, key sets, and metal detector wands.


Uzi Megaphones: These speaking trumpets offer a loud and amplified voice and other sounds that help to give directions in risky situations. Most of these cone-shaped microphones are available in Black composition housing that adds to the shell life. Some of the security equipment is available with recordable microphones.


Uzi Multi-Tools: The series comprises of a wide inventory of everyday carry tactical tools including DNA tactical pens, screwdrivers, can openers, mini saws, plier, key chains with integrated tools. These tactical accessories are extremely light in weight and fit easily the pocket, purse, backpacks and camp kits. 

Uzi Scopes& Binoculars:This series offers a wide range of scopes and binoculars includes portable tools that act as high-power telescopes. Most of these scopes and binoculars are weatherproof and can be carried along in different outdoor excursions including hunting, camping and surveillance activities.


Uzi Watches: Uzi watches are renowned globally for their unique design and flawless construction. Uzi deals in a variety of watch series including Uzi Ballistic Series Watches features chronograph stainless steel back with a Black aluminum link wrist band. Most of these watches are water and impact resistance. Uzi Digital Sport Series Watches have a digital display with Black composition casing and gun metal gray stainless bezel. These watches have a comfortable rubberized wrist band. Uzi Guardian Series Watches have enlarged digital readout along with alarm, stopwatch, and lighted dial. These water-resistant watches feature stainless back and black finish stainless bezel.


Uzi Commander Knife Series: Uzi Commander Knife series offers sharp, practically designed dagger knives with a heavy-duty fixed blade made from coated stainless steel. Most of these knives are available in single piece construction with serrated and standard edge blade and comfortable paracord handles.


Uzi Covert Knife Series: The Covert knife series offers everyday carry pocket knives that feature stainless steel pocket clip for easy application and accessibility. Most of these knives feature sharp dagger-style blade made from the finest-quality stainless steel. The gunmetal gray grooved aluminum handle offers a comfortable and tight grip.


Uzi EVN Knife Series: These knives are available with different assisted opening mechanism including lock back mechanism, framelock, and liner lock mechanism. Most of these knives have different blade designs like serrated and standard edge with drop point and tanto blade tip.


Uzi Guardian Watch Series: These watches have enlarged digital readout along with alarm, stopwatch, and lighted dial. These water-resistant watches feature stainless back and black finish stainless bezel. The Guardian watches are of maximum use in dim-lit and pitch-dark locations.


Uzi Mossad Knife Series: This is one of the best-selling and high in demand knives introduced by Uzi. These ergonomically designed knives feature drop point blade made from the finest quality stainless steel with a stonewash finish. These user-friendly knives feature Black composition and G-10 handles with a lanyard hole.


Uzi Responder Knife Series: The Responder Knivesfeature an extensive range of liner lock knives. Linerlock mechanism allows the user to have a single-hand operation and the blade securely lock up to the handle. Most of these knives have finger grooved handles with Uzi engraved logo and lanyard hole.


Uzi Zaka Knife Series: The series includes a wide assortment of killer tools designed for a variety of outdoor tasks. These everyday carry tools are fully operational during emergencies and critical life-threatening situations. Some of these knives from the series feature stainless steel dagger style blade with the false top edge.


Warranty Information

Uzi aims to make the highest quality knives and other products. The company provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If the problems arise with the product, just return and it will get repaired (if the issue is genuine). The company doesn’t provide the warranty to the cases where the product is misused or out of their normal wear. Uzi products are not meant to be used as or with hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers.


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