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UZI offers lightweight, perfectly balanced, uniquely designed knives, crafted by skilled makers. UZI is a world famous brand, and offers UZI Folding Knives, UZI Throwing Knives, and UZI Fixed Blade Knives. UZI Knives offer an attractive design and lightweight feel, serving as a powerful self-denfense tool or a standard utility tool for every day task.


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UZI is a very proud manufacturer of tactical knives, machine guns as well as other law enforcement gears. The three major categories of UZI Knives are UZI Folding Knives, UZI throwing Knives and UZI fixed Blade Knives. Engrossing in appearance, UZI Knives can easily shift roles in between a weapon and a utility tool.  If you are in to collecting rare tactical knives, then UZI has a lot to serve!


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A family owned and managed business, Knife Country USA is at the top of the hierarchy in the niche of survival, outdoors, self-defense, and camping/hiking gear and accessories. It retails products from the best brands that are sold at lower than the usual market prices. Contact options include Toll Free (800) 342-9118, (248) 382-5285 or customercare@knifecountryusa.com.

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