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Uzi Tactical Defender Pens by Uzi Knives

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Uzi is a popular name that deals in manufacturing a variety of lethal weapons, be them knives or firearms. Having been around for more than 50 years now, this knife making brand has its base in Israel. Started by the Uzi family, this brand focuses on serving armed forces, police forces, and law enforcement forces.


Uzi Tactical Defender Pens


Never would you have thought that pens can be an ideal tool while you go out for a survival combat or any other critical situation. Uzi has introduced a line of tactical defender pens that not only flaunt a comfortable grip while you write but can also be used as a super-efficient self-defense tool. This collection of pens can work as a life-saving tool and features a pocket clip for easy carry. Most of these everyday carry pens have a retractable glass breaking tip and razor sharp tactical DNA catcher crown.


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