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Before GPS, there was the compass. While technology may make finding your way around easier than ever, the only portable directional guide you can count on when your survival is at stake is a magnetic compass. No need for batteries. No need for a satellite link. No need for cell reception. No need for an unobstructed view. The pocket compass has been the go-to for professional guides, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts for generations. We won't tell you not to use GPS when you can -- it's usually a good idea to pair the two, and we even offer compasses that have a GPS receiver built in -- but we will tell you never to venture into the unknown without some kind of magnetic compass tool by your side.

The magnetic compass: Hardwired for survival.

With a bit of training and awareness, a solid hiking compass can provide you with accurate navigation regardless of the weather or terrain. Outside of a good survival knife, there is probably nothing better to have with you if you need to survive outside and find your way home. Even when used just for fun or to map out new places to hike and camp, these timeless tools are indispensable assets during your adventures. No survival kit is complete without one.

Knife Country USA is your supply stop for the outdoors.

We offer compasses across a range of designs and styles, from complete kits with navigation cards to map terrain and determine scale, to simple keyrings you can take anywhere. Our compasses include mirrored, lensatic, declination, zipper pull tag-along, and many more. We also have options like classic brass or gold finishes and durable plastic or metal cases, while other options include tools like magnifying glasses or offer mini-GPS capability. With so many options, there's really no excuse: Get a compass, know how to use it, and keep it on you.

We take outdoor equipment seriously, and so do the brands we offer. They include 5.11, Dakota, Silva Watches & Tools, and others from the best of the best. Whatever you do, do not forget to include an essential compass in your survival, camping, hunting, or backpacking gear.


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  1. Brunton Gear Compasses
  2. Explorer Compasses
  3. NDUR Compasses
  4. Marbles Compasses
  5. Silva Compasses



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