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A Utility Kitchen Knife is a non-cutting tool. It has a very short blade that can be replaced with a strip of blades. These blades can be snapped off after a certain period, and example would be, when the sharpness wears off. The length of a regular Utility Knife varies between 4 inches to 7 inches. Used in the kitchen arena, Utility Kitchen Knives are also used in factories, warehouses, and for other industrial applications. 


A Deeper Insight into Utility Knives:

  • Known by various names, Utility Knives are mostly referred as Stanley Knives.

  • Being lightweight, user-friendly and easy-to-carry. Indoors, Utility Knives are extensively used for miscellaneous activities. This includes cutting lines, tape, cords, straps, cardboards, and for trimming plastic or wood materials.

  • Utility Knives can be used as fixed, folding, retractable or replaceable blades, as and when required.

  • A Utility Knife generally features a utility or razor blade, which makes it ideal for cutting tough materials like shingles or for scraping paint.

  • However, an Outdoor Utility Knife is a bit different in terms of construction and intended usage.

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