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Benchmark Knives


Founded in the late 70s, Benchmark Knives paved its way through the market with impressive pocket knives and rare knife designs. The knifemaking brand was based in Gastonia, NC. The majority of their knives are built with steel, usually the 440C variety, with compact handles and spine construction. Benchmark has seen its ups and downs as the brand regressed from the market at one point. Eventually, they were forced to go out of business. The value of original knives made by Benchmark is very high. This is because at one point the production stopped. It is still not known what happened to the knives that were under production. It is believed that some of them were diverted towards different ownerships while other models were scrapped and sold under another brand name.


The list of knives and products created by Benchmark includes kitchen knives, folding pocket knives, fixed blade knives, butterfly knives, belt buckle knives, neck knives, scissors, push daggers, and manicure sets. Although the brand is no longer functional, the professional-grade and functionality of the products are appreciated. This is the sole reason behind the value of real Benchmark Knives being quite high. The brand focused on saw steels, but their meteoric rise to fame has been attributed to their knives. Moreover, the brand was started as Jenkins Metals. Blackie Collins was the designer at Benchmark since the beginning. With the company wounded, design rights were bought by Gerber. Later R.B. Jenkins got them back until he finally retired with his knives. For an extremely high-quality knife, you must check out the Benchmark Knives designed by R.B. Jenkins.


What makes Benchmark Knives so special?

Through Benchmarks struggles and resurgence, their knives are still in high demand. A hiker, camper, hunter, handyman, and outdoorsman look for original Benchmark Knives. As they are some of the most functional tools that come in handy for limitless purposes. All the blades were well made, heat-treated, and finished. The leather sheaths by benchmark have also been quite popular. Each unit reflects the involvement of premium craftsmanship. The rights of the company’s finest knife - the Rolex were sold to CRKT. Interestingly, the Rolex knife ages back as far as 1969. Hence, working with a Benchmark Knife wouldn’t be less than a privilege. Check out their knives and tools on Knife Country USA.


Check Out Benchmark Product Categories

Benchmark Fixed Blade Knives: Benchmark has a rich inventory of fixed blade knives, exclusively customed for different needs. Most of the knives in the series are manufactured from high-quality steel or ceramic making them resistant to corrosion and abrasions. There is a wide array of knives for scullery uses like cutting and chopping. Ceramic blade knives help prevent the browning of fresh fruits and vegetables and do not transfer taste or odor. Utility replacement blades are also available under Benchmark fixed blade knives. These blades are ideal for fine cutting due to their extra sharpness. Benchmark knives are easy to clean, strong, and uniquely designed. Each knife comes packaged in a deluxe cardboard storage box with vacuum-formed inserts. Some of the knives come with a protective sheath for safe storage.


Benchmark Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knife series include Framelock, Linerlock, and Lockback type knives. Titanium framelock knives and stainless assisted opening framelock knives are the most popular types. The linerlock knives or EDC knives are compact and lightweight. Thus, they can be carried easily on a hike or trekking as safety gear. D2 Steel and stonewash finish blades offer a firm grip for smoother functionality. Framelock knives come with double thumb studs for an ambidextrous opening. While the attached pocket clip ensures easy carrying. Some of the knife models feature lanyard holes that allow easy carrying using a cord. Moreover, the Benchmark Lockback Knife works with a locking arm that sits along the handle spine and is molded with a hook that fits in a notch on the back of the blade behind the pivot. The aluminum handles make these knives lightweight and easy to handle. Lockback knives are preferred by sportsmen and military personnel.


Benchmark Belt Buckle Knives: The Belt Buckle Knife from Benchmark is appreciated for its excellent design and convenient-to-use feature. The buckle is made from a rigid black Zytel casing. It further features textured G10 front handle scales. Constructed with high-grade materials to ensure the knife functions smoothly and is a reliable companion to the user. Benchmark Belt Buckle Knives are equipped with a stainless back handle, a strong Lockback mechanism, and a stainless pocket clip that allows the knife to be attached to the belt buckle easily.


Benchmark Butterfly Knives: The folding pocket knives feature two handles counter-rotating around the tang. When the knife is closed, the blade conceals within grooves in the handles. A latch further holds the handles together, mounted on the one facing the cutting edge. The metal alloy handles allow for a firm grip for smooth functionality. Benchmark Butterfly Knives are available in an assortment of handle color options. These knives are made proudly in the USA.


Benchmark Kitchen Knives: The Kitchen Knife series is intended for use majorly for kitchen chores. Most of the knife models or sets from this series are made from ceramic with high-quality white zirconium oxide ceramic blades. These knives are manufactured in China with supreme quality materials for strength and durability. The contoured rubber handles further ensure a comfortable grip for great functionality. Ceramic blades prevent browning of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, they do not transfer any taste or odor. The hard, sharp, and strong blades are perfect for slicing or dicing vegetables, meat, fruit, cheese, and more. You can pick single knives or a set of them as per your requirement.


Benchmark Knife Sharpeners: Sharpeners are one of the most important tools that offer quick and smooth sharpening without any hassle. These are the ceramic and carbide sharpeners, which are built with the correct angle and length. The sharpeners are handy and feature synthetic construction. Benchmark Knife Sharpeners are extremely efficient, safe, and easy to use. A sharpener will help you in maintaining the sharpness of your blade. Moreover, sharp knives always perform better and deliver what they are crafted for.


Benchmark Manicure Set: A manicure set from Benchmark boasts a matte finish, stainless steel construction. The set includes 2.25-inch nail clippers, 3.63-inch overall nail scissors with 1-inch blades, 3.5-inch tweezers, 4.75-inch cuticle tool, and a 3.88-inch nail file. Moreover, the kit can be carried along anywhere as all the tools fit inside the black zippered leatherette storage case. Stainless construction ensures each tool from the manicure set lasts long and is highly functional.


Benchmark Neck Knives: Designed to be worn on a cord hanging from your neck, these knives can either hang handle up or handle down. The small fixed blade knives can be hung from a loop of natural or synthetic cord, a length of braided paracord, or even a breakaway beaded or ball chain. Benchmark Neck Knives are single-edged and primarily intended for utilitarian use. The knives feature stainless blades and micarta handles. Some of the models from the series include molded plastic sheaths. These knives are made in China.


Benchmark Push Daggers Knives: Benchmark Push Daggers are made from stainless steel and feature a finger hole in the middle for an extra firm grip. These knives have a brushed finish double edge stainless spear point blade and a 2Cr13 stainless handle. The included nylon sheath further easily attaches to the belt with button clasps and is extremely durable. This backup tool is further constructed in China.


Benchmark Scissors: Made from high-quality materials, the Benchmark scissors feature sharp blades and strong handles. The blades are fabricated from stainless steel and undergo a careful process when being assembled. The gripping of the handles are made of synthetic, stainless, or composition construction. The tools in this Benchmark series range in usefulness from manicures to the cutting board.


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