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Make an online search for topics about women safety or self-defense and chances the screen will be flushed with a series of safety options, among which Pepper Spray will be a common component. Pepper Sprays have evolved as one of the most easy to use, affordable and effective safety tools. Whether an adventure trip, party, or a night-out, one can feel assured about safety with a Pepper Spray—a compact utility that is easy to stack and conceal.


Understanding Pepper Sprays


Pepper spray or OC spray (oleoresin capsicum) is a special application spray that instantly causes irritation and redness of the eyes. If sprayed accurately, in or around the eyes, it can lead to uncontrolled watering of the eyes or temporary blindness. Due to such an instant effect, Pepper Spray is one of the most recommended survival tools, especially for women. These sprays are usually packed in compact tin cans, at par with deodorant or perfume packaging, for hassle-free usage. In some nations, Pepper Spray is a part of standard tools used by policing force, particularly for riot and crowd control.


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Knife Country USA is an established online retail store, specializing in the market of Pepper Sprays and accessories. To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Pepper Sprays from leading brands like Cold Steel, Police Magnum, and Sabre.

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