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Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) came into existence in 1976 under the guidance of Dr. Kevin Parsons. Founder Kevin Parsons PhD (Police Management), began his career as a police academy instructor in firearms and defense tactics. He later on designed the use-of-force training systems for all the major law enforcement clients. Not only police academy instructor, but he has also excelled as a lecturer consultant, and expert witness, testifying over 500 times in defense of police agencies. The training by Kevin Parsons focused on the necessity of systems that were operationally feasible, tactically sound and legally defensible.  With more than 100 patent products in the different category, ASP, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, is one of the reputed names in the industry.


Management: Backbone of the Company

The management team at Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) includes the highly experienced team members. People from different professions including manufacturing and product development, law enforcement and military, finance, logistics, sales and marketing, technology and more form the backbone of the company. The team altogether has contributed magnificently in terms of bringing forth the qualitative product range and simultaneously coordinating with the activities of ASP employees across the world. The aim is to deliver distribute the best possible range.


ASP is synonymous with reliability and is always trusted by the military personnel and survival experts. The products at ASP are a perfect blend of innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology that helps in bringing forth restraints, batons, led lights, OC training products that serve the varying demands of Law & enforcement, military, and armed personnel. With rich experience and spending decades in the industry, the companyhas continued to focus on bringing forth the finest tools for law enforcement officers. Tools by ASP help in performing duties safely.


Significant Research and Development for Optimum Production

A large portion of the money is spent on the Research and Development that is the most important aspect of ASP.  Rigorous R&D, designing, testing, and field testing are few of the stages that the products undergo before final delivery. The products of ASP reflect the “ASP DNA”


Exploring the ASP Tools by Series


Baton Cases by ASP Tools: Baton Cases by ASP Tools are specifically designed and manufactured to cater to the varying requirements of security guards, law-enforcement officers, correctional staff, military personnel and many more. These are the perfectly designed baton cases to hold the cylindrical clubs. The Baton Cases are precisely designed made for the military, for their dresses and belts, and molle vests as well. These cases ensure complete reliability and long life as well.


Handcuffs by ASP Tools: include premium quality handcuffs that are primarily designed to meet the law enforcement standards. These are the handcuffs with either single or two keyholes on each restraint; these are forged in stainless steel that imparts immense strength. The mechanism is simple for each handcuff; the locks are released just by turning in a single direction. Apart from the handcuffs, this series also includes the Tri-Fold restraints with no sharp edges and are super easy to use.


Federal Scabbard Series by ASP Tools: includes the finest quality and premium Scabbards for holding batons. These are the close front carriers that are manufactured using premium quality polymer that imparts great strength to withstand the toughest situations. The array of Federal Scabbards is highly sturdy and offers optimum support. The size is compact and gives a perfect grip for most of the demanding situations. The Scabbards are widely used by the law-enforcement officers, security guards, and military personnel.


Lockwrite Pen Series by ASP Tools: contains the perfect and most commonly used police tools. The lockwrite pen is a combination of the two most frequently used tools. This includes a writing pen and a handcuff key. Many of the pens in this series are made using the solid brass that is lacquered, polished and plated precisely. The use of high carbon steel for the key imparts immense strength to the whole pen.  


Key Defender Pepper Spray Series by ASP Tools: includes the non-lethal alternatives for self-defense. The series has an array of pepper spray that acts as a survival tool in most of the demanding situations. These are compact in size and are portable. The aluminum construction of the spray contains the replaceable aerosol inserts. These powerful sprays work best in most of the demanding situations and cover up to 5 feet.


Guardian Flashlight Series by ASP Tools: includes the optimum quality and highly durable flashlights. ASP delivers the flashlights that are completely water resistant and are great support as emergency equipment. High powered batteries are meant to serve for longer duration in most of the demanding situations. The sharp brightness and high luminosity make the Guardian Flashlights perfect for the hunters, hikers, or mountaineers.


Sentry Baton Series by ASP Tools: Specifically designed and developed for the use by army personnel, law enforcement officers and security guards. These are the fully extended Sentry Baton that offers immense strength and is a non-lethal solution to unwanted attacks. The 4130-steel construction makes the baton highly sturdy and rigid. These are the defensive weapons that offer sturdy grip in most of the situations.


Protector Baton Series by ASP Tools: some of the most powerful batons that are designed specifically for police professionals. The Protector Baton in this series is easy to carry and is considered to be the best ASP impact weapon. The fabrication is done using the ASP material and their techniques. The use of 7075-T6 aluminum imparts immense strength and performs outstandingly well in most of the situations. These Protector Baton have cross check knurling with spiral micro grooves that help maintain a smooth and secure grip.


Agent Baton Series by ASP Tools: includes the high-quality batons that are primarily used by the law-enforcement officers, security guards, and correctional staff. These are the perfect defensive weapons made using the high carbon steel for optimum strength. The non-slip aluminum surface, along with the crosstec knurled with micro spiral grooves, makes the baton suitable to be used in most of the challenging situations.


ASP Multi-Tools by ASP Tools: includes the assortment of multi-tools that are used in most of the demanding situations. These tools are extremely reliable and are sturdy enough to be used in tactical situations.


ASP Tools Flashlights & Batteries by ASP Tools: primarily designed to cater to the requirements of the adventure enthusiasts and outdoorsman across the world. This series includes the flashlights and batteries that are perfect to be used in emergency situations. The stainless construction makes the products durable and sturdy. All the products are made as per the standard of professional law enforcement.


ASP Tools F Series Batons by ASP Tools: includes a wide range of Batons that are available in different sizes. These are the defense tools using in most of the challenging situations by the law-enforcement officers, security guards, correctional staff and military officers. These are proven to be "virtually indestructible."


ASP Tools Palm Defender Pepper Spray Series by ASP Tools: defined as per the professional law enforcement standards. These are the personal safety devices used as a self-defense tool in emergency situations. The dispersion rate is perfect and covers a larger distance by hitting the target straight.


ASP Tools Tactical Defender Pepper Spray Series by ASP Tools: another range of non-lethal self-defense pepper spray. These Pepper Sprays are made using the aluminum, which is sturdy and durable. Each of the pepper sprays comes with replacement inserts.  The Defender dispersion system allows the user to disperse the spray directly over the target.


ASP Tools Talon Baton Series by ASP Tools: manufactured specifically to be used by the security guards, law enforcement officers, police officers or the army personnel. These are the batons used as the self-defense tools. The steel construction is strong and makes the knives completely durable.  These batons have expandable length and increase the reach without losing the grip.


ASP Tools Concealable Baton Series by ASP Tools: features the finest range of baton manufactured using the high carbon seamless steal tubing, the middle shaft has aluminum construction and features friction loc. The baton present in this series has the crosshatch pattern that offers extreme grip and complete control.



ASP Tools offers exceptional quality knives that are warranted to be completely free from any kind of defect. The knives at ASP Tools will be repaired or replaced only after complete consultation and with lifetime warranty coverage. In case if the knife or any other tool is found to be defective, then it will be replaced with a new one. If the knife has sentimental or collectible value, ASP will return the knife without any replacement. In rare cases, the knives cannot be repaired that completely depends on the availability of parts. But ASP will surely furnish the most closely matched item manufactured currently.


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