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A Paring Knife is a small-sized knife, featuring a plain-edge blade. A plain-edge blade makes it ideal for a lot of fundamental knifing jobs. Some examples, include, peeling, de-veining (shrimps), removing seeds, skinning, and slicing for garnishing. A Paring Knife is often referred to as a smaller version of a Chef Knife because it performs a wide range of basic kitchen functions with reasonably good precision. The length of a typical Paring Knife is generally between 2½ inches and 4 inches.


Paring Knife Basics: Thinner Blade, Better Control

A Paring Knife is a standard part of most kitchen cutlery sets. The Paring Knife blade, is about 3 inches to 4 inches thin, making it a popular knifing option for regular kitchen activities. The thin blade has a tapered point, helping to maintain more control while cutting through or slicing meat. The utility increases with a thinner blade that ensures faster, more effortless movement.


Paring Knife Basics: Options to Choose

1. Bird's Beak—a different type of Paring Knife that is used for peeling rounded fruits like apples and oranges. A Paring Knife is considered the foremost option for intricate work like fluting.

2. Sheep's Foot—a unique Paring Knife with a straight cutting blade, it is designed for peeling and paring food.

3. Wavy Edge—a Paring Knife used for cutting a crust or skin with a softer inside, like tomatoes.


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Forschner Knives 42603 Bird's Beak Paring Knife with White Nylon Handle

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Victorinox - Bird''s Beak Paring. Model VN42603. 2 1/4" stainless blade. White nylon handles.

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