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The sun is about to set, the power has run out and you want to fix the faulty power wires. This is a classic scenario for a utility magnifier—it can help you find the socket without the threat of getting damaging shocks. Despite its very scholarly, almost scientific appeal, a magnifier has many humble, emergency-situation utilities. It is a great fire-starting tool, i.e. when there is some sunlight to manipulate into making a fire.


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Outdoor advenutruers,thrill-seekers and explorers realize the importance of a good, dependable magnifier. These folks often face situations where clear visuals are not possible. With minimal of lighting, a magnifier might be able to help. Our magnifiers will help our customers get a better view of cable joints or a deep-set valve in your water filtration system. Often reading the instructions on manuals is impossible, using a magnifier and no need to squint anymore!


The Most Inconspicuous Fire Starter


As long as there is some sunlight and few dry scraps, including dry vegetation, there is every chance one can start a life-saving fire using your magnifier. It isn’t hard to hold the lens in the most appropriate manner to concentrate the beam of light on a pile of dry debris. A small fire is sometimes handy to keep warm, cook food or scare away animals. When lighters and matches fail, the magnifier, in its most humble state, can be a savior!


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Knife Country USA is an established online retail store, specializing in the market of survival items, including supplies, kits, and accessories. To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of magnifiers and outdoor utility items from leading brands likeCarson Optics and Adventure Medical Kits.

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