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One must add a pair of Shears & Scissors when planning an adventurous trip or camping. Scissors can help slice everything, ranging from a hard parachute cord to a thin fabric or even hair strands! Yes, this application is not from our imagination! We often get requests from campers who want to trim their hair or beard when pursuing the trail. Similarly, a pair of game shears is the perfect outdoor utility tool for dedicated hunters. Being sharper than most outdoor knives, shears are the best bet for pruning, or performing a quick procedure like pulling out a thorn.


Outdoor Scissors & Shears: Applications & Trends

Scissors and shears are multi-purpose outdoor utility items. They need minimal maintenance and assure one years of hassle-free performance. We are presenting some facts that our customers should know to choose the most appropriate scissor or shear:

  • Always use shears in order to take the maximum advantage of longer strokes.

  • Scissors are better for cutting in an incisive manner, across shorter patches.

  • Always clean a pair of shears and scissors after use to ensure longer functional life.

  • Any piece of dry cloth does a good job of absorbing the moisture from outdoors scissors and shears.

  • To ensure an even longer life for scissors and shears, try to oil them occasionally.

  • It is always advisable to send shears and scissors to a professional sharpener for enhanced service life.

  • If one has electric sharpeners at home,  try your hand at sharpening the blades.  


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Knife Country USA is established e-store, specializing in selling branded knives and accessories. To ensure our customers get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Shears & Scissors from leading brands like Chef's Choice, Gerber, and Sliver Gripper.

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