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Extrema Ratio is an Italy-based knife making brand, established in Prato in 1997. The company is known for manufacturing a wide variety of combat, military, kitchen, hunting, and tactical knives since the beginning. Extrema Ratio has risen to fame because of its unsurpassed excellence in delivering high-performance knives to the military and tactical knife industry. Most Extrema Ratio knives are developed by keeping the requirements of Italian and foreign armed forces in mind.


It was in 2004 when the company expanded and moved to a new 600 square feet facility in order to meet the increasing market demand for their products. Sooner the company established itself as one of the leading knife manufacturers in the country. Extra Ratio with its wide inventory is best known for outstanding ruggedness and the brand is astute enough to meet the requirements of the toughest military standards.


Uniquely Designed Knives Using Modern Cutting-Edge Technology

What makes these Extrema Ratio Knives unique is the fact that every blade is free-hand ground, every knife is individually fitted, and every knife is sharpened by hand. The skilled knife makers at Extrema Ratio have an eye for precision by paying attention to every detail. The use of special steel alloys, new technologies, manufacturing knowledge and space technology materials contribute to making an excellent range of knives. The design team of the company makes use of the 3D system to design new models and create prototypes.


All the knives made by the company are built with high-quality materials that are engineered in the best of their conditions. You can easily disassemble them for cleaning and maintenance. This allows the worn-out parts to be easily replaced. All the knives are made from N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel resourced from Austria, often used in the manufacturing of surgical instruments. All the hunting and tactical knives are field-tested for their excellence and every kitchen, military, and the tactical knife is hand assembled and hand finished to deliver high-performance. The brand caters to Armed Forces, Law Enforcement community, enthusiasts, survivalists, and hunters.


Unparalleled Range of Knives: Extrema Ratio Product Series

  1. 1.   Fixed Blade Knives: This series of knives includes an assortment of non-folding knives that are used for combat, survival and hunting purposes. All the knives in this category are equipped with a durable and protective Kydex neck sheath that provides a safe option for storage. You can browse through a large selection of fixed blade knives specially hand finished by skilled knife makers at Extreme Ratio, catering to the needs of many outdoorsmen.


  • AMF Knives: This series of knives comprises of a variety of advanced multi-function knives that are popularly used survival gears. The stainless-steel drop point blade makes these knives ideal for cutting, carving and skinning. Most knives feature Forprene handles that offer a secure grip for a prolonged duration. These knives are accompanied with a high-quality Cordura MOLLE compatible sheath for convenient storage.


  • Defender Knives: These combat knives are also known as Scout Knives with an ultra-slim shape. Most of these fixed blade knives feature blades with stonewash or Black finish that makes them resistant to wear and tear. The full tang construction of these knives provides high strength.



  • Fulcrum Knives: These knives are known for their robust and sturdy construction. Most of these knives feature N690 stainless cobalt steel blades that make them resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring exceptional tool life. The full tang construction of the knives offers increased force leverage for easy accessibility. All the knives available in this series are manufactured in Italy.


  • MK2.1 Knives: These knives are exclusively designed for military personnel. MK2.1 knives are the revised version of MARK 2 fighting daggers that were being used in World War II. The knives in this series feature oversized structural parts that help in yielding high-performance and sturdiness.



  • NK1 Knives: The knives included in this category are specially designed for helping the user in combat applications and tactical situations. The stainless-steel construction of these knives offers strength and durability.


  • NK3 Knives: The knives in this series feature neck knives that are equipped with a cord for keeping them in place. These knives are used by many hunters, travelers, and outdoorsmen. The stainless steel blades with sharp edges make them preferable amongst its users.



  • Psycho Knives: This series comprises of a large variety of fixed blade knives that are designed to help you in most of the adventurous pursuits. The Bohler N690 stainless cobalt steel construction of the blades make these knives the toughest in their niche. All the knives in this series come packed in a nylon belt sheath that helps to keep them safely in place.


  • Pugio Knives: This series of knives feature an assortment of tactical tools that offer flexibility to use with high durability. The stainless-steel blades make them resistant to rust and corrosion. Drop point blades make cutting effortless and chopping more precise. Full tang construction provides strength for tough tasks.



  • RAO Knives: The knives in this category include an array of folding survival knives that are made from highly durable stainless cobalt steel. The extra safe-locking mechanism, finger guard, and lanyard holes make these knives functional. The rugged construction of the RAO knives is ideal for use in tough combat situations.


  • Requiem Knives: This category includes a range of multi-purpose knives that are light in weight and easy to carry. These fixed blade knives feature a special stiletto style blade in stonewash finish to resist corrosion and rust. The two multi-position clips ensure easy fastening inside the M.O.L.L.E. system.



  • Resolza Knives: These are the liner-lock pocket knives used for effortless cutting and chopping. The attractive part about these knives is that they feature an anti-corroding anodized aluminum handles, offering a perfect grip. Some Resolza knives also feature burnished blades to restore their shine.


  • S.E.R.E 1 Push Daggers: Fixed blade daggers are developed in collaboration with the Special Forces, keeping their requirements in mind. The Bohler stainless steel construction with partially serrated edges make them preferable amongst armed men. Most handles feature sharpened tip and lanyard hole for higher visibility.



  • Scout Knives: The hunting and tactical knives in this series are intricately designed to fulfill the needs of adventure enthusiasts. The Bohler stainless steel and full tang construction empower the user to use them with strength for tough tasks. Black nylon MOLLE compatible belt sheath is also provided along with the knives for the safety of the blades and knives.


  • Selvan Knives: This range includes a variety of knives that are specially designed with the cooperation of the master instructor Daniele Dal Canto of F.I.S.S. These knives feature longer handles and heavier blades to offer better chopping and cutting actions.


  • Venom Knives: These knives are especially hand finished and designed for those who are more comfortable with traditional knives. These fixed blade knives feature a design that is very similar to Italian and Austro-Hungarian combat knives. The rigid ABS polymer sheath ensures safety to the knives along with easy storage. Usually, these knives are used in the fields where precision work is required.


  1. Folding Pocket Knives: Most knives in this category are operated with use of spring lock opening and closing mechanism. The exceptional features like finger guard, pommel, bolsters, and extended tang make these knives highly functional. You can select your folder knife from the series described below:
  • Framelock Pocket Knives: This series of pocket knives are specially crafted for hunters, trekker, and other outdoorsmen. The masterfully engineered knives feature burnished blades that offer resistant to wear and tear. Extended tang construction offers increased force leverage making them easily accessible.


  • Linerlock Pocket Knives:  this series comprises of an array of folding knives, featuring full tang construction for high strength. The anticorodal handles offer a secure and stable grip for prolonged use.



  • Lockback Pocket Knives: This series of knives are operated with a lock back spring mechanism for easy opening and closing of the blade. Partially serrated edges of these blades make them suitable for cutting hard and uneven work surfaces. Most knives in this series feature a pocket clip and an integrated belt cutter and glass breaker, making them more preferable amongst outdoorsmen.


  • BF Knives: This category includes a wide variety of lockback pocket knives that are loaded with functional features. Extended tang construction offers an increased force for tough tasks. The provision of lanyard holes makes them easy to spot when extended with a cord.



  • Desert Warfare Knives: This series comprises of uniquely designed fixed blade and linerlock knives. All the knives in this series are made from Geo-Camo finish N690 stainless cobalt steel that makes these knives perfect to use for heavy-duty tasks.


  • Glauca Knives: These are some specially crafted knives that are designed with the cooperation of GIG and special operations unit of French National Gendarmerie. These folding knives feature blade tips that maximize the penetration performance resulting in detailed cutting and chopping. All the knives in this series are equipped with a sheath that has a hard ABS structure on a Cordura fabric core, keeping the knife safely into place.



  • MF Knives: This series of knives contains an array of tactical folder knives designed in different shapes and sizes. Most of the knives in this series feature blades made from N690 stainless cobalt steel, making them durable enough to stand the test of time. The drop point blade makes them ideal for various heavy-duty tasks. The folding knives also feature dual thumb studs that allow easy deployment of the blade.


  • MPC Knives: All the knives included in this series feature a robust and sturdy design incorporating the characteristics of other knives such as FULCRUM II. The anti-slip grip handles of these knives are specially designed for prolonged usage.
  • Nemesis Knives: This series comprises of a variety of lockback folding knives that are most commonly used for self-defense purposes. The Nemesis knives work with a manual security lock that is assorted with a back-lock mechanism lever, making them highly functional. The tempered steel tang can be used effectively as a glass breaker and sports a lanyard hole for cord attachment.


  • Nightmare Knives: The knives in this series are also known as Karambit Folding Knives that are created with enhanced defensive mechanism. The Extrema Nightmare knives are a preferred choice of U.S.I.V.P. Principality of Monaco Police and other special forces.



  • T-Razor Knives: This series consists of folding knives that feature a razor blade. All the knives in this niche are proudly manufactured in Italy. Most knives in this series come with aluminum handles that offer perfect grip in all situations.


  1. Machetes: This category of machetes is widely popular for its broad blade construction, making it ideal to use either as an axe or a sword. The machetes are specially designed to serve the user well in different combat situations. All the products in this series feature stainless steel construction that makes them strong and durable. The Forprene handles provide an anti-slip grip for long durations. These machetes are equipped with belt sheaths for added security and protection.


  1. Moschin Knives: This is one of the most popular knife series manufactured by Extrema Ratio. These knives were originally designed for the renowned 9th Parachute Assault Regiment Col Moschin of the Italian Special Forces. All the knives in this niche feature blades with an extra sharp edge that provides great strength. The rugged construction of these knives makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. Moschin knives are supplied with a molded Tek-Lok sheath for the safety of blade and ease of storage.



  1. TK Tools: This series includes a wide variety of multipurpose single-piece pocket tools. The front end of these tools can be used as a screwdriver or lever. Most of these tools come with a lanyard hole that makes it easier to attach with a cord for carrying anywhere. These tools cater to the needs of many martial arts professionals and trainers who use it for different training complex defensive and disarming techniques. 


Warranty Information

Extreme Ratio offers products that are high on quality and impeccable in design.  In case of any manufacturing defect or fault, the company guarantees a quick replacement of products that are in stock. The products with production and functional faults or the products with faulty material used are meant to be replaced. The warranty offered by the company on its products stands valid for the entire lifetime. Products like Scabbards come with a 6-year warranty period, valid from the very first day of the purchase. This warranty does not cover damages due to wearing and oxidation, which can be avoided–thanks to careful lubrication and polishing. The warranted products are eligible for free replacement or repair only when the Extrema Ratio team certify the faults and faulty parts.


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