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Extrema Ratio Karambit Knives: Unleash the Warrior Within


Explore the exceptional craftsmanship and combat-ready functionality of the Extrema Ratio Karambit Knives, brought to you by Knife Country USA. These knives, originating from the Indonesian archipelago, have been embraced by martial artists and tactical enthusiasts worldwide for their distinctive curved blade, which mimics the claw of a tiger. Extrema Ratio has honed this ancient design into a modern tactical tool using Bohler N690 stainless steel, celebrated for its superior strength and edge retention.


  • Nightmare Karambit Stonewash Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife - EX0454SW: This knife is a testament to the formidable capabilities of the karambit. With a 3" standard edge blade finished in stonewash, it's designed for durability and stealth. The handle is crafted from black anodized aluminum, featuring an integrated belt cutter and glass breaker to enhance its utility. The extended tang and pocket clip ensure that the knife is always within quick reach, ready to face any challenge.


At Knife Country USA, we cater to those who do not settle for the ordinary. The Extrema Ratio Karambit series is for the discerning individual who understands the value of a well-crafted blade. Whether you are a martial arts practitioner, military personnel, or someone who appreciates the finer points of tactical gear, these karambit knives are designed to meet your highest expectations.


The Extrema Ratio Karambit is more than just a knife—it is a piece of history, re-engineered to serve the warriors of today. It’s not just about having a blade in your pocket; it's about carrying a legacy. The karambit’s design is optimized for fluid motion and effective defense, making it an extension of your own capabilities.


Knife Country USA is proud to offer these exceptional tools that are both a work of art and a beacon of functionality. The Nightmare Karambit Stonewash is a knife that commands respect and exudes quality. With its sleek design and multipurpose features, it stands ready to accompany you on any mission.


Embrace the power of the Extrema Ratio Karambit Knives and feel the heritage of the warrior class it represents. Equip yourself with a knife that is built for the rigors of combat and the demands of modern tactical use. When you choose an Extrema Ratio Karambit, you're not just prepared for the moment; you're prepared for anything.

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