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Ka-Bar Knives

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Ka-Bar Knives


Ka-Bar is the popular name for a combat knife used by the United States Marine Corps in 1942. These knives have gained worldwide popularity due to their exceptionally sharp point blade—Ka-Bar main reason for getting a reputation of being the ultimate choice in the market of combat weapons.

Get Acquainted with Ka-Bar: The True Combat Knife

The Ka-bar is essentially a fighting knife designed solely for military use and primarily intended for hand-to-hand or close-combat fighting. Employing these knives for utility purposes is essentially a secondary usage. This includes activities like clearing the foliage, opening ammunition crates, chopping branches for cover, etc. In addition to their original role as an unforgiving, close quarter combat weapon, Ka-bar knives have gained the reputation of being the perfect “fighting-cum-utility knives”. In the guise of a multi-faceted military knife, a Ka-bar performs roles that combine utility and survival applications.

Choose a Ka-Bar Fixed Blade Knife that Complements Your Style

You can choose a fixed blade Ka-Bar from a wide array of finishing options—Matte, Black, Satin, Lady Pink Coating, Antique Bronze, Stonewashed, and Silver finish. You can also choose Ka-bar knives from a range of exquisitely sculpted handles. This includes Green Polymer, Black Hard Rubber, Sculpted Aluminum, Brown Wood, Titanium, Silver Metal, Black Aluminum Finger Grooved Handles, etc.

Get the Assurance of Quality

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