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One of the leading names when it comes to quality and high-performance knives, Ka-Bar Knives. Inc. is listed amidst the most trustworthy manufacturing companies that came into existence in 1898. Formerly known as Union Cutlery Company, a subsidiary of Cutco Corporation; Ka-Bar is based in Olean, New York, USA, and came under the spotlight for the manufacturing of the finest quality combat knives that are highly appreciated by the military forces and security personnel. Ka-Bar's massive range of products was used in wars inclusive of World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, and Invasion of Grenada. All the products are known to cater to the ever-evolving requirements of the United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, and the United States Army.


It was in 1942, Ka-Bar became one of the most reliable and recognized names and was highly preferred and used by the United States Marine Corps. The high-performance combat knives were recognized and applauded globally for their exceptional sharpness, functionality, and minimalistic designs, offering optimum performance every time. The company is proudly manufacturing the finest range of functional and multi-purpose products including folding knives, machetes, fixed blade knives, everyday tools, and various other accessories.


What Makes Ka-Bar Different from Other Brands: A Blend of Modernity and Tradition

The company was started with the vision to provide fighting knives and combat knives specifically for law enforcement and military use. But with its high-grade products, the company now caters to many knife fanatics, weapon experts, hikers, hunters, travelers, and adventure enthusiasts.

To ensure that every product at Ka-Bar surpasses the client’s expectation and brings out outstanding performance, a combination of state-of-the-art technology is used with the traditional weapon-making techniques, which helps in the making of high-quality products specifically for military use and varied other different purposes. From knives to machetes, these products are heavy-duty and are designed in a way that can be used for opening ammunition crates, bush crafting, fighting, chopping branches, and wood carving as well. The in-house manufacturing process is carried out under the leading light of veterans and professional knife makers, with rich industry experience. The tactical knives and other products are precisely tested for their strength, ability to survive under extreme pressure, and distortion, to makes sure these are ideal for tactical use. For the knives, certain properties like edge holding ability, corrosion resistance quality, strength, and sharpness are tested for the production of high-quality products.

Ka-Bar knife blades are made from high-grade carbon steel, aluminum, and titanium, the blades are available with different finishing options such as matte, antique bronze, stonewashed, and silver finish. The handle construction is another important unique selling feature of Ka-Bar as it is done using robust material like black hard rubber, green polymer, brown wood, and silver metal.



Ka-Bar Product Categories to Browse from

Ka-Bar offers a detailed product line that includes a variety of products such as knives, sheaths, machetes, tactical knives, and survival tools.

Ka-Bar Folding Pocket Knives: The folding knives in this series are specifically designed to be carried easily in your pockets, perfect for carrying anywhere easily. These folding knives with different mechanisms make them much easier to handle and use, without the fear of opening abruptly. The range offers a massive variety of folding knives, which are specifically manufactured in Taiwan; these are further categorized into different locking mechanism categories:

Ka-Bar Linerlock Pocket Knives: The knives in the Linerlock pocket knives series are compact designs, and features durable construction, with a sturdy, stable overall structure. The provision of the Linerlock mechanism offers an easy opening/closing of the knives and that too with single-hand operation. These liner lock knives can further be categorized into heavy-duty non-folding and folding knife series:

Ka-Bar Traditional Pocket Knives: These knives are designed using premium grade and durable material, along with the traditional WWII pattern, which has defined the KA-BAR knives. These are lightweight high-performance knives, ideally designed for biking, backpacking, traveling, or camping.

Ka-Bar Lockback Pocket Knives: The ergonomically designed folding pocket knives feature the Lockback mechanism, which is extremely reliable and also secure; it pushes the spine towards the handle to ensure that the lock is secure. These Lockback pocket knives are coated with premium epoxy material and feature precisely designed serrated blades perfect for cutting and slicing jobs.

Ka-Bar Fixed Blade Knives: Ka-Bar fixed blade knives are ideally designed for use when heading out for camping, trekking, or hunting, for tactical use in tough situations. These fixed blade knives feature fixed blades with sturdy construction, extended and comfortable handles, sharp edges, and durably structure for a stronger build.

Ka-Bar Machetes:  This is another addition to the already existing range of products that includes heavy-duty kukris, and machetes that are precisely powder-coated carbon steel blades. These machetes are ideally designed for surviving tough tasks that include chopping weeds, splitting branches, crafting woods, and cutting limbs while camping.

Ka-Bar 120th Anniversary KnivesThe series came into existence to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Ka-Bar Knives and offers fixed blade knives with the special Victorian-era style anniversary logo. The knives in this series with clip-point blades are specifically manufactured with non-reflective and black finish carbon steel.

Ka-Bar Tools & More: It offers a wide range of knife belts, survival tools, eating utensils, and high-performance tactical gears. The products in this series include tools and accessories that are primarily developed from heavy-duty material inclusive of the stainless carbon blade, Kydex, leather, and nylon. The series includes premium-grade knife handles, designed with Grivory, which is known for its high-level stiffness, high performance, and optimum strength.

Ka-Bar Hobo Knives & Sporks:  The series includes outdoor dining cutlery with hidden serrated knives in the handles. It features portable forks, spoons, and knives that can be easily carried while camping, hiking, traveling, and backpacking. The cutlery is designed from non-toxic, plastic/nylon material which is eco-friendly and safe to use.

Ka-Bar Walking Sticks: Another addition is the walking stick that Ka-Bar makes. These sticks with powder-coated 5052-H32 aluminum construction can also be cut short for optimum fit and use comfortably. The provision of a rubber tip ensures that there is no abrupt slipping too. 


Ka-Bar Product Series to Browse from

Ka-Bar Knives U.S. Navy Series: Ka-Bar started its journey by manufacturing hard-handled knives for United States Navy use. The fixed blade knives are designed from supreme quality carbon steel with a black epoxy powder coating. The contoured handles are comfortable to hold while providing great traction and control to the user.

Ka-Bar Knives Dozier Series: The knives in this series are specifically manufactured using the finest grade and durable knife material; these are the knives designed by famous knife maker Bob Dozier. Featuring stainless standard edge/ drop point blade and single/dual thumb studs; the knives have sturdy handle construction made using material inclusive of Zytel.

Ka-Bar Knives Snody Series:  Ka-Bar Knives Snody Series is developed in collaboration with popular knife-maker Mike Snody. Most of these knives have black matte finish one-piece stainless steel construction with finger choil and grooves for a safe and comfortable grip.

Ka-Bar Knives Warthog Series: The fixed blade knives in this series are specifically manufactured using titanium-finished carbon steel oval-shaped or G-10 steel with polymer thermoplastic elastomer handles offering optimum strength and comfort in tactical situations. The folding and non-folding knives offer excellent functionality, that helps to withstand extreme weather temperature, distortion, and pressure.

Ka-Bar Fighter Knife Series: Designed with extra-long and extremely wide blades, the fixed blade knives are ideally suitable for fishing, law enforcement, camping, military, hunting, and various other utility tasks. The sturdy handle construction includes thermoplastic plastic properties that ensure slip-proof grip and utmost comfort to the user. These are the durably built Fighter Knives with a belt sheath, which is made from tough material like leather, Kydex, and nylon.

Ka-Bar Knives Mark 1 Series: Mark 1 fixed blade knives are constructed with premium-grade Cro-Van steel that protects against erosion and tarnishing. The ergonomically shaped handles are made from black Kraton and leather material. The knives come with leather or glass-filled leather sheath for easy storage and transportation.

Ka-Bar Knives Mule Series: Another series that offers commendable performance when used in tactical situations and repeated use; the collection includes pocket knives with Mule plain edge, clip-point, and Lockback mechanism. The black epoxy powder-coated AUS stainless steel blades are available with a nylon belt sheath for easy transportation and safe storage.

Ka-Bar Knives TDI Series: The knives in this series are primarily designed by the Tactical Defense Institute for law enforcement officers and military forces; the knives in this series are a perfect pick for self-defense owing to the robust construction. These knives have serrated blades, extended tangs making them perfect for chopping, cutting, and slicing jobs

Ka-Bar Jarosz Knife Series: The collection is manufactured in collaboration with famous knife designer Jess Jarosz. The series features both folding and non-folding knives with fixed blades and a Linerlock mechanism.

Ka-Bar Knives US Army Series: These knives cater to the United States Army forces with their, sharp blade construction, comfortable handlebars, and durability. The sharp edge blades are designed with an epoxy powder coated high carbon steel material. The serrated blades and attractive handles offer great ergonomic feels.

Ka-Bar Knives USMC Series:  Ka-Bar the United States Marine Corps series came into existence in 1942 and features premium quality fixed blade tactical, fighting, and military knives.  These are the knives with oval-shaped stacked leather handles, offering a comfortable grip and also good heat insulation for prolonged usage.

Ka-Bar Short Knife Series:  Exclusively designed for use by the soldiers, Marine corps, and seamen; these fixed blade knives in the Short Knife Series are designed with Kraton-G handles that are contoured into an oval shape, offering the much-required comfort to the users while offering great traction and control to the users.

Ka-Bar Knives USA SeriesKa-Bar knives are the official self-defense knives for the United States Navy pilot. The American Government specifically asked the company to manufacture sturdy knives for the forces. Most of these non-folding knives are available with single-piece carbon steel construction with skeletonized handles, thumb guard, and blood grooves.

Ka-Bar Knives Zombie Series: Another popular addition to the collection includes the fixed blade and Lockback knives pocket knives, which fall in the Zombie Series that are ideally designed for tactical and life-threatening situations. These knives have a handlebar, which is made from toxic Zytel material offering optimum strength and stability with the optimum comfort level. These knives are perfect for cutting, slicing, digging, or chopping.


Warranty Information

Ka-Bar will replace or repair any products with manufacturing and workmanship defects. The customers need to send an email to the company to register a complaint related to any defect in screws, washers, or nuts, then only the product can be replaced or repaired. As per brand policies, some of the products cannot be repaired due to unavailability or limited availability of parts, in that case, Ka-Bar replaces the product with the closest possible alternative. The products should not be used as hammers, pry bars, chisels, and screwdrivers.


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In case of any query, connect with us through call (800) 342-9118 or send us an e-mail anytime. We would be happy to handle your knife-related doubts and offer you the best options possible.


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