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The perfect kitchen is perhaps the best organized one too. Getting your knives in the order is one of the key essentials to create the aura that a kitchen deserves. Apart from the visual impact, having all the knives in one, organized spot ensures less time in finding the right knife—the Block Set is the best, knife storage and organizer utility!!


Addressing Our Customers' Concerns: Why a Knife Block Set?

Block Sets provide a series of assorted knives in one, consolidated format. Each knife gets a dedicated slot and has a unique application. An ideal Block Set, it includes boning knives, bread knives, paring knife, chef's knife, and other knives for different purposes. The most popular knives in this Set include:

  • Paring Knife: It is a small knife featuring a plain edge blade. This knife is well-suited for a lot of activities like peeling, de-veining a shrimp, removing seeds from jalapeños, skinning big mushrooms, cutting small garnishes, and many more.

  • Butter Knives: Used for spreading butter on slices of bread. Found in most of the table settings, a Butter Knife is a must for bread-based meal preparations.

  • Chef’s Knife: Also known as a Cook's Knife or French Knife among professional chefs. This is a multi-purpose knife, with a unique curvature. It helps lets you achieve sharper, precise cuts. 


    This smart Block Set displays a collection of knives on a rosewood or oak storage block. The rich aura of hardwood is hard to miss—ensuring get a blend of style and everyday practicality!


    Helping You Choose the Best

    Knife Country USA is an established online retail store, specializing in the market of Block Set Knives and accessories. To ensure, our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of breaking knives from leading brands. This includes brands like Kershaw, Swiss Army, Forschner, etc.

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