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Folding Pocket Knives: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for You


No matter the intended use, choosing a good set of folding pocket knives is always a rewarding experience. Whether it is for a hobby or job, quality should always ensure safety and long life-span. Thus, we at Knife Country USA, exert great efforts in delivering incredible product lines. Armed with knowledge, we offer a variety of folding pocket knives for buyers to choose from.


Our durable multi-function folding pocket knives provide the necessary comfort, no matter the intended use. Knives from our company all have a cool design while the materials used for production ensure quality. Some of our brands include well-known names like Case XX Knives, Buck Knives, and Kershaw Knives.

Brief History of Folding Pocket Knives

Judging from the archeological finds around the globe, the earliest versions of pocket knives date back to Iron Age. A bone handle found in Austria and folding-blades trace back to 500-600 BCE. These folded pocket knives went through quite a journey to become what they are today. After the Iron and Roman eras, peasant knives took hold in many houses within Europe.


In England, the first spring-back knives found their way towards the market in the 17th Century. However, these knives had only one blade, serving farm hands most of the time. Real folded pocket knives got their form in the 20th century within Swiss army. Since the release, they became instantly popular, with many models coming out as a result. We now have a large number of other models, including Camper/Scout, Traditional, Canoe, and OTF blades.

Who Sells Them?

We are a close-knit family business, bent on providing the best quality folding pocket knives in the U.S. We, at Knife Country USA, understand knives deeply, with knowledge gathered throughout generations.  The biggest emphasis in our business model is to always provide cheap pocket knives that are of the best quality. Based in Michigan, we came a long way from our beginnings, ever-growing our sales portfolio.

The idea conception started out in 1956, when our mentor and knife sales representative, Evan “Jake” Leonard, moved to Michigan. The business itself started out in 1999 and provides cool pocket knives for 17 years quite successfully. There is no place that knows more about folding pocket knives, as we roll out new models each year. For all our merchandize, we guarantee quality and safety of usage, no matter which knife you choose to buy.

Our Supply

Our business motivation drives us to get and sell only the best folding pocket knives in the market. The motto for a knives family like ours: “We do not sell knives that we would not use ourselves.” The Knife Country USA ensures that all products are 100% authentic, with no factory seconds or imitations. We sell only top quality stuff that is grade A-level.


However, apart from folding pocket knives, we work with over 20.000 products. These include camping gear, fixed blade knives, knife making supplies, and even security equipment. Our customers have the option of choosing a wide range of cheap pocket knives. More importantly, we supply both merchants and individual orders, as well, covering small and large deals. Can’t find your favorite brand of folder pocket knives? You can bet that we have it!

Types of Folding Pocket Knives

We have an incredible selection of small and large folding pocket knives in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. We mix our own production with well-known brands, ensuring quality and authenticity all the way within the supply chain. At Knife Country USA, you can find almost all types of cool pocket knives, varying in their use and functionality. Currently, we provide over 12.750 knife products.


Check out some of our handpicked multi-functional folder pocket knives that you can buy today.


Bullet Folding Pocket Knives – works exceptionally well as cutlery pocket knife, providing users with ease of handling and style. They, as all of our other folder pocket knives, come in different shapes, colors, and lengths. Here are some of the bullet-formed cheap and cool pocket knives to check out: China Made, Wild Boar, Beretta, Humvee Gear, Caliber Gourmet, Fox USMC.


Combat Folding Pocket Knives – these should be in any home, as they are meant as self-defense mechanisms. Also, they are really effective in emergency situations, where cutting your way through any sort of material is needed. Some of our best brands include CRKT, Gerber, Fox USMC, Bastinelli, Buck, and Combat Ready knife brands.


Tactical Folding Pocket Knives – Tactical folding pocket knives are quite similar to the combat ones, except their purpose. Their design would help you overcome any situation you might find yourself in. Additionally, they offer sharpness used to cut through any sort of materials, should a need arise. Some of our lines include these products: Kershaw, Smith & Wesson, 5.11 Tactical Knives, Pro Tech Knives, and WE Knife Company brands.


Traditional Folding Pocket Knives – Now, we are talking about those types of our products that are neat and cool-looking. These cool pocket knives come in different shapes, price ranges, lengths, and materials used. They range in their functionality, from a single purpose to multi-functional knives. Check some of them out right now: Army/Scout Knife, Congress Knife, Folding Hunter Knife, Muskrat Knives, Peanut Knives, Stockman Knives, Trapper Knives, and many other pocket knives.


OTF Folder Pocket Knives – If you need to engage in a heavy construction project or want to fix something in your house, then OTF knives are the way to go. These knives provide comfortable handles and sharp edges that can shape any material into what you need. They also vary in terms of length and materials used, so check them out: Schrade, Smith & Wesson, Uzi, and Du-Star brands.


We need to emphasize the fact that there are over 12.500 knives in our repertoire right now. Thus, even if links above do not match your needs, there are plenty of folder pocket knives in our storage. Check out our complete program, as we are sure that you will find that one, special knife you always wanted.


We are proud to say that we offer free delivery of our products throughout the United States on all orders over $89. No matter which State you are in, the price you see on the screen is the one you pay at the end of the day. There are no hidden costs within the transportation of the good purchased. We also ship our products internationally. You can check out international transportation rates here.


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