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Blackhawk Blades is a leading American company that manufactures supreme quality outdoor gear for law enforcement, military forces, outdoor travelers and security personnel. The company was established in 1990 as an innovation of Master of Defense designs (MOD). The brand offers an excellent combination of quality products along with innovation and industry-standard designs. The brand also has a child brand – Vista Outdoor LLC, a leading provider of outdoor products to the customers. It primarily operates in two segments – Shooting Sports and Outdoor Products. The brand was created to give its customers the choice of tactical tools that allows them to fully enjoy the rugged activities they love.

Blackhawk Blades was founded by a Navy Seal, Mike Noell with an obsession to manufacture practical outdoor gear. Starting from a garage, the company today offers a refined and perfectly designed product catalog that includes fixed blade knives, folding knives, sheath, backpacks, and pouches. The brand has taken a vow to provide high-value tactical products that are durable, reliable, and highly functional. Blackhawk combines the industrial innovations of the MOD design team with its extensive global production and sourcing abilities. All the products by the brand are vouched for their innovative designs, quality execution, and value in the tactical industry.

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Started with a mission to prioritize the needs of men and women in uniform, Blackhawk Blades continuously works to provide top-notch services to the ones who serve the United States. Most of the tactical and combat tools are produced in the home country and Taiwan. The product line ranges from neck knives to rescue tools and all the tools are quality tested to reduce life-threatening situations in the field. The company offers heavy-duty knives boasting AUS-8A stainless steel or black epoxy coated high carbon steel blades. These knives retain sharp edges even after heavy use.

The company offers a range of survival gear including backpacks made from heavy-duty nylon or Army Duck Martexin Original Wax Canvas, sheaths, gun holsters, and pouches. All the products are designed and manufactured with a vow to withstand abrasion and other environmental challenges. The holsters offered by the brand are designed to match specific weapons. It offers holster options for right- and left-handed shooters. The products are perfectly suited for the requirements of military forces, security personnel and outdoor professionals who look for robust, practical and durable products.

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Blackhawk Blades Fixed Blade Knives: Suitable for longer missions, the fixed blade knives by the brand are considered the most reliable and the toughest tools for combat use. All knives in the category are made from high-grade stainless steel (mostly AUS-8A) and possess hard textured or fiberglass handles that ensure ergonomic grip. The blades are perfect for duties like cutting, hunting, digging, preparing food, and combating.

Blackhawk Blades Folding Pocket Knives: Explore this category for flippers bearing unique designs. The knives are compact bear advance locking mechanism (framelock, linerlock or plunge lock) that keeps the blade securely open during the tasks. What make the knives popular are the distinctive blade designs – hawk point, hawk hook, spear point, curved and more. Most knives in the category bear Teflon coating for durability. The nylon fiberglass handles offer a secure grip and reduced fatigue during strenuous tasks.

Blackhawk Sheaths and Pouches: Great survival gear, the sheaths and pouches by Blackhawk Blades are constructed from heavy-duty black nylon material and boast a double zip system. Designed to fit multiple holsters, the sheaths can conceal everything from small to medium-sized handguns and knives. They come with an additional bag holder for extra tools. Use the products from this category to carry a single knife, gun, tools, flashlights, or a complete pack for outdoor tasks or combat missions.

Blackhawk Bags and Packs: The bags and backpacks designed by Blackhawk ensure reliable performance under the most demanding environments. Every bag and pack in the category are built light but using durable fabrics and are reinforced at key stress points to withstand abrasion. The backpacks have inbuilt specialized pockets, hydration compartments, strong grip zipper pulls and more. The shoulder straps are padded and the back of the bags are vented to ensure comfortable movement. Explore the category for a range of assault packs, medical backpack, canvas rucksacks and EDC packs.

Blackhawk L2C Conceal Holster T-Series: The T-Series by Blackhawk is boasted with streamlined thumb-activated retention which keeps your gun ready for defense. Featuring Master Grip Principle, the holster ensures that it becomes easy to dray the gun in the most stressful circumstances. The outer shell is made from reinforced polymer and has a smooth, sound-dampening, hydrophobic lining that ensures that your holster performs in any situation. It includes a Quick Dual Release belt and loop which can be mounted to the holster. The package comes with 2-slot belt loop too.

Blackhawk Patches: Explore the series for morale patches that boast the American flag. These patches are designed to provide quick identification. These 2in. x 3in. flag patches are available in the national colors and have yellow border. They also come in black and tan or in a subdued palette in forward or reverse position. They bear Velcro backing which allows them to be attached on uniforms, helmets, packs, web gear, vests, etc.

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Blackhawk A.R.C. IWB Holster Series: The series contains Appendix Reversible Carry Inside the Waistband holsters that are designed to be comfortable as well as versatile at the same time. They are made from soft yet durable injection molded polymer for carrying comfort. Bearing an ambidextrous design, the holsters are suitable for both left and right-handed shooters. These are perfect gun holders that come with two belt clips and adjustable retention detent.

Blackhawk Balaclava Series: Explore the series for both light and heavyweight balaclavas. The headgear is designed to protect your head and neck from flames and flash. They are constructed using NOMEX and feature and internal flat-seam stitching to prevent irritation when wearing it under a helmet. NOMEX is a high-quality material made in accordance with strict industry standards and offers a combination of a well-balanced design and top-notch craftsmanship. Look for the varying color options and make a suitable choice.

Blackhawk CQB/ Riggers Belt Series: Blackhawk’s bestsellers, the CQB/ Rigger’s Belt is MIL-standard certified for dexterous tasks. Boasting 1.75 in. nylon webbing with tensile strength, the belt has parachute-grade buckles and adapters. The buckles are designed to meet PIA –H-7195 standards. It includes a hook and loop to secure the running ends around your waist. The belts in the series are available in varied colors – Coyote Tan, Desert Sand Brown, Black, and Olive Drab.

Blackhawk TECGRIP Holster Series: Explore the series for TecGrip holsters- pocket and IWBs designed for both civilians and law enforcement personnel to carry their arms concealed and secure. TecGrip is Blackhawk’s patent fabric that contains triple thermal-bonded layers for maximum durability of the holster. The outer shell holds fast to any material and eliminated the requirement of a clip. There is high-density closed-shell foam that protects the gun and conforms to your body. These holders are ambidextrous and available in multiple sizes to cover a wide range of firearms. 

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