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Established in 1986, SOG Knives or SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. in a renowned knife-manufacturing company based in the United States. The company was founded by knife enthusiasts Spencer and Gloria Frazer and its name was inspired by the Joint Services Special Operations unit known as the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). The Joint Services Special Operations unit is popularly known worldwide for developing their own knife during the Vietnam War.


SOG is highly appreciated around the globe for manufacturing practical, innovative and highly functional tools. The company offers an exclusive product catalog developed by experienced craftsmen in different countries including Taiwan, China and the United States. The brand offers a wide range of folding knives, fixed blade knives, machetes, sheaths, knife sharpeners, flashlights and backpacks.


Commemorate the Greatness of War Veterans

SOG was developed to commemorate the knife models designed by Vietnam War veterans and US special operation unit. Spencer Frazer wanted to recreate the same Bowie knife model that they have created and thereafter, he founded SOG Knives along with Gloria Frazer. Every SOG knife is field proven and carried out with the assurance of robustness, durability and high-functionality. The company works diligently to meet the ever-evolving demands of the customers, which majorly includes military forces, Navy SEAL, and security personnel. The United States Special Forces have honored the company for producing the premium knives and other tools. Be it a knife, machetes or flashlight, every product is designed using the finest-quality material by experienced and expert craftsmen and artisans.


Sets the Perfect Example of Technology and Innovation

Since its inception, SOG Specialty Knives have tried to develop new patented technologies to manufacture the products. This gives assurance to maximum quality, durability, high performance and functionality. The company uses a unique cryogenic heat treatment process to produce the knives. The process plays around the temperature in which the blades and handles are manufactured to assure increased wear- resistance and toughness. The brand is known for producing some of the best folding knives, SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) is patented technology that is found in almost every folding knife by SOG. The technology works to maintain the balance of the coil-spring to give a secured closure to the knife and to avoid accidental opening. Not just this, the quality construction by SOG is only possible with the high-grade material it uses to manufacture the products including CPM-S35VN and S30V. These steels are made in USA and are known for their better edge retention, improved toughness and resistance to corrosion and wear. Every SOG product is result of great hard work, research and perseverance by the founders and craftsmen.


Known for Its Innovation and High-Quality Product Catalogue

SOG Knives offers an extensive range of products that includes tactical knives, backpacks, machetes, pocket knives and knife sheaths. The range caters largely to knife enthusiasts, travelers, campers, backpackers, professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. The company ensures quality construction and high functionality by diligently working on every single product.


SOG Fixed Blade Knives:These fixed blade knives are manufactured in China and Taiwan. The series features sharp pointed knives used to pierce and cut any object smoothly and quickly. Almost every knife is constructed using supreme-quality stainless steel with anodized finish. The series features different fixed blade knives including SOG Bowie Knife Series, designed through modern technology and high-grade material. These Bowie knives are used by elite soldiers in Vietnam War and Studies and Observation Group of the US Special Forces. SOG Fillet Knife Series features highly functional and sharp filleting blades with drop point end. The standard edged blade fishing knives have an excellent shape that enable the user to pierce the object and follow closely to the contour. SOG Gambit Knife Series offers multipurpose and highly versatile knives built to perform at all difficult and life-threatening situations. These ergonomically-designed knives feature curved blade with finger choil, making it a perfect tactical tool for self-defense. SOG Instinct Knife Series is available in two different handle types and sizes. These tactical knives can be clipped to a belt or boot with the multi-angle adjustable clip, making it an ideal option for risky adventurous journeys. SOG Jungle Primitive Knife Series features long blade knives with tough handles. Most knives have partially serrated blades made from black anodized stainless-steel ideal for cutting and chopping tasks. SOG Mini Pentagon Knife Series is designed to easily fit in boots or vest. These tactical knives are extremely light in weight and comfortable to maneuver. The serrated edge or straight edge is designed to perform multiple cutting jobs. The twin thumb notch on the blades enables the user to experience accurate blade orientation and downward control.


SOG Folding Pocket Knives:The series offers a wide array of folding knives with different reliable assisted opening/closing mechanism. SOG Assisted Opening Knives features high-quality pocket knives with patented assisted technology. Some SOG Assisted Opening knives have flipper or thumb stud on the extended tang to give a comfortable and tight grip to the user. SOG Framelock Pocket Knives features a reliable framelock lock system. The frame lock locking mechanism offers a secured and reliable lockup to the blade and removes chances of accidental opening. SOG Linerlock Pocket Knives allows user to have a single-hand operation and the blade securely lock up to the handle. Most knives have the finest-quality stainless construction with black oxide finish (depends on the model) offering additional robustness to the knives. SOG Lockback Knives are highly versatile and features SOG patented locking mechanism. The lockback mechanism works when the knife is opened and the spine locks into a notch on the back of the blade to securely close the knife. SOG Slip Joint Pocket Knives are made from premium-quality stainless steel and soft handle material. These drop-point blade knives have a standard edge with light jimping on the spine. SOG Specialty Lock Knives features patented lock mechanism including a cam lock, liner, pistol lock and bolt-action lock mechanism among a variety of others. Most of these bead blast or stain finished knives have sharp drop point, tanto or spear point blades manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. SOG Arc Lock Knife Series features drop point or spear point blades made from high-grade VG and 3Cr13 stainless steel. These knives easily fit in any pocket, purse and camp kit as they are light in weight and compactly designed. SOG Banner Button Lock Knife Series have high-quality blades with spring assisted mechanism developed in the United States. Most of these knives feature anodized aluminum handles and partially jimped blades that gives a great ergonomic feel to the user. SOG Centi Knife Series offers key-chain size folding knives with sharp blades and ergonomically designed handles. These lightweight knives feature a lockback design and 2.1-inch stainless steel blade in a simple design. SOG Elite Knife Series is specifically designed for military forces and law enforcement. These lightweight knives feature hard-anodized aluminum handles. SOG Fielder Knife Series offers ergonomically design and eye-captivating knives that features vertical grain wood with high luster bolsters. SOG Flash Knife Series offers simple knives that can be used in both outdoor and indoor tasks. Most of these knives feature drop-point blade made from the finest-quality satin finished stainless steel. SOG Kiku Knife Series is developed in collaboration with famous Japanese knife maker Master Kiku Matsuda. Most of these tactical knives feature tanto or drop-point blade made from AUS8 stainless steel.  SOG Quake Knife Series offers one of the largest folding knives by SOG Knives. These knives feature SOG assisted locking technology that allows the blade to open with just a single push of a thumb. The cross-guard allows a safe and secured closure to the knives. SOG Salute Knife Series is designed with great perseverance. These knives feature Bowie-style blade made from the finest quality stainless steel. SOG Sideswipe Knife Series offers robustly designed knives made from bead blast finished 7Cr15 stainless steel and contoured anodized aluminum handle. These knives are equipped with reversible low-carry pocket clip.


SOG Axes & Tomahawks:  SOG Axes & Tomahawks series offers high-utility axe and straight blade knives perfect for outdoor excursion and combat. Most of these axes feature SOG knife assisted locking technology which enables the axe to fold easily and conveniently. Some of these axed are available in single piece construction as they are manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel or anodized aluminum.


SOG Backpacks & Gear: These hard-handled and highly spacious backpacks are manufactured in different countries including Taiwan, Vietnam and the United States. All SOG backpacks are highly spacious and can accommodate the great amount of camping tools and heavy-duty product. SOG Evac Series Sling is spacious and perfect for solo journeys and outdoor excursions. These backpacks feature impact resistant nylon construction which is highly durable and functional. 

SOG Prophet Series Backpacks are available with different adjustable pockets and separate compartments. The nylon backpacks feature rigid suspension system with aluminum staves and build-in storage for water bottles, sunglasses and other things. SOG Ranger 16 Series Backpacks have 16 liters of storage capacity that conveniently give room to different essentials including water bottles, sunglasses, carabineers, loops, paracord and other traveling equipment. SOG Scout 25 Series Backpacks feature separate compartments/pockets to fit in different small and big items including cords, rivets, pocket knives, laptops, and other outdoor excursion items. Most of these impact- resistant and water-proof backpacks have Kodra nylon construction with rigid suspension system and stabilizer strap. SOG Seraphim Series Backpacks is highly spacious bad with 35 liters of capacity. The backpacks feature different storage compartment made from high-grade, water proof and impact-resistant nylon. The backpacks have external compression flap with pocket, front grab handle, zipper pulls, main compartment, laptop pockets and several other storage pockets.


SOG Flashlights: These flashlights are specifically designed for military forces, security personnel, travelers, campers, travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Most lights are impact resistant and water proof. With high light lumens, these easy-to carry flashlights increase visibility to great distance in complete darkness. SOG knives develop the best in business button/switches which allows easy-to-handle on/off switches.


SOG Knife Sheaths: For safe storage and transportation of sharp and pointed knives, SOG Knives manufacture the high-quality knife sheaths. Most of these sheaths are manufactured from sturdy and flexible material and they feature versatility of nylon, strength of Kydex and flexibility of leather. Every SOG sheath is compatible to MOLLE i.e. Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.


SOG Machetes: These series provide a wide and brief range of practically designed machetes, daggers and kukris. These machetes also featured partially serrated blades that work smoothly in cutting, prying, chopping and scraping jobs. SOG Fari Machete Series offers rightly designed machetes; these are light in weight with comfortable handles. Most of these machetes have a straight edge and saw back blade appropriate for cutting, wood crafting, chopping wood, harvesting crops and bush crafting jobs.


SOG Multi-Tools: These multi-purpose tools are perfect for a variety of tasks. SOG Multi-Tools feature 12 essential tools including pliers, bottle openers, screwdriver tip, awl, chisel, jewelry driver, can opener, wrench, and small screwdriver. SOG Baton Multi-Tool Series feature a multi-tool product with razor-sharp knife. These multi-tools knives are available in Gray or Black anodized aluminum handle. SOG Flint Multi-Tool Series is manufactured in China and offers smartly designed flint tools. The multi tool flints include a ferro rod, steel striker, wool tinder, whistle and emergency glass breaker. SOG Mac-V Multi-Tool Series offers stainless steel construction multi tools that feature some highly functional additional tools including small screwdriver, hex driver, nail puller, cord cutter, bottle opener, wrenches and carbide sharpeners. SOG Micro Multi-Tool Series is available with reinforced nylon handle. This Micro ToolClip feature various additional tools great for carrying during camping, traveling, hiking and outdoor excursions. SOG PowerAccess Multi-Tool Series offers an extensive range of multi-tool products with practically designed additional tools including wire cutter, stripper, screwdriver, magnetic hex bit holder, bottle opener, pliers and protractor. SOG Reactor Multi-Tool Series offers bead blast finished multi-tools with stainless steel construction. These Reactors feature safety assisted opening/ locking mechanism with various multipurpose tools. SOG Switchplier Multi-Tool Series is manufactured in Taiwan and offers great ergonomic feels with black anodized construction. These Switchplier tools feature various other tools including can opener, Philips screwdriver, awl, gripper and three-sided file.

SOG Saws: SOG Saws are manufactured in China using the best of technology and premium-quality material. Most of these saws feature standard edge, serrated blades made from the finest-quality black finish 2 Cr13MoV stainless steel. These saws have textured rubber handle to offer comfortable and soft grip to the user.


SOG Tools & More: The series offers highly versatile and multipurpose tools outdoor use. The range includes folding knives, hex bit accessory kits, and different multi-tools developed in China. Most of these tools are available with different sheaths including magnetic bit holder and synthetic storage pouch is available for safe and easy storage and transportation of these tools.


SOG Blade light Knife Series: This is among one of the most innovatively designed products by SOG Knives. The blade light knives have LED flashlights on the handle which is powered by one AAA battery that provides a runtime of 84 minutes. The drop-point blade knives feature 4.5-inch blade made from highest quality stainless steel.


SOG Field Knife Series: These lightweight knives set standard for high functionality and performance. Most of these knives feature straight edged, clip point blades measures in 4.0 inches. The field knives feature soft thermoplastic rubber handle that provides a comfortable, steady and soft grip to the users.


Warranty Information

SOG Knives products are warranted to be free from defects in terms of material used and manufacturing defects. In case of any defect, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product with a new item. However, the warranty stands void in case the product is misused or subjected to normal wear and tear. The knives, saws, sheaths, machetes, daggers and flashlights cannot be used as hammer, chisel, pry bars. In such a situation, the manufacturer will analyze the product and charge considerable amount as repair fee.


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