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A Slicing Knife is essentially a type of Carving Knife, just longer and a bit narrower. Often referred to as slicers, Slicing Knives have plain or serrated edges. They are considered the best option for slicing meat in equal cross-sections.


Slicing Knife Essentials

A Slicing Knife is essentially a flexible Chef Knife. One can use it for cutting and slicing a plethora of food items, like ham, roasts, fish, barbecued beef, raw meet, pork, and venison. Slicing Knives are equipped with blunted or rounded tips, depending upon the type of application. It can also feature a Kullenschliff or a Granton edge (scalloped blades) for smoother cutting and thinner slicing of meat. Slicing Knives are often used for separating meat from bones.


Specialty Slicing Knives

Ham Slicer is a special and perhaps, the most famous Slicing Knife. It features a long blade and a rounded tip. The average size of a Ham Slicer is between 9 inches and 15 inches. This knife is used to slice ham into thinner and equal-sized cross-sections. However, you can use this slicer to slice bigger fruits like watermelons and cantaloupes too.


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Forschner Knives 41540 Serrated Slicer Kinfe with Black Nylon Handle

List Price: $55.50 Our Price: $33.30 Savings: $22.20 (40%)
Victorinox - Serrated Slicer. Model VN41540. 8" stainless blade. Black nylon handles. Packaged in plastic sleeve.

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