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Kai Kitchen Knives


Founded by Saijiro Endo in 1908, KAI is a knife manufacturer dedicated to delivering premium-quality products with reliable technological innovations. What started as a KAI-Jirushi brand has now expanded into the KAI Group which has taken the world by storm with its premium-quality collection. Their expertise in knife blades began in Seki city with 800 year old history. Initially, Kai started with the production of folding knives created by traditional blacksmiths. Keeping innovation at the heart of every task, their everyday use tools are manufactured with an aggressive effort for advancement. 



The Ideal behind the World-Class Product Line

The KAI Company has over a 100 years of experience in the industry. They have devoted their manufacturing units to producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. They are dedicated to preserving ancient traditions and combining them with modern, innovative techniques. With unique mélange forms the base of every product they create hence it is their way of honoring Japanese blacksmithing without affecting the modern demands. Following the highest quality standards, KAI ensures to bring you the finest knife collections for daily use.



Manufacturing Practice That Sets KAI Apart

KAI utilizes natural resources to manufacture and shape the products. Their collection is crafted in accordance with the expertise of the ancient blacksmithing art of the samurai. Their cooking knives are meticulously crafted to precisely symbolize Japanese craftsmanship. They ensure to offer undivided attention to every design and finished product so you can get the best culinary experience. With their product line, KAI aims to continue innovating and make cooking fun for every individual so your loved ones can feel the love and care you pour into every dish. 



Explore KAI’s Exclusive Knife Collection at Knife Country USA

Kai’s housewares knives are designed to grace your home with a vibrant look and quality performance that you can cherish for years. They have meticulously incorporated unique designs and colors that set the knives apart. From knife sets to accessories, they offer an extensive collection of everyday use products that will make your culinary tasks easier. Explore their range of products in detail at Knife Country USA:


Kai Inspire Knives: Designed to inspire you to cook, the Kai Inspire Series features a beautiful style and offers top-notch performance for everyday uses. Crafted from German DIN1.4116 stainless steel, the Inspire collection offers wear- and corrosion-resistant performance. The Inspire Santoku Knife with an Asian-style blade performs multiple tasks easily. Its shorter length makes it maneuverable while the contoured resin handle offers a sturdy grip. The Inspire Bread Knife with a 16° double-bevel razor-sharp blade with push-pull serration makes it easier to slice a variety of loaves of bread with minimal crumbling and tearing. The Inspire Citrus Knife is an attractive and handy option for easily cutting through the thick skins of limes, lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. It is suitable for anything with thicker skin and a softer interior. The Kai Inspire Paring Knife is perfect for all the detailed work including coring and peeling.


Kai Luna Knives: Ideally designed for a sharp, comfortable, and convenient performance, the Luna Knives feature a razor-sharp blade with a hammered tsuchime finish. This collection includes the Luna Chef’s Knife that will help you slice, dice, and mince fruits, vegetables, and meats conveniently. You can easily resharpen the knife and use the cutting length of the blade to precisely handle larger fresh produce with ease. The Luna Santoku Knife can easily perform almost all the tasks of Chef’s knife. It has an Asian-inspired all-purpose blade shape with a shorter length, making it highly maneuverable and agile. 


Kai Luna Utility Knives: Designed for an ergonomic performance, KAI’s utility knives serve multiple purposes. Their Luna Multi-Utility Knife with a partially serrated blade features a 16° cutting edge on each side. Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel for a corrosion-resistant performance for years. The molded resin with soft-grip overlays offers a secure and comfortable grip for slicing fruits and vegetables, boning and fillet and enjoying a hassle-free BBQ lunch at home. The Luna Asian Utility Knife is crafted with a sharp tip that can be used for peeling, smashing, and chopping fruits and vegetables. Crafted from DIN1.4116 stainless steel, the Asian knife is hand sharpened at a 16° cutting angle for best performance.


Kai Luna Knife Sets: Aiming to make cooking preparation easier, KAI created variant sets of their iconic Luna Knives that can be used for variant purposes in the kitchen. The Luna 3-piece set includes all the basic knives that you will need for peeling, pairing, and slicing. Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, this set includes Chef, Utility, and Pairing knives for BBQ preparations and chopping fresh produce. The Luna 4-piece Steak Set is made with corrosion and wear-resistant steel, making it an ideal choice for steak and BBQ nights. These knives feature a razor-sharp serrated blade and a soft grip for convenient usage. The Luna 6-piece Block Set is a must-have for easy access. This set includes a Chef, Utility, Pairing, Sharpening, and Honing knife for peeling, paring, slicing, and beyond.


Kai Pro Knives: Whether you want to cook meals at home or for a commercial kitchen, KAI’s Pro Knives Series can stand up to any rigorous demand. Their Professional Knife collection includes premium-grade knives like the Asian Multi-Prep and Asian Utility Knives that are made with versatility in mind. This collection is crafted from imported Japanese AUS6M stainless steel blades and is NSF Certified hence these can be used in a commercial kitchen with ease. Their Pro Brisket Knife is suitable for thinly slicing all kinds of meat while the Pro Boning/Fillet Knife will help you separate meat from the bones. Switch to the Pro Chef’s Knife for all-day slicing, dicing, and paring tasks. KAI also has a dedicated Pro Bread Knife for carefully slicing bread. The Asian-style Pro Santoku Knife with a shorter blade will assist in a variety of tasks in a small kitchen. These knives feature a riveted POM handle for a comfortable grip with full-tang construction for strength and balance.


Kai Pure Komachi 2 Knives: Designed to bring color and comfort to your kitchen, the KAI Pure Komachi 2 Knives are highly competent. Featuring colorful blades, this collection is designed to be lightweight with its hand-sharpened razor-sharp edge blades. The Kai Hollow-Ground Nakiri Knife is a Japanese-style vegetable knife designed to cut through all types of fruits and vegetables. The Komachi 2 Utility Knife has the ideal size for trimming broccoli and slicing mushrooms. KAI also offers a Pue Komachi 2 Cheese Knife for serving soft and semi-soft cheese without letting them stick to the knife blade. You can also switch to their inexpensive yet sharp Steak Knife Set featuring a serrated blade for a premium performance. The comfortable handles on these knives provide a secure grip for comfortable use. These are supplied with color-matched sheaths for safe storage.


Kai Wasabi Knives: Made in Japan, KAI offers an extensive collection of Wasabi Knives. Their collection is accumulated in an eight-piece block set that will make your culinary tasks easier. This set has seven knives and a wooden block set for storing the knives in place. This collection includes the 8 inch Wasabi Chef's Knife, 6.5 inch Nakiri, 4 inch Paring Knife, 6 inch Utility Knife, 6 inch Deba Knife, and a pair of kitchen shears for versatile performance. These knives are made from high-carbon stainless steel with a graze finish for a satin, smooth look. Featuring a traditional Japanese-style handle, they offer a comfortable grip.


Kai Accessories: To ensure that your knives last longer and perform like new for years, KAI brings you an extensive selection of knife sharpeners. Their Serrated Knife Sharpener with a pull-through design is ideally designed for maintaining wide and reversed scallop serrated knives at home. It comes with an easy grip handle, making it suitable for both right- and left-handed people. KAI’s Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Sharpener will help you sharpen the knives in a three-step process with its 16° sharpening angle. Pull your knife through the first slot to sharpen it, the second slot for refining, and the third slot for adding a beautiful finishing touch. It comes with a retractable cover for convenient storage. Their accessories list also includes an 8-Slot Knife Roll Case and a 20-Slot Knife Case with a completely zippered design so you can easily secure the knives in place. These cases also feature a convenient shoulder strap.



Warranty Information

KAI Kitchen Knives are designed to be used in a smooth motion so you can get the best experience while honing culinary skills. Serving high-quality cutlery knives and accessories, KAI Houseware incorporates the best of innovation and modern technologies with ancient techniques. They guarantee their products against manufacturing defects in material and construction. For the best effects, their products should be used and maintained as directed. The majority of their collection is covered by a non-transferable 5-Year Guarantee, which does not cover regular wear and tear, rust, damage, or breakage brought on by carelessness, accidents, loss, or theft. Any product that has undergone modification voids this warranty. Every faulty item will only be fixed or replaced at their sole discretion. The product must be sent to Kai USA Warranty Services in Tualatin, Oregon, for evaluation before the owner can receive warranty repair or replacement. Please take note that they exclusively reserve the power to determine what constitutes normal wear, inappropriate use/maintenance, and alteration.



Discover the Finest Quality Everyday Use Knives at Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA is a home-grown brand that offers an extensive collection of everyday use culinary knives including bread knives, sandwich knives, steak knives, and even a complete set of knives will sharpeners so you can conveniently cook anything you like. With over 20 years of online presence and experience, we at Knife Country USA are committed to delivering exceptional services and products. Whether you are cooking at home for your family or ay a commercial kitchen, explore our ever-expanding product inventory featuring a premium collection of premium-quality knives, knife sharpeners, knife storage cases, and beyond, so you can get prepare any food easily. Featuring a variety of models from Kai, we ensure to bring you exactly what you need to take the inventory of your home or professional kitchen up a notch. 


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