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The marketplace for Tactical Handcuffs is still largely unorganized. Despite the presence of many physical stores selling them, sufficient information is seldom available to a consumer. We, at Knife Country USA differs from this usual trend—we are an online store specializing in various types of Tactical Handcuffs. We also take the responsibility of educating our customers about each feature and accessory, helping in making a more informed decision.


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A pair of tactical handcuffs scores a lot in terms of design and overall construction. After extensive computer modeling and simulation analysis, these handcuffs offer great interlocking potential. These are fabricated using high strength stainless steel, using high-speed progressive dies, in a customized manner. To make the frame better, each handcuff is over molded using ordinance grade polymer, under a set pressure of 75 tons. These tactical handcuffs have an access with a key from both sides. The yellow indicator will alert you to double lock. Easy to use, these handcuffs are replaceable too! 


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We proudly announce ourselves as one of the topmost names to look for buying Handcuffs online, at the most nominal rates. We offer different types of handcuffs, namely, professional handcuffs, leg cuffs, hinged handcuffs, tri-fold restraints and chain handcuffs, to mention a few. We are also active in providing accessories for these handcuffs like leather handcuff case, handcuff keys, basketweave cases, and much more.

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