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Tac Force Knives

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Tac Force Knives produces an array of knives ranging from Tac Karambits, Tanto knives, MTech knives and different types of throwing knives. Most of the Tac Force Knives perform by using assisted spring mechanisms. The blade of Tac Force Knives can be of different steel types, such as,  carbon steel and stainless steel. Engraving on blades and handles on Tac Force knives are appreciated worldwide.


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The ideal construction of a Tac Force Knife includes a glass breaker tip, seat belt cutter and a belt clip for easy clamping. Carbon Steel Tac Force Knives have sharper edges and are easy to maintain as compared to Stainless Steel ones. Wheras, Stainless Steel Tac Force Knives have great resistance for corrosion and abrasion. Available in a plethora of colors, these Tac Force Knives are available in varied styles such as, Karambit, Stiletto and Tactical.


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