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Master Cutlery: The Backbone of TAC Force Knives

Master Cutlery came into existence in 1982 and is widely known for the finely designed and manufactured range of edged tools and related products. The ever-evolving range of Master Cutlery includes the products that are suitable for the outdoor and indoor use, including the knives to be used on trekking and camping. These knives are intricately designed to make sure that they deliver high performance every single time and withstand high compression. Master Cutlery is a manufacturing unit with an assortment of multi-products/multi-brand catering to the hunting, survival, tactical, and other outdoor needs. The brands under Master Cutlery include the Survivor, TAC-Force, Elk Ridge, Perfect Point, Femme Fatale, and more.


Understanding The Needs of Customers

Tac Force Knives was introduced with an aim to present the finest range of knives and other survival tools that are required when performing tactical tasks in most demanding situations.Tac Force Knives has spent years gaining experience in the field of knives and tools. The intricate designs and impeccable construction are done only under the guidance of the experienced craftsmen. They are dedicated to developing and designing new techniques to make sure the knives are as per the standards. These knives are ready to be used in a fraction of second. The ideal construction of the knives with assisted spring mechanisms includes the use of different types of steel, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. The engravings on the blades impart a classic look to the TAC-Force Knives.


The Best Tactical Products at TAC Force Knives

Tac Force Folding Pocket Knives:This folding pocket knife series includes the frame lock knives and the liner lock knives that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the people from different professions. The knives are built to survive high compression and intricate designing of the knives make them stand apart from other series.

Tac Force Framelock Pocket Knives:These frame lock knives are known to survive under high compression and high distortion owing to the use of high-carbon stainless steel that induces commendable strength to the knife body. With smooth spring-assisted opening, these knives are easy to operate and use in most of the demanding situations. The knives are strong, well-constructed, sharp, and have an extended tang that adds to the functionality. 


Tac Force Linerlock Pocket Knives:These are the optimum quality knives that are made using the finest grade material to withstand in most of the demanding situations. The blades are of different shapes and are designed to be used for different purposes. Cobra Knife Series, dragon knives, firefighter knives are few of the knives in this series.

  • Tac Force Cobra Knife Series:This series features knives with partially serrated 440 stainless steel blades and are made to perform exceptionally well even after multiple roughest uses. The knives have the cobra assisted liner lock mechanism that helps in maintaining smooth functionality. The blades of this series have cobra head etched that differentiates the series from others.
  • Tac Force Combat Knife Series: The Combat series features the knives that are designed using finest quality 440 stainless steel material that enhances the performance of knives.These knives with extended tang have perfectly designed drop point blades that pierce through most surfaces. The checkered black finish composition inlay handles are comfortable to hold and offers secure grip every time.
  • Tac Force Dragon Knife Series:As the name suggests, the series is differentiated from others owing to the intricate anodized laser cutout of a dragon over the handles. Not only the handles; but the blades of this series have the ability to glide smoothly through any of the surfaces without getting stuck. The coated stainless assisted opening dagger style blade imparts a classic look and complements the knife body.
  • Tac Force EMT Knife Series:This is the partially serrated blade knife series that features sturdy and high-performance knives. The blades are born tough and are designed to withstand high compression without getting split too soon. Many knives have the aluminum handles with integrated belt cutter that adds up to the performance of the knives.
  • Tac Force Executive Knife Series:These are the knives with excellent features suitable to be used for carrying out difficult tasks. The assisted opening stainless drop point blades flawlessly glide through the surface without any hindrance. The anodized aluminum handles fit perfectly in the palm and offer secure grip as well.
  • Tac Force Fire Fighter Knife Series:This series features the exceptional quality blades that have the rescue assisted opening blade with the liner lock folding mechanism. These pocket knives with black and red handles offer a secure grip for utmost comfort.
  • Tac Force Celtic Knife Series:This series includes knives made using finest quality 440 stainless steel material, which is suitable to be used in most of the challenging situations. The steel stiletto-style blade with double extended "cross" tangs complements the knife body and differentiates from other series.  
  • Tac Force Joker Knife Series: This series features exceptional quality knives with the ability to glide smoothly through most of the surface. Working on the simple liner lock mechanism, these knives have the perfectly designed stainless assisted opening blade along with false top edge, accompanied by the extended tang.
  • Tac Force Mermaid Knife Series:The mermaid knife series features knives with an exceptional quality blade and intricate designs. The 440 stainless-steel assisted-opening blades add to the smooth functionality of the knives. The embossed mermaid design grabs the attention and complements the knife body. The extended tang of knives imitates that of the shape of the mermaid tail.
  • Tac Force Milano Knife Series:The knives in this series includes optimum quality knives manufactured using stainless assisted opening blades. Owing to the impeccable strength of the blades, these knives have the ability to pierce through most of the surfaces. The needle tip is sharpened precisely, and the blades have perfect finishing with dramatic tones. The aluminum handles are comfortable enough to be carried for long-duration tasks.  
  • Tac Force Police Knife Series: This series features a wide range of knives that work on the liner lock mechanism and are ideal for carrying every day. Many of the blades are partially serrated and have the dramatic two-tone finish as well. The integrated glass breaker is a defining feature of these knives.
  • Tac Force Rescue Knife Series:The knives in this series are designed and manufactured using different blade material which is accompanied by differently patterned handles. Many knives with extended tangs have saw back and drilled hole design that perfectly goes in sync with the knife body. The knurled design of the aluminum handles is comfortable to hold and offers a secure grip in most demanding situations.
  • Tac Force Service Knife Series:The stainless construction of the knives induces commendable strength to perform tactical tasks with utmost convenience. The blades are born tough and thus, have the ability to withstand high compression without getting stuck in between. These knives are provided with the black composite handles with integrated belt cutter.
  • Tac Force Shark Knife Series:The knives in this series have the ability to glide smoothly through most of the surfaces owing to the smooth large tooth serrations over the blades. The stainless construction of the knives imparts immense strength and survives even after multiple usages. The checkered shark skin aluminum handles are flawlessly designed to ensure a firm grip and comfortable hold.
  • Tac Force Spectrum Knife Series:This series features flawlessly designed knives meant for everyday purpose. These are lightweight knives manufactured using premium stainless steel which is complemented by impeccable rainbow spectrum finish on the blades. The knives work on the spring-assist mechanism and are designed to withstand high compression and distortion.
  • Tac Force Speedster Knife Series:  Razor sharp edges with the titanium coating on the blades enhance the knife performance. These knives have partially serrated liner lock folding mechanism that helps in smooth functionality. The integrated glass breaker and the comfortable aluminum handles are the defining features of this series.


Tac Force Gold Knife Series:The Gold Knife Series includes the finest range of gold assisted opening frame lock folding knives that are easy and quick to use. The drop point blades of this series are gold finished that imparts amazing look and complements the knife body as well. Many of the knives have the mirror polished gold Ti-coated stainless handles while few of them have the sculpted aluminum handles as well.


Tac Force Fixed Blade Knives: This series includes the finest quality blades manufactured using 3Cr13, 8Cr13MoV stainless blades, which are suitable to be used as sturdy and durable material for knives. The drop point blades have the capability to pierce through most of the surfaces. These knives have G-10 handles that are made using tough composite material. The handles are wide and offer a comfortable grip in most demanding situations.


Tac Force Multi-Tools:  This series is an assortment of a wide range of products that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the tradesmen, handymen, and electricians for carrying out tactical tasks with ease. The flawless anodized aluminum construction is perfect and is highly durable. The keys offer perfect grip and are suitable to be used in most demanding situations.


Tac Force Evolution Knife Series:  This is an everyday knife series that includes the finest range of knives meant for tactical purposes. The blades of these knives have the drop point blades with stainless construction. Many knives have the partially serrated blades with textured aluminum handle. These textured handles offer optimum grip and are comfortable enough to be used in most challenging situations.



Tac Force Knives are free from any kind of manufacturing and designing defects. Once the product has been sold, it should be handled with utmost care and the knives are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars or even hammers; this can hamper the performance and degrade the quality. In case the knife is found to be defected, complete inspection will be carried out to check what needs repairing or replacement. This is dependent on the availability of the parts. Damages due to misuse will not be entertained in any case and are not covered in the warranty.


Knife Country Offers Finest Blades, Sharpeners and Other Survival Tools for Knife Enthusiasts and Professional Hunters

Knife Country has continued to deliver a qualitative range of survival products used by different people from varied professions. This online e-portal is backed by 500+ manufacturers delivering more than 30,000 models in different lifestyle categories. Expect to have premium grade tools that are tried and tested by the experts. Tac Force Knives offers a wide range of knives, keys and other survival tools for different purposes. Not just qualitative knives but one can explore from the ever-evolving inventory that has flashlights, binoculars, headlamps, backpacks, camping shovels, axes & hatchets, camping gear, folding knives, and other survival equipment.



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