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Tac Force Knives

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Tac Force Knives manufactures an array of products ranging from karambit knives, tanto knives, and different types of throwing knives. Most Tac Force Knives utilize assisted spring mechanisms and feature blades made of different types of steel, such as carbon steel and stainless steel. From Tac Force pocket knives to rescue knives, these products feature engravings on their blades and handles that are appreciated worldwide. 


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The ideal construction of a Tac Force Knife includes a glass breaker tip, seat belt cutter, and a belt clip for easy clamping. Carbon Steel knives have sharper edges and are easy to maintain, whereas stainless steel knives have a greater resistance against corrosion and abrasion. These knives are available in a plethora of colors and styles, such as karambit, stiletto, and tactical.


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Whether you’re shopping for Tac Force pocket knives, combat blades, or police products, Knife Country USA has the gear you need. We include detailed information with each product as well as clearly mentioned Shipping Policies, so you’re never in doubt about a knife or your actual invoice. Feel free to call us at (800) 342-9118 with any queries.

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