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Emergency Whistles

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Whistles have been in use before the 12th century. Whistles are primarily used for the purpose of warning and safety.  Whistles are used by the police, industries, ships, trains, military, sports, hunting and game calls. Knife Country USA sells whistles of all sorts in shape and sizes. This segment focuses on survival equipments and kits. Knife Country USA's line of emergency kits include, an emergency whistle, storm safety whistle, first aid kit, pocket survival kits, fixed blade knife, linerlock knife, pocket knife, survival knife and fire starter kit. The survival kit includes the basic things required for survival, a flashlight, flashlight signal mirror, a fire starter, waterproof survival instructions, duct tape, compass and many other items, depending on which kit one chooses.


Knife Country USA offers our Maxpedition line of products. Maxpedition bags are great to carry all emergency kits and other survival gear. Survival equipment is essential for, adventurers, military personnel, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Having a survival kit handy in the home is important during emergency situations. Fire starter kits are a major help on adventure trips. The variety of knives include linerlock knives and pocket knives, these have the ease to be carried in pockets, wallets and bags. The springs in these types of knives opens with one hand without any hassle. Check out Knife Country USA's online store for our line of whistles and survival kits.

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