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NITECORE has marked its presence in the international market with the introduction of illumination and electronic tools. Over the years, with sheer dedication and commitment, NITECORE presents the widest range of innovative and durable products that includes world's first flashlight with Smart Piston Drive System, AA-based flashlight with infinite variable brightness, flashlight series featured with 3rd generation smart selector ring technology. A perfect blend of innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology; NITECORE’s products are some of the most sought after in America, Middle East Europe, and Oceania. Staffed with professional craftsmen and designers; the products are field tested and intricately designed to give optimum results. 


Real-Life Inspired Product Range


For better user experience, NITECORE takes inspiration from shooting, hunting, and search and rescue trainings that help us in understanding the requirements of the clients across the world. Over the years, the client network has grown by leaps and bounds and includes outdoors adventure enthusiast, law enforcement officers, and tactical users from different professions. NITECORE’s progress graph elevated magnificently with the German iF Design Award, American International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), Red Dot Design Award, and the Japanese G-Mark (Good Design) Award. NITECORE’s obsession with technologies is visible in the wide range of innovative products that have surpassed the highest standards of portability, designs, and functionality. The innovative and sturdy products are widely used by outdoor sportsenthusiast, law enforcement officers and those in rescue operations.


Exploring the Wide Range of NITECORE Lights


NITECORE Batteries & Battery Charges: The Li-ion batteries need less maintenance and perform extremely well for a longer duration. The rechargeable battery can be charged over 500 times with no signs of damage, even after continuous use and charge. The chargers from this series are built from fire retardant materials with overtime prevention; apart from this these chargers have reverse polarity with short circuit protection.


NITECORE Lights Head-Lamp Flashlight Series: The head-lamp flashlights are designed with extreme precision and with the use of finest material. The water and impact resistant flashlights have integrated Li-ion battery with wide beam angle to navigate easily in dark. The flashlights are accurately manufactured using digital optics technology for perfect reflector performance. The featured flashlights are meant for survival and rescue operations and have single button access to 5 brightness levels.


NITECORE Lights LED Pen-Light Flash-Light Series: Ingeniously-designed penlights make use of finest raw material and cutting-edge technology, that works best in pitch dark; the flashlights have excellent light-emitting capabilities with up to 180 lumens. These are anti-slip pens and are easy to carry. One of the slimmest pens; the LED Pen-Lights are meant to outdo in any challenging situation.


NITECORE Lights LED Tube Flash-Light Series: The built-in Li-ion battery in the flashlights is a perfect material to be used for a longer duration. The polycarbonate construction of the flashlights with the use of advanced technology contributes to the designing of high-performance LED tube and flash-light. Light emitting capacity is exceptional and performs well in the dark.


NITECORE Lights Mini Camp-Light Lantern Series: The aluminum construction with built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery offers exceptional water and impact resistance properties and boosts durability. The intuitive no-button user interface with a sleek body of the flashlights has excellent light emitting capability (runtime up to 23 hours).


NITECORE Lights Multi-Task Hybrid Flash-Light Series:The impact and water-proof flashlights are designed with aero-grade aluminum alloy with military-grade hard-anodized finish. The flashlights with side switch interface allow easy access with single hand operation. Physical reverse polarity protection mechanism and precision digital optics technology yields exceptional performance.


NITECORE Lights Outdoor Emergency Whistle Series: The ingeniously-designed whistles are made using the finest technology and material that includes polished TC4 titanium alloy, perfect for wet or dry conditions. The maximum sound intensity of 120 decibels of the whistle can be heard even in the crowded place. The sturdy, lightweight, and tough whistle does not obstruct the sound owing to the teflon resonator.


NITECORE Lights P Flash-Light Series: Designed to work best in pitch dark scenarios; the flashlights are manufactured using the finest technology aluminum alloy along with the HAIII military-grade hard-anodized coating. The waterproof and impact-resistant flashlight with different brightness levels ensures durability and optimum performance.


NITECORE Lights SENS Flash-Light Series: These lightweight and sturdy flashlights make use of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Use of advanced technology and finest material offers excellent performance. One-handed operation allows easy access, while the knurled body offers outstanding grip on most of the challenging situations. The flashlights have soft turn-on mode with low illumination for everyday usage.


NITECORE Lights SRT Flashlight Series: Designed to be used in hunting, law enforcement, and tactical applications; these flashlights cater to the demands of the clients from all over the world. The lightweight, sturdy and durable flashlights are manufactured using the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy (completed with the anodized black HAIII mil-spec finish). This gives the flashlight a clean look. Use of precision digital optics technology offers excellent reflector performance. The water-resistant flashlight features a stainless retaining ring, reverse polarity protection, and ultra-clear mineral glass (anti-reflective coating).  


NITECORE Lights THUMB Tiltable Work Flashlight Series: The thumb Tiltable flashlights are designed using fine-grade material and latest technology. The flashlights have integrated Li-ion battery that yields outstanding performance for a longer duration. These water-resistant flashlights are designed for better user experience with the provision of dual switch design for one-handed operation. These flashlights have phenomenal light-emitting capabilities.


NITECORE Lights TINI Keychain LED Flashlight Series:These tiny water and impact resistant LED flashlights are primarily designed using the finest aluminum to boost the durability and performance. The integrated ATR module and bead-surface optic lens of these flashlights are the perfect defining features. 4 brightness levels with excellent light emitting capabilities are provided and have up to 380 lumens with 60 hours of runtime.


NITECORE Lights TIP Keychain Flashlight Series: Fabricated using premium-grade and high-strength aluminum alloy; the use of military-grade hard anodized aluminum housing boosts the durability and increases the performance of the flashlights. NITECOREuses cutting-edge technology to present highly durable, water and impact resistant rechargeable keychain flashlights. The featured flashlights have integrated Li-Ion battery with USB rechargeable charging circuit; the flashlights have dual switch design with 4 brightness levels for excellent beam reflection.


NITECORE Tactical Pens by NITECORE Lights: The compact and portable tactical pens are manufactured using premium-grade Titanium Alloy that boosts the durability and performance. The CNC milled titanium alloy body with a perfectly designed titanium pocket clips are few of the defining features. The matte finish aluminum storage case is a perfect protective cover.


NITECORE Rechargeable Flashlights: These water-resistant rechargeable flashlights are manufactured using premium-grade material that helps to survive under high compression and are suitable to be used in pitch dark. These are impact resistant flashlights with excellent lighting angle that covers a huge distance in the extreme conditions. The runtime capacity of the flashlights is excellent; turbo, high, low and medium modes of lumens are provided. 


NITECORE Lights Tiny Monster Series: These tiny monsters are designed optimally to bring out the best and a power-packed performance despite the compact size. The flashlights feature single or multiple high-lumen adjustable LEDs with multiple brightness levels. The small and compact size makes the flashlights suitable to carry anywhere. Special functions include strobe, S.O.S., and location beacon are added for various scenarios.


NITECORE Lights Precise Series: This series includes the finest flashlights that are specifically designed to be used in tactical scenarios. The use of Precision Digital Optics Technology results in the consistent, uniform, and full-coverage beams to illuminate targets and focus perfectly without getting distracted. Use the flashlights for SOS signals, sending strobe signals, and as a location flashing beacon.


NITECORE Lights Multi-Task Series: This series includes the finest range of flashlights that are manufactured specifically to be used while on a camp, or trek. Optimum light output/brightness, run time, maximum beam distance are the defining features of these flashlights. The material is sturdy and withstands extreme weather conditions and is suitable to be used in pitch dark, to focus completely on the target.


NITECORE Lights LR30 Camping Lantern Series: These LR30 camping lights makes use of utilize six high color rendering LEDs that allows to have a perfect vibrant view of the campsite with lesser strain on the eyes. The flashlights are offered with a built-in power indicator. The lightweight construction and allows you to carry them conveniently.


NITECORE Lights Hybrid Flash-Light Series: The hybrid flashlights are manufactured and specifically designed to cater to multiple usage scenarios. Constructed with aero-grade aluminum alloy, the flashlights are suitable for the tough, primed for outdoors uses. Features like switch interface for easy access and single-hand operation, reverse polarity protection mechanism, and high-precision digital optics technology are few defining features.


NITECORE Lights Explorer Series: The light explorer series includes the finest range of flashlights that are manufactured specifically for the search and rescue operations. These compact and lightweight flashlights with a longer beam range are suitable for the pitch-dark environment. Longer battery run-time of these flashlights is perfect for long duration tasks.


NITECORE Lights EC4GT Series: The compact and lightweight flashlights in this series feature larger reflectors and are available in the die-cast aluminum body. The use of larger reflector size increases the flashlight’s ability to focus on the target with perfection. These flashlights have the five brightness levels with a dual switch design for convenient usage in crisis.


NITECORE Lights Detective Series: The light in the detective series are manufactured using the premium grade material that is suitable to be used in most of the demanding situations. These flashlights are suitable for the law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications and thus, have been designed with Smart Selector Ring technology for versatility and efficiency. Precision digital optics technology provides extreme reflector performance.


NITECORE Lights Chameleon Flash-Light Series: Chameleon Flash-Light includes flashlights with five individual light sources, two main LEDs and bi-lateral secondary red, green and blue LEDs for the long-distance coverage. The flashlights with double side-switch interface and integrated power indicator light allows for allows for one hand operation. The forward click tactical switch has been provided in the flashlights.


NITECORE Product Warranty

NITECOREis warranted to be free of manufacturing and designing defect and any kind of defects in the material or in an assembly line. The defective products will be replaced or repaired with the same item or equivalent. Though, repair and replacement will be done only after complete inspection and then only the further procedure will be done. However, in few cases of any damage due to neglect, abuse, or misuse is not covered by the company.


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