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Fixed Blade Knives

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Fixed Blade Knives

Owning a knife is nothing to be ashamed about; in fact they are something as American as apple pie and something to be proud of. It seems that many believe in only negative connotation that blades carry with themselves, forgetting their wide application. We, at Knife Country USA, believe differently. If you think about it, fixed blade knives (and many other types) exist in our regular everyday life. All of us use them in the kitchen, when fixing furniture, cutting ropes, out hunting and put them up for a show.


As you can see, there are many, many applications that fixed blade knives have, no matter where you live. Thus, we dedicate this page not only as a presentation of our knives but also as a knife education. How old are fixed blade knives anyway? How did they develop over the years? Read on and find out!

History of Fixed Blade Knives

When talking about fixed blade knives, it is impossible not to think about its origins. The truth is, blades existed since the dawn of the mankind. Our ancestors developed stone-based fixed blade knives, about two and a half million years ago. Their uses included hunting, cutting, shaping, and for battles. Most of the knife materials back then were primitive, including stone, wood, and bronze. Interestingly enough, there is no single region that is a knives’ birthplace.


Ceremonies took over as soon as organized religions took place, sometime around 6000 to 4000 BC. Members of the then-pantheon used sophisticated materials, including brilliants, gold, and iron. Blades themselves took different materials, upgrading itself from bronze to iron. However, if you think we forgot about cutlery, you are in for a surprise. Fixed blade knives found their way on the tables in Middle Ages, around the 11th century.


The use came from Persian nobility and arrived in Byzantine Empire quite fast. There is a record of a Greek princess eating only when “her eunuchs to cut it up into small pieces.” It shows that only nobility practiced the ritual.


Bypassing the violent history of the knife, we enter the age of Renaissance, where cutlery and ceremonial importance rose for the blades. Fixed blade knives still hold one of the top spots in the human culture, evolving into steal and onward. In the 20th century, knives broke all records in terms of lengths, types, and models.

How to Recognize a Good Blade?

Materials, as well as marks made by legitimate businesses, play important role in quality recognition. Fixed blade knives are the most numerous of all blades, as they are simple and yet very effective. Looking at the pictures below, you can see all parts that a single knife should have, no matter the model or business behind it.


The blade itself should be of stainless, carbon or Damascus steel and properly sharpened. The handle should be made of durable materials, including but not limited to wood, metal, micarta and polymers. Fixed blade knives that are sellable on our site all vary in terms of lengths, materials used in production and price range. However, we, as a reseller company, choose only the best quality products for our customers. Check out some of our blades in the following section.

Our Fixed Blade Knives Portfolio

As we said before, fixed blade knives went a long way to take today’s shapes. Down below, we present just how many models actually exist under our umbrella.


Boot Fixed Blade Knives – You need a small enough blade to help you while cutting down ropes, wood, a letter or anything while construction your new project? Boot knives are the perfect answer. Designed as to be a lot smaller than its counterparts, these knives are sharp and can fit your boots. They are very concealable and do not draw unwanted attention. It might sound cheesy, but it does the job. The most well-known brands in the world for boot fixed blade knives are Knife BlanksSmith & WessonPakistan CutleryCold SteelRough RiderMission KnivesCamilius, and many others.


Bowie Fixed Blade Knives – Looking for your regular bushcraft outdoorsman knife, sharp yet comfortable to handle? Bowie fixed blade knives provide easy-to-grasp handles and come in various sizes. The bowie blade dates back to the 1830’s when Jim Bowie took his knife design to James Black a blacksmith in Arkansas. From that point forward this knife design was called a Bowie Knife. Check some of the great brands out there to get the idea: Marttiini, Bear & SonsAmerican HunterBark RiverBoker Knives, and Case Bowie Knives.


Combat Fixed Blade Knives – These are probably one of the oldest types of fixed blade knives. They come in various shapes, lengths, and weight. With the cool design, there are many cheap fixed blade knives that would look just awesome in your collection or on the field of battle. Some of the well-known brands are Combat ReadyBecker Knife & ToolOntarioCold Steel Combat KnivesTOPS Combat Knives, and Smith & Wesson Combat Knives.


Neck Fixed Blade Knives – The neck fixed blade knife is a great protection tool. These lightweight knives come in a variety of blade styles and handle materials. All of these neck knives come with a sheath to fit securely into and have either a chain or paracord to act as a necklace. Being able to conceal these knives just below the neckline; they serve as an excellent choice for protection when out on a jog or returning to your car on campus alone. Here are a few examples of brands that offer neck knives; ABKT Neck Knives,  MTech Neck Knife, and Bastinelli Neck Knives. Click here for a complete list of fixed blade neck knives.


Tactical Fixed Blade Knives – Although the name implies some sort of a combat type of fixed blade knives, its use is quite different. With many unique and, sometimes, outrages shape designs, these knives help when construction project is underway or give you a tactical advantage in the field. With the use of cutting-edge designs and steels; we are sure that we carry the tactical fixed blade knife that you have been seeking. Keep them close as these can reach places in your house you never would have dreamed of reaching before and keep you and your family safe. Some of the famous producers that we have on the stock are MtechGerberRough Rider, and TOPS Knives.

Shipping & Refund Policy

We are proud to say that we offer free delivery of our products throughout the United States on all orders over $89. No matter which State you are in, the price you see on the screen is the one you pay at the end of the day. There are no hidden costs within the transportation of the good purchased. We also ship our products internationally. You can check out international transportation rates here.


If by any chance, products do not match your expectations, we do have a refund policy of 30 days return. Not happy with one of our fixed blade knives? File a report and return the knife to get your money back within a month of your purchase.


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