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Fixed Blade Knives

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Apparent from the name, fixed blade knives are a type of non-foldable knife with a fixed blade. These knives are also referred as Sheath knives as they are fitted in a leather sheath, Kydex Sheath, or other similar material.  These knives feature a hidden tang as the blade is extended into the handle. With a lack of moving parts, these fixed blade knives are dedicate to the overall strength of the knife.  When compared to foldable knives, fixed blade knives have great functionality. Tanto Point Blades Knives, Drop Point Blades Knives, Guthook Blade Knives and Spear Blade Knives are popular fixed blade knives that are quite appreciated for their strength, strong grip, and precise cut.

Generally, these fixed blade knives vary upon the type of construction, blade, and the handles that are attached. Here, we are offering these non-foldable knives with various types of metal handles, micarta handles, skeletonized handles, stacked leather handles, stag handles, wood handles, and wrapped leather handles to mention a few.  All these fixed blade knives belong to leading brands like Buck, Kershaw, Smith & Wesson, Case, Hen & Rooster, Aitor, etc. Here at, we offer many of these blades in many different styles.

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