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Diving Fixed Blade Knives

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At, Knife Country USA, we completely understand how critical it is for a diver to have the correct diving knife. Any experienced scuba diver can explain the importance of having a diving knife for underwater adventures. One can see how important it is to have an easy to operate diving knife, and one that fits the diver's needs. Diving knives are not only a necessity for some divers, but, also esstenial to most divers.


A dive knife is primarily a general tool and a safety device. One could use a dive knife in an emergency to free themselves from a tangled line, or protect themselves from danger.  Being aware of all these diving-specific products, Knife Country USA, offers diving knives to meet the requirments of divers. Our ultimate range of diving knives, includes, fixed blade dive knives, titanium dive knives, stingray dive knives, and many more products.


Here is a glance at few features of our world-class products from some of the prestigious brands in the industry like – Katz Knives, Ontario Knives, United Cutlery Knives and Underwater Kinetics Knives:

  • Bright colors for easy visibility under-water

  • Effortless use even in deep waters due to lightweight

  • Easy and low maintenance

  • High endurance

  • Hassle-free usage

  • Secure locks

  • Carrying convenience with straps

  • Affordable price range


We, at Knife Country USA, are deeply committed to making under-water diving an enjoyable experience, by offering diving knives and tools. Each of our diving knives are made from the best quality material and have been passed through stringent tests.


What brands are manufacturing Diving Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top five brands that are manufacturing Diving Knives currently.


  1.  Underwater Kinetics Diving Knives & Lights Brand Diving Knives
  2. China Made Diving Knives
  3. Fury Knives Brand Diving Knives
  4. Katz Knives Brand Diving Knives
  5. Kershaw Knives Brand Diving Knives

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