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Mission Knives is an American knife-manufacturing company based in Westminster, CA. The US-based brand designs and maufacures knives and tactical tools to be used by special operation groups like US Navy SEALs, law enforcement agencies and the general public. The brand is renowned for manufacturing sturdy and durable knives by using advanced materials like high-grade Polymers and Titanium. The knives are corrosion averse and can withstand in adverse weather conditions like extremely hot or cold weather or underwater usage. The manufacturer takes responsibility of providing the highest quality and strongest manufactured knives.


Mission Knives offers a wide array of fixed blade knives to choose from, depending on the desired purpose. Most of these knives are made of titanium (corrosion-free material). Their applauded model knife series includes Mission MBK-Ti Knife Series and  Mission CSP-A2 Knife Series. MDK knives are highly functional and heavy-duty knives with partially serrated or plain Tanto blades. These knives are corrosion-proof and require minimal maintenance.


Catering to the US NAVY SEALs

The durable and corrosion-proof construction is one of the reasons that that Mission knives are explicitly used by US NAVY SEALs for over several years. Mission Knives are also used by other military and vigilance departments. This US-based manufacturer has concentrated on producing premium knives with Titanium so that the knives will not rust in salt water, thus boosting the longevity even in underwater application. Being used by Marine Recon Unit itself is a testament to the quality of Mission Knives.


Corrosion-free Construction

All Mission Knives are produced in America with 100 percent American parts. Most of the knives among Mission Knives catalog have Titanium handles making the knives corrosion free. These premium knives can be used in extreme temperatures and rough outdoors as well. The brand exhibits highly functional knives and other cutting tools which can be used in both offensive and defensive situations reliably. The dependable blades are widely admired by military personnel, adventurists, and outdoor enthusiasts. In its exceptional product range, the manufacturer has included A2 and S30 V steel knives in its popular Titanium catalog.


Diving into the Applauded Product Range of Mission Knives


Their knives present unique designs and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Armed with an excellent collection of knives and other cutting tools, Mission Knives is a name to remember for its vast product niche including knives like Mission Saws. The brand caters to the needs of their customer with the following knife series:

Mission Fixed Blade Knives: The blades in the series are flexible and fixed. These spearpoint blades with standard edges are easily concealable in belts, boots or can be hung around the neck. Blades in the series are resistant to rust and corrosion. They have skeletonized handles wrapped in colorful cords for careful handling and usage. These unbreakable knives are twice the size of normal blades— this makes them perfect for cutting, hunting and slicing jobs.


Mission Saws: The manufacturer offers fixed blade series with Titanium construction and A2 steel spear point blades for precise cuts. The knives in the series are mainly designed to be used for military purposes. They have tan finished skeletonized handles wrapped in highly durable cords. These sleek and lightweight blades are an ideal choice for hikers, backpackers, travelers, campers for every day and tactical purposes. The mission Saw series knives are delivered with black Kydex sheath allowing safe storage in the long run.


Mission CSP-A2 Knife Series: The series features elongated fixed blade knives having A2 steel construction. Most blades in A2 knife series has drop point blades with full tang construction wrapped in cord lanyard. The knives have lashing holes for easy handling and can be attached to belts, backpacks, etc. The blades in the series feature black oxide blades and a full tang construction for maximum strength during combats and life-threatening situations.


Mission Knives T-Shirts & Patches: The manufacturer also offers branded Mission T-shirts. Each merchandise is manufactured with 100  percent pre-shrunk cotton with an embroidered Mission logo. Mission T-Shirts are bulk packed and available in all sizes from Small to Extra Large. These T-shirts are available in Black.


Mission MBK-Ti Knife Series: Mission Ti Knife series is designed to fulfill various tasks including cutting, digging and splitting. The skeletonized Titanium handle is wide enough to provide the desired grip with the help of wrapped lanyard cord. Being lightweight, these knives are easily concealable for defensive applications.


Mission MDK-Ti Knife Series:  Most of the knives in the series features serrated blades meant to be used back and forth depicting saw like action. These blades can cut hardwoods with its specially designed strong blades. Some knives in the series have skeletonized Titanium handles along with lanyard cord, providing maximum grip to travelers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts during tasks like cutting, slicing etc.


Mission MPK12-Ti Knife Series: MPK-12 Knife Series includes the finely designed knives manufactured using premium Titanium. Most of the knives in the series are available in skeletonized handles and can be used by wrapping lanyard cord. These lightweight knives can e easily attached with belts or backpacks. Suitable for hunting, trekking, or self-defence purposes. 


Mission MPS-A2 Knife Series: The skeletonized knives have standard edges, with A2 steel blades. MPS-A2 knives are designed to perform both special operations by UD Marine Unit and utility functions by hikers, mountain climbers, and campers. Most knives in the series feature a full tang construction with A2 steel blades and powder coated finish.  


Mission MPS-Ti Knife Series: MPS-Ti series features fixed blade knives with Titanium construction available in the standard edge or serrated blades. Knives in the series have partially serrated back with the skeletonized handle wrapped in multicolor cords. The easy-to-conceal knives are specially designed to cater the needs of US Marine Recon units and are resistant to corrosion for underwater usage. 

Mission MPT-A2 Knife Series: The knives in the series have G-10 onlay handles with a stronger grip and can be easily operated with gloves on. The manufacturer provides partially serrated blades made from A2 steel. Most knives in the series have black powder coat finish which makes the knife rust-resistant and gives the knife an appealing black look. The knives in the series are designed to be used as combat or tactical knives.


Mission MPU-Ti Knife Series: Includes a huge assortment of fixed blade knives having Titanium construction making them sturdy and usable for longer durations. These blades specifically meet the objectives of armed forces and tactical purposes. As these knives are easy to hide under boots or forearms to be used in emergency situations.


Mission MTK-Ti Knife Series: The fixed blade knives are easy to maintain and available in plain edge and partial serration options. The skeletonized handle of knives is covered with cord in different color options like Black, Green, Orange, Tan. These blades are razor-sharp and unbreakable, providing dependable usage in tough and tedious times.


Warranty Information

Mission Knives products and tools are guaranteed to be free from any defects in workmanship and material for the whole life of the item. The warranty only covers labor and replacements of parts. The final decision about the repair or replacement of delivered product can be made only by the specialized department after thorough inspection about the defect. In case, if repair is to be done for any reason other than a material defect, the company will charge the cost of repair from the customer itself. The warranty does not cover the damage caused by any normal wear and tear, or material loss caused during sharpening or misuse. Mission Knives shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages and meant as a breach of implied warranty of the product.


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. These knives are corrosion-proof and require minimal maintenance.


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