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First Aid Kits are a collection of supplies useful to give first aid in case of an accident or emergency. Depending upon the first aid requirements and area to be given attention, the size of these kits change. The appearance of mark on these kits is a mandate. It represents that these kits are designed as per medical guidelines. These first aid kits also differ as per the purpose. For instance, an adventure first aid kit will be inclusive of items like blood pressure cuff, oral & nasal airway kits and at least one-month supplies for the travels. In fact, these adventure first aid kits will be used by rescue professionals trained as Paramedics, Wilderness EMT or Wilderness First Responders.

At, Knife Country USA, we are offering different types of first aid kits, some examples include, Travel Medical Kit, Burn Dressings Kit, Individual First Aid Pouch, Wound Care Kit, and many more. Our first aid kits are inclusive of (2) straight hemostats, (1) curved hemostat, (1) scissors, (1) three scalpel handle, (2) scalpel blades, (2) suture sets, (1) tweezers, (1) needle probe, (2) alcohol wipes, (2) iodine wipes and (1) pen light. All this equipment is made up of medical-grade stainless steel which offers a higher standard; and is less prone to corrosion and abrasion. This first aid kit comes in an OD green canvas pouch, making it more suitable to carry on the go.

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First Aid Kits 80122 First Aid Field Survival Surgical Kit with Scalpel Handle

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Elite First Aid - First Aid Field Surgical Kit. Model FA80122. Comes in an OD green canvas pouch. All stainless steel instruments. Not Sterile. Contents Include: 2-Straight Hemostats; 1-Pair of Scissors; 1-Curved Hemostat; 1-Pair of Tweezers; 1-Scalpel Handle, #3; 1-Suture Set; 2-Scalpel Blades; 1-Holder; 1-Needle Probe; 2-Alcohol Wipes; 1-Pen Light; 2-Antiseptic BZK Wipes.

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