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Norm Coghlan formed Coghlan's Ltd. over sixty years ago with the Camp Stove Toaster, laying the groundwork for what will become the world's biggest single brand of camping accessories. For over 50 years, Coghlan's has set the gold standard for outdoor gear and been tried and trusted by thrill-seekers. Their comprehensive product line contains virtually everything you need to have a successful camping trip or outdoor adventures. 


Founded in 1959, the Company offers over 500 camping gears and additions to its customers. The Company provides an outstanding range of products, including emergency and survival tools, outdoor dining, hammocks, insect protection, and various other outdoor tools. It has become a one-stop solution for adventurers and people looking for quality camping products. Explore the wide range of Coghlan's camping accessories crafted with perfection to make your camping experience easy and enjoyable. 


Coghlan's camping accessories are available across Canada and the U.S. in more than 1400 stores. With its manufacturing facilities in Asia and Canada, the Company provides high-quality, affordable products for all camping lovers. Coghlan ships superior product and packaging offers outstanding customer service, and maintains community relationships, making it one of the most-sought single camping brands across the globe.


Since its inception in 1959, Coghlan Norm strongly believed in giving back to his community. As a result, the partnership between Minnetonka-based non-profit, Opportunity Partners, and Coghlan's Ltd was formed to generate employment opportunities for people with special needs and disabilities. Through this relationship with Coghlan's, Opportunity Partners saw exponential development. Thus, the Company helping individuals with disabilities was able to expand from a tiny workshop in a shed to one that serves over 1,500 people per year. Coghlan has also been at the forefront of creating sustainable and environment-friendly products and packaging for the greater good. Their new mission is to reduce the number of components used in packaging and use recycled materials. Coghlan's every outdoor gear will now carry a message "Please recycle where facilities exist." to create awareness among people.


All about Coghlan's Outdoor Gears

Coghlan's Ltd is one of the largest producers of camping accessories in Canada. Their products are available all over the USA and Canada in major retail outlets such as Cabela in the U.S. and MEC in Canada. Coghlan has a sizable manufacturing facility in China, from which the bulk of goods are manufactured and delivered to Coghlan's shops. Additionally, the firm operates a distribution plant in Canada, where it packages more than 50 outdoor gears. Coghlan is an excellent option for explorers seeking cost-effective yet high-quality equipment and camping accessories.


In addition to the iconic 504D Camp Stove Toaster and Folding Stove, Coghlan's product portfolio consists of more than 500 camping and hiking accessories. Each product is meticulously crafted using only the finest materials. The Company offers winter gears, air pumps, candles, lighting, clip-on, compasses, signaling devices, survival gear, utensils, knives, tools, lighters, hygiene products, rainwear, storage bags, containers, ropes, cords, and other products. Coghlan distributes its products worldwide.


Coghlan’s Product Categories

Coghlan’s Outdoor Cookware: Outdoor dining has been a much-cherished tradition for centuries. Coghlan provides a wide variety of items that can make your outdoor dining an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, whether you wander in the wilderness or choose to enjoy a barbeque in your backyard. From the Picnic Tablecloth Holder to the Steel Cookware, to the Roasting Sticks and the Chow Kits, you will find everything to enjoy a tasty meal outdoor.

Coghlan’s Camp Comfort: Choosing the right camping gear is the quickest way to turn your camper trip from frustrating to enjoyable. For a comfortable outdoor stay, Coghlan offers some of the finest outdoor camping products. Comfortable napping is as easy as ever with Coghlan Neck Pillow/Travel Pillow, Inflated Pillow, or Tripod Stool.

Coghlan’s Camping Activities and Gaming Kits: Coghlan offers a wide range of gaming kits like Fireside Gaming Pack and 3-in-1 Tower Game that will chase that boredom away. Choose your pick, play a tower domino or classic board games of chess and checkers, Coghlan has got you covered.

Coghlan’s Hammocks: Hammocks are a must for every luxurious backpacker who wants to travel in style. These hammocks are outstanding for any outdoor adventure. If you're truly relaxed in them, you should still purchase a mosquito net and tarp to convert them to sleeping arrangements. Most Coghlan hammocks are lightweight, highly weather-resistant, and ideal for lounging anywhere.

Coghlan’s Storage Bags and Containers: Products in this category include Wet/Dry Bag, Utility Bag, Dunk Bag, and compact capsules for transporting essential tools. These storage solutions are ideal for storing your camping gear at home, in the vehicle, and at the campsite.

Coghlan’s Emergency and Survival Products: Be ready for the unexpected, unpleasant events outdoors with Coghlan's emergency kit and survival items. Coghlan camping survival kit/package ensures that you're equipped for every eventuality. It contains a survival guide, emergency blankets, matches, a compass, and a flashlight, among other items that will keep you protected on your trip through the wilderness. The outdoor survival tools and accessories include light sticks, a compass, flint striker, storm matches, and several other handy tools for a safe journey to the wild.

Coghlan’s First Aid Kits: Be ready for the unexpected, unpleasant events outdoors with Coghlan's emergency kit. This safety and survival pack is intended to help one person in a short-term emergency. Choose from two first aid kit options, each contains several essential supplies you need to survive in the wild packaged in a portable can or soft nylon pack.

Coghlan's Snake Bite Kit: Carrying a snake bite kit is the only way to ensure your survival after being bitten by a venomous snake. Purchase Coghlan's snake bite package that fits easily in your bag or on your belt while you're out walking. The kit is compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport. This comprehensive, portable package is designed for the constrictor/suction system of treating snake bites. Three pliable suction cups, a tie-off thread, and an antiseptic swab are included in this kit.

Coghlan’s Rain Gear: Coghlan's emergency poncho is welded at every joint to have exceptional waterproofing in inclement weather. There is no stitching at the joints, which eliminates the possibility of water infiltration at the joints. It ships with 24 reusable ponchos, and each rain cover features an attached hood with PVC snap button side closures.

Coghlan's Multi-Function Survival Whistle: A perfect companion hanging around your neck, this multi-function whistle from Coghlan is a 6 in 1 survival whistle kit featuring LED light, compass, magnifier, thermometer, and signal mirror. It comes with a Lanyard and attachment clip along with three SR1121 batteries for convenience.

Coghlan’s Survival Tools: If you go on day hikes or weeklong backpacking trips on a regular basis, it is always prudent to be prepared for the unforeseen. Weather conditions may change rapidly, and you can lose your course, run out of water, or even fall and injure yourself. The importance of a survival kit cannot be overstated. Coghlan lists 14 essential survival tools, including fire starters, water purification tablets, cords, hatchets, hand warmer, and several other items.

Coghlan Hand Tools: Every seasoned camper understands the value of tools in various camping situations. Coghlan provides a number of hand tools, including folding saw, hatchets, pocket saw, and trowel to enhance your camping experience. Coghlan saws are equipped with an eight-strand stainless steel blade that is capable of cutting through wood, plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal. On the other hand, the 11-inch trowel is constructed with a superior high-impact styrene blade for maximum strength and durability.

Coghlan’s Laundry Line Accessories: Coghlan’s anchor clips are handy solution for attaching various items on a suspended rope or cord line. Each anchor clip features durable aluminum construction, two oppositely swinging crescent-shaped designs that clinch around the objects placed inside them. The clip's top coils through a tight rope or string, relying on friction to keep it in position. It's perfect for attaching towels, water bottles, lightweight utensils, and more. It is available in 4pk and 24pk options.

Coghlan Signal Lights: Coghlan's lightsticks use chemiluminescent technology for creating ultra-bright light in all environments. Presorted colorful sticks can be used as warning lights, marker reflectors, signal lights, dive lights, or survival lights during your outdoor camping, fishing, trekking, or wildlife adventures. Each stick lights up to 12 hours, so spending a night in the wild shouldn't be difficult.

Coghlan’s Tent Pegs/Skates: One of the most recommended heavy-duty tent pegs, the Coghlan's 12-inch stakes are a perfect choice for anyone heading to an overnight stay in the backcountry. High-grade steel construction with an electroplated coating of the pegs can penetrate any rough terrain with ease and provide stability in high wind. The notched positioning points offer convenience when setting up the tent.

Coghlan Mosquito Head Net:  Enjoy a bug-free time in the wild with Coghlan's No-See-Um Netting, which is built to keep even the tiniest insects at bay. The polyester mesh construction keeps you safe in wet and humid conditions. This head net fits comfortably over most headgear and features an elasticized collar for a secure fit. This unisex head net is made of flame-resistant polymers and is lightweight.

Coghlan's Outdoor Mosquito Net (White): These versatile pieces of camping gear are suitable for any outdoor activity, as they help keep mosquitos and other insects at bay. A high-quality mosquito netting is an excellent choice for ensuring safety and protection from mosquito bites and the irritating 'buzz.' Its rectangular design fits over most sleeping bags and cots and has 180 fine mesh polyester construction.

Coghlan’s Fire Starters: Firestarters are an essential component of any outdoor survival kit. One of the biggest obstacles when trying to spark a fire in the wilderness is finding a striking bar to start the fire. That's where this all-weather fire starter comes in. Use the striking tool or your knife's edge on the magnesium bar to start a fire. Choose from more than twenty lighters, fire discs, and strikers that will come in handy on your camping expedition.


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