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When they debuted over a century ago, linerlock knives were one of the biggest developments ever in the history of knife technology, and they remain among the most popular pocketknife designs today. The reason is obvious: Nothing else balances convenience, flexibility, and strength like a well-designed linerlock blade. From military personnel to everyday civilians, linerlock knives have been getting the job done for generations.

What makes a linerlock knife? Unlike lockback knives, which rely on a locking mechanism on the spine of the blade, linerlock knives use a leaf spring inside the handle to prevent the blade from closing prematurely. The result is a knife that can be opened and closed safely with one hand.

Locking folding pocket knives that are built to last.

Like all folding knives, linerlock knives contain moving parts, but the leaf spring and other components are generally fabricated from titanium alloy or steel, allowing them to remain functional and rustproof for a long time. This durability, combined with smoother, one-handed operation, makes linerlock knives a good bridge between more cumbersome folding blades and less versatile fixed blades. Good lock blade pocket knives are easy to conceal, easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to close, which has always made linerlock knives particularly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. You'll also find linerlock knives included in many tactical and survival toolkits for this reason, and it's no wonder that linerlock knives can be found everywhere from the collector's shelf to the MOLLE pouch.

Brands you can trust.

There's something special about a blade that you can flick open without even looking at it, but a knife is only as good as its construction. That's why we've placed our focus on some of the most elite brands in the industry, including companies like Kershaw, Boker, and CRKT -- plus many more top names. We literally have thousands of linerlock knives to choose from, so whether you're looking for a small lock blade pocketknife or a no-nonsense blade that's over five inches closed, we can almost guarantee the knife you're looking for is here.


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What brands are manufacturing Linerlock Pocket Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top ten brands that are manufacturing Linerlock pocket knives currently.


  1.  Elk Ridge Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives
  2. MTech Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives
  3. Tac Force Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives
  4. Z-Hunter Knives Linerlock Pocket knives
  5. Winchester Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives
  6. 5.11 Tactical Knives & Gear Linerlock Pocket Knives
  7. ABKT Tac Linerlock Pocket Knives
  8. Artisan Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives
  9. Bad Blood Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives
  10. Baladeo Knives Linerlock Pocket Knives


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