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Carving Knives

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One of the most important meat knives, a Carving Knife is a large knife used to slice thin slices of meat. Usual dimensions of a Carving Knife are between 20 cm and 38 cm (8 inches and 15 inches). You can use this Carving Knife for poultry, roasts, hams, and other larger, cooked meats. This Carving Knife is thinner than a standard Chef Knife. The unique, spine construction of this knife ensures precision in every cut.


Clean & Precise Cuts

The larger blade of these carving knives allows for sharper cuts. These knives are sharp and make chopping meat easier. The special blade helps to ensure even and clean cuts and uniform slices.


Available In Various Options

A Carving Knife can be availed with a pointed or rounded tip. However, the blade of these knives is always a non-serrated one. Pointed carving knives can be used for cutting around a bone, whereas, as a Carving Knife with rounded tip can be used to cut into boneless pieces of ham or roast beef too.


Get the Assurance of Quality

Knife Country USA is an established online retail store, specializing in the market of knives and accessories. To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Carving Knives from leading brands like Columbia, Outdoor Edge, and Magnum.

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