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Damascus Knives


Each Damascus Knife is unique when it is made and is never identical. Damascus steel has a wavy surface pattern that is specifically produced with the repeated hammer-welding strips of the steel and iron, which is followed by the heating and forging repeatedly. Damascus steel is widely and most commonly used for the production of quality and high-grade knife and sword blades. It was during the medieval period, that these materials were marketed but less produced. The whole process of making Damascus blades pattern completely ensures that no two blades are similar and this is the unique factor about these blades. The sleek, compact look with beautiful aesthetics owing to the stunning undulating lines, striking appearance, makes each Damascus knife one of its kind and gives an earthly feeling too. The blades are sharp and insanely flexible during the process of making a sharp edge.


What Makes Damascus Steel Knives Different From Others

Damascus knives are widely used for carrying out varied tasks and that too in most challenging situations. These are the knives that are manufactured using premium Damascus steel that is specifically designed to withstand extreme force and strokes repeatedly. These knives have precisely designed knives with uniquely sharpened blades that are sure to offer more strength to undergo extreme pressure. The white smooth bone handle, Double edge Damascus steel dagger blades that feature characteristic patterns making the blade look unique and special. Many of the tactical knives are provided with the Crown stag handle along with Damascus guard, stainless guard and pommel, horn handles, Damascus steel clip point blade, and sculpted resin handle that makes these knives much stronger and sturdy for use. Many of these knives do have an upswept Damascus steel blade design, bowie blade, Damascus buck spike, along with the stag tip handle.


Explore From the Massive Range of Damascus Product Categories

Fixed Blade Knives: These are the fixed blade knives that include the finest range of skinner knives, buffalo horn fixed blade knives, hunter wood, and bone knives that are ideal to be used for most tactical tasks. These are the knives that are specifically designed and manufactured with high-grade steel blades, accompanied by rosewood, olive wood, brown bone, and white smooth bone handles, along with lanyard holes. The handles are wide enough to offer a comfortable grip, while the blades are sharpened perfectly to pierce through any surface smoothly. These are the EDC knives ideal to be used by trekkers, outdoorsmen, travelers, and hikers and can be used as a survival tool during emergencies.

Damascus Bowie Knives: Another addition to the already existing range of knives, these are the Bowie knives featuring a collection of premium fixed blade knives that are specifically designed and manufactured using Damascus steel blades accompanied by the wooden, stag, and rosewood handles. These are the widely used survival knives with much larger blades ad can also be used for cutting, splitting, digging, food preparation, hunting, hammering, or as a first-aid tool as well.

Damascus Guthook Knives: This category of product includes the premium and quality assured range of fixed blade knives with the Guthook blades. These are the knives that are sharpened semi-circle grounded at the spine. The Guthook knives are widely used by the hunters for dressing or pulling the animal skin, as trailing point skinners, to slice the meat. The Guthook knife features a small semi-circle-like C shape on the blade which can be sharpened occasionally.

Damascus Skinner Knives: These are the skinner knives that feature sharpened high-grade blades complemented by the ergonomically designed handles along with the cutting-edge design. These are the knives with stag bone, white smooth bone, white bone, olive wood, cocobolo wood handle materials, and premium quality performance-oriented Damascus steel blades. These knives have lanyard holes that are ideal for attaching rope and leather belt sheaths for easy storage. These Skinner knives are ideal for skinning animal skin with the provision of wide and short blades, and strong edges with no flexibility.

Damascus Folding Pocket Knives: These are the folding knives that are specifically designed and manufactured with clip point blades and ergonomically designed handles that prove to be extremely useful in tactical situations. These are the knives that are provided with high-grade stag, white smooth bones, camel bones, white bone, and buckhorn handle materials. These are the commonly used EDC knives that are made to be used with one hand and make a perfect pick for trekkers, campers, and travelers.

Damascus Lockback Pocket Knives: These are the Lockback knives that are primarily made using Damascus steel blade that proves to be the toughest and strongest to survive the repeated strokes and extreme pressure, distortion. This category includes folding pocket knives, magnesium fire-starting tools, camel bone pocket knives, and liner lock pocket knives. Many of these knives have a metal spin that spans at the back of the knives, on the tang of the blade, and on top of the spine that looks like a hook. On opening these Lockback knives, the spine gets pushed out and the blade gets hooked at the right place. The handle material includes the green pakkawood handles, white bone, stag, steel, and stag bone handle.

Damascus Axes: This is another range of products that includes the assortment of premium Damascus Axes which includes the Hatchet, Hatchet Rosewood, and Frontier Axe. These are the highly functional range of axes that are specifically manufactured with the double edge sharpened spike fire worked nickel silver, rosewood handles, brass ferrule, spacer, and pommel stripes. The ergonomic design of these axes with wide handles makes it much easier to hold the axes for optimum use in most tactical situations. The axes are designed with leather lanyards with beads and have a brown leather belt sheath cover for safety. These axes are widely used for split trees, chopping small branches, thus suitable for the outdoorsman, campers, trekkers, and people involved with wooden work.

Damascus Dirks: This is a premium collection of fixed blade knives that have variable blade lengths. This category includes the knives with authentically designed long, sharp and pointed blades featuring contoured handles, double-edged dagger blades, and leather sheath belts. These are the ergonomically designed handles manufactured using pakkawood, rosewood, and quality assured Damascus steel that adds to the functionality and makes the knives even stronger to survive the extreme tasks. These knives are crafted to perfection these are the long thrusting daggers used for hand-to-hand combat, can be used for displays, and can be also used for self-defense.

Damascus Hunter Knife Series: The knives in this series include premium quality knives crafted to perfection. These knives are specifically manufactured using quality assured and highly durable Damascus steel blade that induces commendable strength and stability to survive the toughest strokes and usage in tactical situations. Not just this, these are the knives that are manufactured using hunter wood and bone handle material that makes the knives sturdy and comfortable for use during longer durations. These knives shave olive wood handles with a white smooth bone bolster or the Damascus bolster guard and are provided in the brown leather belt sheath.

Damascus Straight Razors:  Another range of authentically designed and durable range of products, this series includes an assortment of exclusively designed straight razors that are crafted to perfection. Damascus Straight Razors feature buffalo horn and pakkawood handle, walnut wood handles, and natural smooth bone handles that adds to the functionality and make it much easier to use as well. These razors have blades that can easily be folded into the handles that make these open razors much easier to use anytime and carry anywhere too. These are widely used by barbers since ancient times and make the easiest tool for shaving. Not just this, these Straight razors can also be used as survival tools when encountering emergencies or tactical situations.

Damascus Swords: Theis series includes a huge assortment of swords that are crafted based on size, blade, and handle material used. These swords feature short, imperial, and needle tooth swords with high-grade blades that are specifically manufactured with the toughest Damascus steel. The ergonomically designed handles are crafted with rosewood, bone, and black horn, adding to the comfort and functionality. The swords can be used as display accessories in antique themed restaurants, hotels, and homes or can be used as props in live theatre shows and dramas.


Select From the Premium Range of Damascus Knives Series

Damascus Trapper Knife Series: This series includes the finest range of trapper knives that are specifically manufactured using quality assured and durable Damascus steel clip and spey blades that are crafted to perfection. The use of quality tested and durable blade material makes these knives perfect for use in most tactical situations. These knives are provided with a Natural smooth bone handle that adds to the comfort for the users.

Damascus Karambit Knives: These are the fixed blade knives that are manufactured using premium-grade and durable Damascus steel that can withstand extreme situations and undergo repeated strokes and distortion too. The Fixed Blade Karambit knives have horn handles that are durable and wide enough to offer optimum comfort when held for longer durations. These are the full tang knives with a Stainless guard and pommel along with the finger ring adding to the functionality and excellent uninterrupted performance.

Damascus Twisted Handle Series: This series includes the premium range of full-tang knives that are specifically designed and manufactured with a twisted handle design. These knives are crafted to perfection with the sculpted wood handle and with the use of Damascus steel that induces commendable strength and stability to ensure optimum performance every time. These knives also have double-edge steel dagger blades that are ideal to be used in most tactical situations. These knives are also provided with a lanyard hole, brass guard and pommel, brass spacers, and leather belt sheath.


Warranty Information

Every product at Damascus Knives is made free from any kind of defect in the making, design, or craftsmanship. The products are warranted to be free from such defects and in case if any of the knives are found to be defective, in terms of the material used or functionality, then Damascus Knives professional team members will check for the defects, and then the only relevant step will be taken. Customers can get in touch with the professional knife-making team at Damascus Knives for expressing any concern about the product. So, get in touch in case if any of the products are found to be defective in the making; it should be noticed that the products are not intended to be used as chisels, hammers or should not be used inappropriately that can degrade the performance.


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