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Discover Bear & Son Cutlery, a proud American knife manufacturer known for high-quality, handcrafted knives. Explore their extensive collection of folding and fixed blade knives, butterfly knives, and multi-tools, designed for outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, and everyday users. Each knife showcases Bear & Son's commitment to excellence, with a focus on attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and use of top-grade materials. Choose from a wide range of knives, each with its unique style, design, and features, to find the perfect cutting tool for your needs.


Established in 1991, Bear & Son Cutlery is an Alabama-based knife and knife-sharpeners manufacturing company that is driven by a commitment to survive. The brand believes that crafting knives is more than just a task— it is an art driven by the forces of experience and techniques working collaboratively to offer some of the finest knives that ever existed. The brand is recognized to create knives that are a blend of modern manufacturing and classic designs. It uses cutting-edge production methods to create the best in traditional knives and survival tools. The manufacturer offers some great designs in folding knives, most of which are trappers and stockman. The knife range also includes functional tactical knives.


Found by Ken Griffey, this family-operated firm not only assembles the knives but treats, grinds and hand finishes their blades to give you the sharpest American knives available. Bear & Son Cutlery maintains top-notch quality control when it comes to producing batches of knives and knife sharpeners. Committed to excellence, the brand is more than just a rich family tradition in knife-making craftsmanship by management, but also by the experienced workforce. It stands apart from its contemporary for the effective use of American steel when it comes to producing blades.


Bear & Son Cutlery: Everything You Need to Know

What started as a core production of traditional folding and fixed blade knives, gradually, started expanding its range to include contemporary designs. Besides the evolution of the mainstream products, the knife manufacturing company went ahead to create three notable benchmarks.


In 2006, the company started making the iconic annual Bullet Knife Series for Remington and in 2011, they began production of the new Bear OPS series, exclusively for the tactical market. These knives are designed and manufactured for law enforcement and troops on deployment. In 2014, Bear & Son announced their plans for becoming an exclusive license for the manufacturing and marketing of Remington brand cutlery by the beginning of 2015.


When it comes to the quality of the steel used in blades, Bear & Son endeavors to ensure the best. They use premium quality steel including hard 440 high carbon stainless steel and easy-to-sharpen steel blades like 1095 carbon steel. The manufacturer also offers knives crafted using CPM-S30V stainless steel, 154CM stainless steel, and high-definition Damascus steel. These steel blades are known for corrosion resistance and hardness. The brand offers steel blades designed using Sandvik Stainless Steel, a Swedish Steel. The company offers the knives with a wide range of large handle options and materials including camo wood handles, rosewood handles, Damascus slips, and silver stardust slot handles. The Swedish steel blades have great retention and toughness. They are preferred for their corrosion resistance and sharp edges.


A Tour into the Bear & Sons Cutlery World by Product Series

The knives and accessories offered by the manufacturer are grouped according to the style and listed according to the pattern number. Whether you are looking for survival knives or sporting knives, Bear & Son Cutlery has it all. The manufacturer offers a plethora of knife series including:


Bear & Son Brisk Knife Series: Designed to deliver the most precise cuts every time, the Bear & Son Brisk Knife Series features multiple designs to help you through everyday tasks and tactical activities. Knives in this series feature stainless drop point blades for excellent performance, along with rust and corrosion-free use. Most of the long-lasting knives host rubberized stainless handles for a firm grip. Pocket clips offer ease of accessibility for versatile use anywhere you need.


Bear & Son Executive Knife Series: Add a sleek knife from the Bear & Son Executive Knife Series to your collection for not only a functional tool to help you but also for a stylish flair. With options such as Damascus steel clip point blades and satin finish 440 stainless clip point blades, the series features precision-cutting knives. Classic white bone handles make sophisticated designs for you to flaunt on outdoor trips such as hiking, caravanning, hunting, or even for tactical tasks.


Bear & Son Heritage Knife Series: With beautiful walnut handles, most of the designs showcased in the Bear & Son Heritage Knife Series have a premium essence with a hint of tradition. Stonewashed carbon steel blades are combined with the classic wooden handles to remain true to the heritage and make classic designs for any cutting and slicing task. Pocket clips allow easy access and let you carry your knife anywhere with maximum convenience.


Bear & Son Money-Clip Series: Designed for easy carrying and quick access whenever required on outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, hunting, or even for complicated tactical situations and self-defense, always keep a Bear & Son Money-Clip Series Knife handy. The tactical tools in this series can be used for safety, tactical tasks, or for everyday use, with high-grade satin-finish stainless blades ready to offer excellent performance. Brushed handles complete the look, while pocket clips simply add to the user-friendly features of the knives in this series.


Bear & Son Muddy Girl Knife Series: Perfect to keep handy for all sorts of cutting and slicing tasks, the knives in the Bear & Son Muddy Girl Knife Series are available in a variety of size and style options. Most of them feature a precision-made, black-coated 440 stainless blade with an extended tang for rust and corrosion-fee performance. The rubberized stainless handles of the knives in this series are designed with a fun and colorful play on the camo pattern, with a lanyard hole and pocket clip for easy carrying.


Bear & Son Pro Skinner Knife Series: Typically used as hunting knives, the tactical tools in the Bear & Son Pro Skinner Knife Series are fashioned to offer excellent performance. Most of the knives in this series are designed with full tang Damascus steel blades that are easy to clean and remain resistant to rust and corrosion for long-term use. They feature Genuine India stag bone handles with nickel silver bolsters for the perfect grip along with an authentic look and feel. All the knives in the series are equipped with a genuine leather belt sheath for easy carrying and complete security.


Bear & Son Rancor Knife Series: Made to offer a professional look and feel, the knives in the Bear & Son Rancor Knife Series ensure the most precise cuts for hunting, camping, hiking, tactical and everyday activities. The series features stainless blades with black and satin finishes for maximum durability. Handles are made with premium materials such as textures aluminum, carbon fiber, stonewash finish titanium, and stainless steel to ensure the perfect grip along with style.


Bear & Son Sideliner Knife Series: Featuring various designs crafted with materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, stag bone, and more, the knives in the Bear & Son Sideliner Knife Series are always handy. With a linerlock, the knives can easily be opened and closed without having to reposition them in your hand. This makes them perfect for all-purpose tasks during outdoor activities, tactical assignments, self-defense situations, and for daily use.  


Bear & Son Slip-Joint Knife Series: Made to match different styles and personalities, the knives in the Bear & Son Slip-Joint Knife Series are available in a range of unique and quirky colors. The knives are designed in two different sizes for versatile use and host satin finish high carbon stainless blades with strikingly colored aluminum handles. The compact size and easy release of the knives allow easy carrying and storage, letting you keep the slip-joint knives handy with you, wherever you go. 


Bear & Son SONG Knife Series: The Bear & Son SONG Knife Series hosts unique designs to add to your knife collection. The series showcases knives with powder-coated carbon steel blades for superior cutting technique and resistance against damage. Carbon fiber coated handles ensure an easy grip, while a small drawstring bag is equipped with each knife for safe carrying.


Bear & Son Fixed Blade Knives: Bear & Son offers a variety of strong and versatile fixed blade knives that are perfect for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping. The knives are crafted using high carbon stainless steel and are perfect for combat scenarios and hiking, camping, and survival tasks like digging, cutting, hammering, and splitting.


Bear & Son Butterfly Knives: Butterfly knives are folding pocket knives also known as Balisongs or Batangas knives. Originated in the Philippines, these are high-quality knives. The knives have ‘rotate around the tang’ handles and have grooves that conceal the knives. The knives are easy to open and close with one hand. Light in weight, the butterflies are perfect for cutting, fiddling, opening boxes, and sharpening pencils.


Bear & Son Linerlock Pocket Knives: The Linerlock Knives by Bear & Son are ergonomically designed cutlery featuring a side-spring lock mechanism. The lock can be easily opened and closed with one hand. The knives are engineered using stainless steel. Easy-to-carry, the knives feature a comfortable grip for secure handling.


Bear & Son Lockback Pocket Knives: The manufacturer offers a huge assortment of lockback knives featuring different handle patterns including white smooth bone, Zytel, stag bone, Kraton, stainless steel, and rosewood. The knives are built strong and durable and have stainless steel clip blades. These are perfect for outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, and camping.


Bear & Son Traditional Pocket Knives: The traditional pocket knife series includes small pocket knives with two blades that twist on the opposite ends. Exhibiting a classic design, the knives are easy to carry. These knives offer high performance– thanks to the high carbon stainless steel blade.


Bear & Son Accessories and More: Besides being a recognized manufacturer of innovative cutlery, Bear & Son also offers a series of different accessories including wall plaque, desk plaque, baseball cap, and more. The products are manufactured using high-quality raw materials to offer lasting performance. These products are ideal for everyday use and outdoor activities.


Bear & Son Multi-Tools: The Alabama-based manufacturer offers a wide range of hand tools that can help perform multiple functions in one unit. The multi-tool includes a variety of tools including screwdrivers, knife blades, files, and saws in one unit. These tools have stainless steel construction and are abrasion-resistant. 


Bear & Son Folding Pocket Knives: This category features a range of superior knives that are designed perfectly for multi-purpose use. From hiking, camping, and other everyday activities to tactical tasks and self-defense purposes, the knives in the Bear & Son Folding Pocket Knives category are compact tools that easily fold up to fit in your pocket for easy carrying.


Bear Edge Knives: Folding pocket knives are the knife enthusiast’s dream! The excellent range of knives in the Bear Edge Knife collection is sure to make a premium addition to any such enthusiast’s knife collection, with precision-made bodies and the finest steel blades. The folding design of these knives makes them easy to deploy and works perfectly when required for use in emergencies.


Bear Ops Knives: Fashioned exclusively for the tactical market, the exquisite knives in the Bear Ops Knives collection are the next best thing for the law enforcement niche and troops on deployment. Featuring butterfly knives, folding knives, and more, the selection is designed with the finest materials for maximum durability and user convenience in any heavy-duty task.


Bear & Son Barlow Pocket Knives: Barlow Pocket Knives are medium-sized pocket knives with tapered oval construction, with one or two blades of different profile, opening from the same end. These pocket knives by Bear & Son Cutlery have stainless clip and pen blades. The knives boast blades made using high carbon stainless steel which makes them rust-resistant, easy to sharpen with exceptional cutting edge. What makes these knives special is a traditional slip-joint lock that is easy to open and close and nail nicks to open the blades.


Bear & Son Bowie Knives: Traditionally designed for fighting, this style of knives features a fixed blade with a curved edge. True to this classic design, the Bear & Son Bowie Knives collection hosts knives that are fashioned to fit the perfect Bowie knife description. With steel bowie and clip-point blades, the knives have different curves and styles for you to choose from. They have wooden, stone, and stag handle options, all knives have brass guards.


Bear & Son Damascus Blade Knives: Caused by forging metal in strips, Damascus steel has wavy markings which make a unique blade for every knife. The Bear & Son Damascus Blade Knives collection features knives with beautiful Damascus blades that are hard and endure long-term use. The selection features a range of different styles such as butterfly knives, folding pocket knives, fixed blade knives, bowie knives, and more.


Bear & Son Folding Hunter Pocket Knives:  The hunting knife series by Bear & Son Cutlery features professional Lockback knives with a Genuine India stag Bone handle that comes with a leather sheath. Explore the series for knives that have a hollow ground clip point blade that is made from High Carbon stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and easy to sharpen, and holds the edge exceptionally well. The Genuine India Stag Bone Handle is designed with a stainless-steel liner and nickel silver bolsters.


Bear & Son Hawkbill Pocket Knives: The Hawkbill Pocket Knives by Bear & Son Cutlery are traditional slip-joint pocket knives that are convenient for everyday carry. The knives boast two blades- a hawkbill and a screwdriver tip blade with a wire stripper. They flaunt Black Delrin handles with nickel silver bolster and bail finish for an excellent design. The handles ensure a solid grip and reduce fatigue during long-term use. The Bear and Son Hawkbill is an excellent choice for everyday use.


Bear & Son Knives with Stag Handles: Making high-end custom collector’s knives as well as daily-use knives, the variety of knives in this collection features stag handles. Fashioned with deer antlers and bones, these knives are a favorite amongst traditional and classic knife collectors. the range offers various styles of knives such as butterfly knives, folding pocket knives, bowie knives, and fixed blade knives amongst others.


Bear & Son Knives with Wood Handles: Wooden handles give every knife an authentic and classic look and feel. Bear & Son Knives with Wood Handles is one such collection that will leave custom knife collectors amazed. Featuring multiple styles of knives such as folding pocket knives, fixed blades, butterfly knives, and more, these knives are crafted with care for everyday use. Most knives in the range have rosewood handles, ensuring maximum durability along with an extravagant look.


Bear & Son Muskrat Pocket Knives: Explore Bear & Son Cutlery for the premium Muskrat Pocket Knives! These are compact knives that boast twin blades made with high carbon steel. The blades in the collection are satin-finished and resistant to corrosion, keeping the knives durable for long-term use. They boast a slip-joint locking mechanism that ensures that the back spring of the knife creates a snap that keeps the blade from closing accidentally. Lightweight, the folding pocket knives boast a practical design that is preferred by scouts, hunting professionals, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.


Bear & Son Peanut Pocket Knives: Peanut Knife Series is the 4th generation knife series by Bear & Son Cutlery that offers slip-joint folders for everyday carry. The knives in the series are appreciated for their plain edge blade that is designed using 1095 carbon steel and hollow ground with a satin finish. The high carbon steel keeps the blade durable and rust-resistant. Expect the knives to have lightweight handles with distinctive patterns including Yellow Delrin, Rosewood, and Red Stag Bone.


Bear & Son Pen Knife Pocket Knives: Commonly used by scouts, hunting professionals, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts along with tactical assignments and even for general use, these knives are the perfect addition to your collection. With stainless steel blades, satin-finished blades, carbon steel blades, and more, the Bear & Son Pen Knife Pocket Knives range of tactical tools has pocket-friendly folding knives for use in emergencies.


Bear & Son Stockman Pocket Knives: Bear & Son Cutlery presents some of the best folding pocket knives - Stockman Pocket Knives. These knives are a contemporary take on the classic Stockman Knife design. Part of the 4th Generation Series, these are traditional pocket knives with three blades. These knives boast stainless-steel clip, pen, and sheepsfoot blades. The largest blade is the clip blade, directly behind the clip blade is a sheepsfoot blade and a pen blade in the opposite side of the knives. The three blades are slip-joint non-locking blades. These folders boast handles made using Rosewood, Yellow Delrin, Stag Bone, Red Bone, and more.


Bear & Son Toothpick Pocket Knives:  Part of 4th Generation Series, Toothpick Pocket Knives by Bear & Son Cutlery is a collectible pocket knife that has clip point blade. Also known as traditional Toothpick pocket knives, they have a single blade that is made using Carbon Steel. This is a slip-joint non-locking blade that uses a back spring of the knife to create a ‘snap’ to keep prevent accidental closures. These knives usually boast three polished nickel bolsters and pins that ensure an impressive fit and finish. The knives are comfortable to use and beautiful to behold.


Bear & Son Trapper Pocket Knives: Bear & Son Cutlery presents to you folding knives that are the modern take on the classic trapper pocket knife design - Trapper Pocket Knives. A perfect addition to your collection, these folders boast 1095 steel clip-point and Spey blades in a satin-finish with nail nick openers. These knives are primarily used to skin the small game and trapping and are commonly used by scouts, hunting professionals, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. They have a collector stamp with a dated dotted system which is suitable for knife collectors.


Bear & Son Utility Pocket Knives: Fashioned with the finest stainless steel, the blades in the Bear & Son Utility Pocket Knives collection are extremely durable and rust-resistant. Rosewood, Walnut or Kraton handles make this selection of knives stand out to make stunning designs for your collection. These utility pocket knives are the result of the experience and high-quality materials that the manufacturer used. They can comfortably be used and are a beauty to behold, offering long-term use for years to come.


Bear & Son Shirts: Explore fashion with a range of exclusive shirts by Bear & Son. Made with a blend of the finest cotton and polyester to ensure complete comfort and gentle texture on the skin, the shirts in this collection promise long-term use. There is a range of sizes to choose from, along with screen-printed designs such as a bear claw ‘Just Flip It’ text and more on the back and the brand logo on the front.


Warranty Information

The knives offered by Bear & Son Cutlery are guaranteed to be free of any manufacturing defects. In case of any manufacturing defect, the manufacturer replaces and repairs the knives. However, in case of defects due to misuse, the product is not subjected to replacement or repairs. It is to notify that the manufacturer will analyze the knife for misusing the knife as hammer, chisels, or pry bars. There will be reasonable repair charges in case of any misuse.


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