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Bear & Son Automatic Knives: USA-Made Excellence


Welcome to the definitive collection of Bear & Son Automatic Knives at Knife Country USA. Born from a rich heritage of craftsmanship and quality, our selection of these fine automatic knives showcases American pride in manufacturing and a commitment to deliver excellence in every piece.


Bear & Son Cutlery, an Alabama-based family business, ensures each knife delivers unparalleled performance, appealing aesthetics, and longevity. These automatic knives are proudly manufactured in the USA, underlining the company's commitment to superior craftsmanship and material quality.


Within this product group, we offer a variety of models, each tailored to meet different needs. For those desiring a compact, reliable option, the Bear & Son Auto Bold Action XIV series comes in a range of handle colors, from the understated black and blue to the vibrant orange, purple, and red. The smaller blade of 1.5 inches offers sharp, precise cutting, while the safety mechanism ensures reliable use.


For individuals seeking a larger size, the Bear & Son Auto Bold Action XV series presents a 3-inch blade housed within a 4.5-inch handle. Its black anodized aluminum handle not only assures durability but also boasts a lanyard hole for convenient carry.


The Bear & Son Auto Lockback Stag Bone knives, with their beautiful India stag bone handle and high carbon stainless blade, reflect a unique blend of elegance and functionality. Available in different sizes, these knives exude a classic charm while offering the convenience of automatic opening.


Lastly, the Bear & Son Auto Bold Action X and V series embody tactical utility. The G10 handles ensure a strong grip, and the specialized blade shapes make them perfect for a variety of cutting tasks.


No matter which model you select, every Bear & Son Automatic Knife represents a testament to the meticulous manufacturing processes and the brand's passion for knife-making. Browse our extensive collection and experience the blend of form, function, and superior craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Bear & Son Cutlery.

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