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Karambit Knives

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Karambit is a simple Asian knife manufactured in the
shape of a claw, ideally used in close quarter combats. Flaunting a regular
curvature shape, the Karambit knives have been a widely chosen weapon for
self-defense since time immemorial. Even today, these karambits are heavily
used in a variety of operations for hunting, fishing, home repair,
construction, and survival. With a unique claw-like blade, these knives can be
used a weapon and tool as and when required. If you are planning to add these
Karambits to your collection, reach up to Knife Country USA online. It is a
leading webstore to offer a gamut of folding and fixed blade karambits, assisted
openers, and partial karambits. Our array procures karambits from topmost
brands like Combat Ready, Tech
Force, Mantis, USMC, and many more.


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