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Karambit Knives

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Karambit Knives

There are many uniquely-shaped fixed blade (non-folding) or folding knives that can decorate your home or serve you indoors or outdoors. Karambit knives are that type of blades that do not only look cool but are of great use as well. Furthermore, they come in different, shapes, designs, and lengths. We, at Knife Country USA, have a long history in selling Karambit knives. We also offer a large selection of brands for you to check out.


Karambit knives use a shape of a claw to fulfill their purpose, which is numerous. These knives fall under the category of fixed blades and folding pocket knives. However, we often say that they deserve their own tab within our website. There are certain models that have a pocket-based design as well. The price range varies greatly since many brands aim specific niche of the market.


The knife has a handle that you should hold with the blade pointing downward from the bottom of the fist. The knife can point towards and opposite from user’s body, depending on the intended use of the knife. You can hold in a hammer position (endpoint towards the floor) or in traditional position (endpoints opposing you).

Brief History

The history of the Karambit knives is quite interesting and dates many centuries ago. Many archeologists believe that Minangkabau people of West Sumatra in Southeast Asia invested these blades. The Indonesian populous used knives to rake roots, gather threshing and plant rice. Resembling a tiger’s claw, many other nations saw value in the knife, resulting in greater adopting in surrounding regions.

Unlike within the army, peasantry used Karambit knives for self-defense. Its shape made it be undetectable by the opponent, with edges shaped to bypass swords and other blades. Due to effective defense proposition, Western countries took interest in the knife, leading towards is planetary popularity.

Use Case

There are many use cases for Karambit knives, due to their unique tiger claw shape. Most people nowadays use it for construction works or for survival. Its blades would cut materials that would otherwise be hard to reach. Additionally, there are few tactical Karambit knives, with a goal of making your home repair works much less daunting.

However, its self-defense value never decreased, especially if materials are of high quality. The manufacturers mostly design their products as to provide sleek design, rather than lethality. Still, most of these knives have a thumb holder, shaped as a circle, for an easier handling. Thus, they still serve as a reliable tool of defense if the need arises.

Karambit Knives Famous Brands

As with any of our product lines, there are quite a few brands that you should check out. These differ in terms of price range, design, and length/weight of the Karambit knives. Most popular ones are Combat Ready, Tac Force, Mantis, USMC, and many more.


We ship all our products and brands worldwide. For U.S. customers, we do so for free. International-based clients, on the other hand, may want to check out this shipping page for more information.


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