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The journey of Bastinelli Creations started with the adoration of a 7-year-old with knives. Bastien Coves’ passion and love for knives made him design and manufacture some of his own. By training with a famous traditional Corsican knife maker named Christian Moretti, the founder learned the French style of handmade knives with François Bignon. Since then, the company has been crafting custom and mid-tech knives. Each piece from their knife collection is unique and designed for tactical and everyday use. With great functionality, the tactical knives have proven to be great companions of professionals who like challenges or go through tactical situations frequently. “More than a tool, the knife is a fellow traveler” - with this approach each knife is made by keeping the requirements of the end-user in mind.


Each of the custom knives is handmade and is unique as no look-a-like is made. The first full handmade knife by the founder was created in his head before putting on the ideas on paper. Then, the design came into life in his workshop. What makes all this special is that Bastien created the first custom knife all by himself. From cutting the steel to shaping the knife, handle making, grinding, sharpening, and engraving, he did it all by himself. Moreover, most of the time, D2 steel or other variants are used to ensure the customers receive the finest quality blades. With rigorous quality checks during the manufacturing process, only high-grade blades get out of the workshop. Hence, this approach is the reason why everyone loves their designs and tools.


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A lot of splendid designs by Bastien Coves are commercially produced by LionSteel in Italy. The incredible designs produced commercially are RED, Diagnostic, and Ice Scream. In addition, the usage of different materials like carbon fiber, G10, or paracord for the handle ensures their unmatchable quality. While the blades are created with professional-grade D2 steel for strength and durability. To go that extra mile, Bastien Coves collaborates with other knife designers or brands. Some of his collaborations have been with Pierre Henri Monnet for the movie “Lucy”, with Fox Knives, Funker Tactical, and Doug Marcaida.


Although the finest quality steel is used, still metal corrodes over time. Hence, you must take the required measures to keep the blade sharp and functional for a longer time. It is recommended to oil the joints and springs occasionally for smooth opening and closing and to resist rust and lessen wear. Bastinelli custom blades are made to perfection and are available in a range of unique designs. The styles vary from slick utility pieces to downright haunting looks. Thus, their knives are ideally suited to a true knife enthusiast with an artistic flair. Each knife looks like a piece of art but remains useful for practical applications.


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Bastinelli Fixed Blade Knives: Bastinelli has a rich assortment of high-grade fixed blade knives. Offering sufficient length and high-quality manufacturing, these fixed blade knives prove to be an important piece of the best survival gear during your outdoor expeditions. Serving a variety of purposes, the knives are best used for hunting, hiking, camping, or other tactical purposes. The sleek and slim design is an identification of a genuine Bastinelli knife. These fixed blade knives are light in weight and easy to use. Possessing extra sharpness, most of these knives are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel, offering resistance from corrosion. Usually, these knives are supplied with Kydex sheaths for prevention against accidental injuries and endowing safe storage to the sharp blades.


Bastinelli Folding Pocket Knives: Framelock pocket knives are one of the famous knife types of the Bastinelli brand. Being compact in size and lightweight, these knives are highly recommended for carrying while going on any trip. Dragotac Stonewashed Frame Lock, RED folder, Flipper, Partizan, and many other knives are included in the Framelock series that are hitting the highest standards. Most of the knives are made with  a D2 steel blade, possessing a full-flat grind and swedge spine. These handy knives are stonewashed and feature milled titanium handles with grip-enhancing ridges, ergonomic contouring, and a finish to match the blade. These reliable knives are the best survival tools in an emergency situation.


Bastinelli Creations Karambit Knives: The Bastinelli Creations Karambit Knives series features a reliable range of high-performing fixed blade knives. The knives have cobalt steel and stainless-steel construction that ensures durability and strength. Karambit knives have a curved design for slashing and are most commonly used with a hooking motion. Most knives in this series have an integrated thumb ring that offers a better grip and control to the user. These lightweight knives are perfect to carry when traveling outdoors for various tactical activities including camping, hiking, climbing, trekking, hunting, and mountaineering. Some knife blades have a stonewashed finish that boosts their overall aesthetics. These knives are a perfect blend of functionality and appearance that makes them an ideal choice for most real-life knife users, enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists. Most of these knives have G-10 handles that offer a secure, non-slip, and comfortable grip, ensuring an improved knife-using experience for the user. These knives come equipped with a Kydex sheath. The sheath protects the knife blades from outside impacts like dents, bumps, and scratches. Explore more from this high-performing collection that is designed with precision for improving user experience.


Bastinelli Creations Axes & Hatchets:  The Bastinelli Creations Axes & Hatchets include a range of well-crafted and exquisitely designed axes and hatches. The axes in this series have head blades made with stainless steel construction that makes them resistant to corrosion and boost their strength. The tactical handles come equipped with G-10 handles that are renowned for strength. The handle material offers a firm and non-slip grip in high and low temperatures. The full handles have a full, extended tang that adds more support to the axes, making them perfect for hunters, campers, trekkers, mountaineers, and others engaged in such tactical tasks. The axes come equipped with a leather belt sheath that offers an easy belt carry. This also protects the tactical weapon from dents, scratches, bumps, and more. The fixed axes have a cutting edge that provides easy and sharp strokes on hard materials like wood, rope, and more. The tools in this series feature a lanyard hole for added functionality. This makes the tools easy to carry when traveling outdoors and prevents risks of falling. Explore more from the ergonomically designed range of axes and hatchets.


Bastinelli Creations Money Clips: Bastinelli Creations Tactical Art Money Clips Series is a collection of utility tools. These money clips keep a hold of your notes, bills, and important papers in your pocket or backpack. By reducing the chances of losing money, these pocket clips ensure you a trouble-free outdoor experience. These stainless-steel money clips are available in black stonewash and satin finishes with maximum resistance to rust, abrasions, and weather elements. The clips feature the Bastinelli Tactical Art Claw logo. Bastinelli Money clip tools are the new and smarter multi-tools with a light and compact design to fit smoothly in your pocket. Apart from holding your bills, these tools can be used to break glass in survival and emergencies during camping, trekking, hunting, and other outdoor excursions.


Bastinelli Creations Patches & Accessories: Bastinelli Creations Patches are a smart alternative to old-style embroidery patches. This assortment of patches is based on different themes including hunting club, Craws style, Zombie inspired, and many more. This series includes Bastinelli SS Reaper artwork sticker patch and PVD Construction Patch representing the dual welding reaper. The Reaper Artwork Patch from this collection is adhesive-backed for peel and stick application whereas the others have sewn hook Velcro backing. Most of the patches are waterproof and have long-term resistance against fading and cracking. The use of high-quality material and Physical Vapor Deposition construction provides a clean, thin, and durable coating. Keep these patches away from high heat for long-lasting use. Precision crafted with fine details, these patches are a perfect addition to uniforms, outdoor gear, and baggage.

Bastinelli Leather Holster: Bastinelli Creations Leather Holster Series includes a range of universal knife sheaths specially designed in Italy by Atelier Écaille de Dragon. This range of shoulder harnesses is designed to cater to hunters, survival experts, campers, mountaineers, martial artists, and outdoor aficionados. Compatible with all Bastinelli tactical fixed blade knives, these knife holders are compatible with the Kydex sheath. The universal design of these knife holsters allows you to use this leather case with the sheaths manufactured by most brands. The smart design and bold black color of these holsters add a touch of toughness to your overall camping/hunting look. The complete leather construction of these fixed blade holsters allows you to choose left or right-handed carry without any discomfort.


Explore Bastinelli Knife Series

Bastinelli ANOMALY Knife Series: ANOMALY is one of the 4 Aces and is an efficient EDC fixed knife crafted in collaboration with Doug Marcaida. This series includes the fourth and last of the “4 Aces”. It is the tallest amongst the three and is a compact knife with a defensive vocation. This Italy-made blade incorporates a characteristic ring to the 4 models. This ring further allows for change takes and frequent sequences. The series is a collection of defense knives that are transportable on an everyday basis and also comes in handy during a hike, camping, or for handling work. Made from N690Co, ANOMALY Blades are razor-sharp, durable, and deliver optimal performance. These knives are delivered with a Kydex sheath that can be used for storing the knife and or an easy carry.


Bastinelli BAK Knife Series: Bastinelli BAK series is a collection of Karambit knife tools with premium-quality stainless steel blades. The fixed blade Karambit knives from this collection are available in extended and full tang construction. It ensures a solid tool for survival, tactical, and emergencies. The blades are made from Bohler Steel that offers enhanced strength and durability. The lightweight G10 handles provide heat resistance while providing you with a firm grip in most types of situations. Popular among law enforcement and military personnel, these Karambit blades are handcrafted to perfection. Karambit knives are considered useful for combat, life-threatening situations, martial arts, and everyday carry purposes. The BAK knives are equipped with a finger-ring. Choose either PVD Coated or Stonewash finish blade.


Bastinelli BINOME Knife Series: The Binome is designed in collaboration with Volwest. This solid survival knife is created with M390 steel and can take almost any type of abuse. The ultra-modern full tang blade is neither too big nor too small. It is large enough to handle batoning without breaking the knife apart and is also compact enough to take on tasks that need more precision than a machete-type blade. Binome is a reliable travel companion with an American micarta handle. The PVD Coating further also protects the blade under challenging weather conditions. Moreover, these knives are supplied with a Kydex case and a Tek-Lok system.


Bastinelli Black Bird Knife Series: Bastinelli Black Bird Knife Series includes a range of folding pocket Karambit knives. These knives are designed by the French knifemaker Bastien in collaboration with Fox Knives Italy. The custom-made knives from this collection feature an unsharpened 440 stainless steel blade which offers a tough build and easy sharpening. Choose from Stonewash and Cerakote finish, both with maximum resistance to corrosion and rust. Blackbird knives with extended tang construction provides the strength to deliver superior performance in outdoor, backyard, tactical, self-defense, and combat situations. Most of these knives have G10 handles in black, blue, and gray colors to choose from. The ergonomic G10 handle has been scaled to ensure a firm grip in wet outdoor conditions. An integrated finger hole is added to work effortlessly when you are biking, camping, hunting, trekking, or climbing mountains. The pocket clip makes sure that you never lose your handy tool when you are out for the adventure.


Bastinelli Diagnostic Karambit Knife Series: Diagnostic by Bastinelli is a karambit neck knife. The handle and blade are made with N690C stainless steel and features a durable black cerakote finish. These knives utilize the karambit knife style in a smaller profile EDC neck knife. A finger groove and an integrated thumb hole ensure outstanding blade control with this compact knife. For an everyday carry, the Diagnostic Karambit Knife is delivered with a Kydex sheath and a ball chain. The Italian-made design knives are a sophisticated addition to any knife collection.


Bastinelli Diagnostic Cerakote Knife Series: The rich inventory of Bastinelli creations includes a popular Diagnostic Cerakote - it is a series of karambit neck knives that utilizes the proven karambit knife style in a smaller profile EDC neck knife. The handle and blade of these knives feature stainless steel construction and a durable black cerakote finish. A finger groove and an integrated thumb hole provide excellent blade control with this smaller size knife. Most of the knives under the series are supplied with a Kydex sheath that protects the knife and offers safer storage. The ball chain ensures comfortable everyday carry for adventurous expeditions. The Diagnostic offers an Italian-made design that makes it a unique addition to any knife collection.


Bastinelli Drago Knife Series: Bastinelli Drago series is a collection of ultra-compact knife folders. These knives are designed by Bastinelli in collaboration with Fox Knives, Italy. The slender design and lightweight construction of these knives make them excellent for discrete carrying purposes. Despite its compact size, the blade cuts twice its size, making it an awesome addition to your tool kit. The two-finger FRN handle contours with barrel spacers whereas the flow-through design adds more functionality to these folding pocket knives. Highly recommended for camping, hunting, mountain climbing, fishing, and other recreational activities, these folding knives come with an Italian leather drop sheath.


Bastinelli Dragotac Knife Series: Dragotac Knife Series features compact full-size pocket knives with a flat construction that is easy to carry. These are titanium frame lock knives made from LionSteel in Italy. Constructed with D2 steel for strength and longevity. Dragotac features a textured G10 front scale and glass breaker at the end of the handle. The stonewash finish of the blade and back of the knife gives it a complete look. These pocket knives are further available in different handle designs and colors.


Bastinelli Grozo Knife Series: Grozo series knives are crafted in Italy by Fox Italy. Created with N60CO, or N690 Steel, the blades are highly functional, durable, and reliable companions. For handle making, 3D G10 Black, or 3D G10 coyote is used to ensure a firm grip even without tactical gloves. Grozo is a real dagger designed for professional users. The knife is made in cooperation with R.A.I.D., which is the special unit of the French Police. Thus, it is a tool made by practical users for practical use. Further, the tang is raised above handle scales, perfectly rounded, and fashioned into a glass breaker on the handle butt. Bastinelli Grozo comes with a close-fitting Kydex sheath and combination adapter for belts and straps.


Bastinelli HARPY Knife Series: Bastinelli Harpy is constructed to rip and tear almost everything. It is a tool inspired by a concept from famed French knifemaker Fred Perrin. This series features ring knives that have a finger hole in the handle. Made with N690Co stainless steel for CQC. You can use HARPY in the forward or reverse grips. These knives further come with a friction-fit Kydex sheath including a discrete carry IWB clip.


Bastinelli Ice Scream Pick Series: Bastinelli Creations Ice Pick is a collection of fixed-blade hole punchers. Designed to poke holes in papers and other materials, this tool is inspired by a standard ice pick. This unique collectible tool is made from HDL420 stainless steel for enhanced durability and longevity. The precision-made anodized aluminum handle in black satin finish offers superb grip and is designed to prevent users from injuring themselves. The hole puncher can also be used for tactical, combat, emergency, and self-defense situations especially in absence of a survival tool. This discreet-carrying tool features a non-lethal striker at the handle end to provide maximum functionality. It comes with a safe-to-carry black Kydex sheath to prevent accidents during transportation. It comes packed in a police evidence-style envelope.


Bastinelli Innocent Push Dagger Series: Check out this series of ultra-compact knives that can be easily carried on a belt or as a neck knife. Featuring a  Bohler N690Co blade with a PVD finish and rounded G10 handle scales. The plain edge knives have a Wharncliffe-style blade. Moreover, these push daggers come fitted with a Kydex sheath and a removable stainless steel clip. The tactical tools perform utility-cutting tasks efficiently. Bastinelli Innocent Push Daggers are crafted by Fox Knives in Italy.


Bastinelli Kalinou Knife Series: Bastinelli Creations works with the vision of choosing functional tools and finishing them down to simplistic, useful designs with a little bit of style. Kalinou Series is designed keeping the same ideology in mind. Kalinou Karambit knives come with a versatile flat ground Wharncliffe style blade. These oddly shaped knives feature a wildly ergonomic handle ensuring strong grip and comfortable handling. Many of their designs utilize this blade shape but all feature exceptional ergonomics and top-of-the-line materials. The Kalinou fixed blade is a tactical tool that will give you peace of mind during any encounter. Each blade of the series is made from stonewashed stainless steel, G10 handles, and offers a shape that ensures a rock-solid grip. The supplied sheath is made from Kydex with holes to attach it to any belt or to carry it around the neck. Kalinou series knives are rescue emergency tools and are used for a variety of purposes like cutting ropes, parachute cords, seat belts, fishing nets, and so on.


Bastinelli Mako Knife Series: Mako Knives are equipped with G-10 handles and a stonewashed blade. The fixed blades offer a versatile design for tactical and EDC use. Bohler N690 steel is used for manufacturing the blade for longevity, and optimal functionality. The trailing point blades are perfect for all tactical tasks. Bastinelli Mako also features a karambit style finger hole that provides tactical grip with outstanding retention. The knife further comes with a molded Kydex sheath along with a Tek Lok clip. The stonewash finish gives the knife a sophisticated look while maintaining strength.


Bastinelli MANAIA Push Dagger Knife Series: MANAIA Push Dagger is a result of a collaboration between Jared Wihongi and Bastinelli Knives. It is a tactical knife that will not disappoint you in a close-quarters combat (CQC) encounter. The dagger features characteristics like low visibility profile, swift deployment, reliable cutting and penetration, robust construction, and modular carry options. The friction-fit Kydex sheath includes Tek-Lok style attachment to allow multiple carry options. It is available in different handle color options. Bastinelli MANIA is further designed in Italy by Fox Knives.


Bastinelli Montana Knife Series: Explore this series for the finest quality fixed blade knives that are designed for outdoor utility and tactical use. The forward angle of the blade provides chopping power, while an abrupt clip point aids piercing power. Teflon-coated Bohler N690 stainless California clip point blade takes on any tactical task effortlessly. Moreover, the handle is built from Kraton with a steel guard. The plain edge knives feature lanyard holes that can be used for tying the knife to a bag or the ease of carrying. The included Kydex sheath further protects the Bastinelli Montana from tough weather conditions.


Bastinelli Partizan Knife Series: Perfect for hunting, camping, Bastinelli’s range of Partizan knives contain lightweight tools that are crafted with minimalistic design to keep them simple yet functional. Made from a high-quality D2 tool steel knife on the blade, knives are highly durable and hold an edge well. With the use of the best materials, the Partizan knife is worthy to be a part of your everyday carry. The compact size ensures easy carrying. These fixed blade knives are extended by Titanium handles making them sturdy to hold with a comfortable grip. Most of the knives are supplied having lanyard holes to get them looped in hand using paracord. Easy to use, these survival tools are reliable to use in emergencies.


Bastinelli Picoeur Knife Series: Beautifully designed, the Picoeur series of Bastinelli offers knives with a slim profile and lightweight construction. These knives make for excellent primary or tactical backup fixed blades. With the noteworthy quality and precision of the design, Picoeur knives help form your everyday carry gear. The small scalpel-like blade and thin handle, make it easy to hide the knife anywhere on the body. Another tactical feature is the Karambit-like ring-style finger hole for secure gripping and blade control. Additionally, these knives can reach maximum extension and precision like control during CQC maneuvers. As a result, one could position how and where they choose to carry the Picouer knife based on the individual’s preference, ease, and comfort/ability. In addition to all the simple greatness, these knives come with a slim-fit Kydex sheath for versatile carry.


Bastinelli Pika Knife Series: Pika Karambit is specifically designed for performance and durability. It is built with premium quality N690Co steel. This good-looking karambit knife is the result of Bastinelli’s collaboration with Doug Marcaida and Funker Tactical. The professionals rely on these tactical tools due to their compact and concealable design. You can easily carry this knife around your neck, on the belt, or can carry it horizontally by utilizing the included belt clip attachment. These are proudly made by Fox Knives in Italy.


Bastinelli PY Knife Series: Bastinelli PY Trainer Series is an assortment of fixed blade trainer knives. The one-piece polymer construction of these knives with an unsharpened blunt tip blade is highly useful for combat, tactical and survival training. The PY knives have an upswept tanto design and an ergonomic grip to ensure you are a perfect outdoor companion for every situation. These are popular among survival experts, outdoor enthusiasts, and law enforcement personnel.


Bastinelli Raptor Knife Series: Bastinelli Raptor Knife Series includes a range of sleek, functional yet sturdy fixed blade knives. Made in Italy in collaboration with Lion Steel, these Bastinelli knives are highly demanded by hunters, camping and trekking professionals, martial artists, survival experts, law and military personnel, etc. Handcrafted from high-strength D2 steel, these spear point blades slice through, pierce, cut, and split as efficiently as you would ever want. Full tang construction and glass breaker further add to the strength and functionality, making these knives a must-have for your toolbox. The textured G10 handle provides an ergonomic, firm grip in most outdoor conditions. Available in black and dark stonewash finish, most of these knives come equipped with lanyard holes and a black Kydex sheath.


Bastinelli RED Knife Series: Raptor Extremely Dangeourd (RED) fixed blades are sleek and efficient. These stonewashed finished knives feature an N690 steel blade and a plain cutting edge. The handles further have contoured G10 scales. These Italy-made knives come with a Kydex sheath that allows secure storage of the knife and easy carry. The V2 RED models further feature dual thumb ramps, a lanyard hole, and a finger choil as well. Bastinelli RED is a great survival, camp, or outdoorsman’s knife. It is designed by Bastinelli Creations and crafted by Viper.


Bastinelli Seaparateur Knife Series: Known as the beast of the fixed blade knives, Bastinelli Seaparateur features G10 handles, recurve blade with a Cerakote finish. The large curved blade is perfect for tasks like hacking, chopping, or slicing chores. For a secure grip, the 3D machined G10 handle scales boast ergonomic contouring. Constructed with 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel for durability and excellent performance. It comes with a leather belt sheath for safe storage and easy carry.


Bastinelli Shadow Knife Series: Bastinelli Shadow Series is an assortment of pocket folding knives designed in collaboration with Fox Knives. The knives from this collection feature a durable frame lock system that uses the handle to form the frame and an integrated lock to keep the blade safely closed. The premium-quality Elmax steel blade with stonewash finish provides durability and maximum resistance to everyday wear and tear. The carbon fiber handle provides a comfortable grip in wet outdoor conditions whereas the lanyard and pocket clip keeps the knife secure around your neck or in your pocket. These knives come packed in synthetic zippered storage cases to prevent accidental injuries and to keep the knives safe from weather elements. These highly durable pocket folders are popular among hunters, survival experts, solo travelers, bikers, law enforcement, and military personnel.

Bastinelli Silence Knife Series: Silence Slim by Bastinelli is a fixed blade knife designed for optimum performance in tactical, outdoor, and hunting tasks. Bohler N690Co steel is used in the blade construction. Moreover, the knife also features a black finish and a canvas micarta handle. The deep belly allows the knife to function as a recurve, however, the blade edge is straight and thus it can be sharpened easily. With the perfect-fit Kydex sheath, you can safely store the knife and carry it with you.


Bastinelli Sin Knife Series: Bastinelli SIN Knife Series includes smartly designed, utilitarian yet tactical tools, perfect for any adventure on your to-do list. SIN range includes EDC fixed blade neck knives made from Bohler N690 stainless steel to deliver unmatched performance in any outdoor situation. From tactical, compact, survival, and self-defense to fishing and hunting, these full-tang knives provide maximum strength to get the job done. Equipped with G10 handles, these knives assure a firm grip for a longer duration. Equipped with an easy-to-carry lanyard hole, these knives are available with black and brown handles to choose from. The full tang everyday carry blades come packed in a friction-fit Kydex sheath that provides maximum safety, no matter how you carry it. These knives with solid construction and tough built are the first choice of personnel belonging to martial arts, law, and military departments.


Bastinelli Spade Knife Series: Designed for knife collectors and enthusiasts, Bastinelli Spade is third in the series of “4 Aces”. It is a beautifully designed, slim, and lightweight knife. The spare point blade is available in serrated and non-serrated forms. Made with a karambit-like ring feature allows for the deployment of the spade quickly as well as supporting the retention of the blade itself. Thus, Bastinelli Spade Knife conceals easily anywhere and is a stealthy self-defense tool for everyday carry and utility use.


Bastinelli Telum Knife Series: Telum Fixed Blade is a compact fixed blade with various uses from hunting to EDC to last-ditch self-defense. It is a solid, easy to wield, and double-edged blade. One of the edges is partially serrated. This provides the arrow-shaped dagger versatility, more around the fibrous material. With the included sheath, you can store your Bastinelli Telum safely. The knife also slides in and out with ease yet retains snugly and is ideal for storage even when affixed to the waistband or a boot.


Bastinelli Trigger Knife Series: Bastinelli Creations Trigger Series includes framelock pocket knives, designed for everyday carry and combat purposes. These knives use the knife frame as the knife handle and feature an integrated blade locking system attached to the handle to keep the blade safe when not in use. Trigger framelock knives have a heavy-duty blade construction made using premium quality D2 steel. These knife folders have a 3D machined full titanium frame and handle that ensures longevity while delivering high strength. 3D scales on the handle ensure a non-slip grip in wet and abrasive conditions during hunting, camping, trekking, and rock climbing. The titanium pocket clip and lanyard hole are added to maximize user comfort and functionality. These knives come packed with a Kydex sheath for easy carrying.


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