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One of the more popular types of Boning Knives—the Filet Knife is used to filet and prepare fish. The length of these knives varies between 6 inches to 11 inches. These long-blade knives are perfect for cutting under the skin—a recurring need when handling fish. They are equally adept at cutting along the backbone of fish. Having a slightly restricted application, Filet Knives are still struggling to find their place in the kitchen. However, their popularity among serious knife collectors is gradually increasing. To help one understand Filet Knives and make a well-educated purchase, we present some easy-to-understand information:


When it comes to Filet Knives, Size Does Matter!

The choice of blade is a major consideration when buying a Fillet Knife. The size of blade is directly proportional to the type and size of fish you usually handle. A longer blade is apt for the bigger, heavier fish where the wider girth and extra surface is more challenging. Small fish require a smaller, Filet Knife blade.


Filet Knives: Please Handle With Care!


Filet Knives are serious performers and demand respect. Remember, this isn’t just another knife in your kitchen’s collection—it is a specialty knife with a rich heritage. A Fillet Knife becomes exceptionally better when purchasing the perfect blend of comfortable grip and precise execution—this is achieved with a stronger handle and sharper blade.


Understand Nuances of Filet Knives

When becoming a master at using Filet Knives the entire cutting motion is effortless. Filet Knives do not use stainless steel handles. If you want to use a true Filet Knife, look for metal handles. The metal handles are extremely strong, highly durable and resistant to corrosion.


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What brands are manufacturing Fillet Knives?

Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top five brands that are manufacturing Fillet Knives currently.


  1.  Blackfox Knives Fillet Knives
  2. Bubba Blade Fillet Knives
  3. Buck Knives Fillet Knives
  4. Camillus Knives Fillet Knives
  5. China Made Fillet Knives
  6. Kershaw Knives Fillet Knives
  7. Marttiini Knives Fillet Knives
  8. Mora of Sweden Knives
  9. Rapala Knives Fillet Knives
  10. Gerber Knives Fillet Knives

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