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Marttiini Knives has been leading the knife industry since it was founded by Janne Marttiini in 1928. Along with traditional knives, Marttiini is a renowned name to look for in hunting knives, fishing knives and outdoor knives. Marttinni has developed a name and following in Finland. Martiini did not enter the United States knife market until Janne made a trip there in 1952. From that point forward the Marrtinni line has grown in the hunting and fishing knife market here in the USA. 


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Marttiini Arctic Knives :   Marttiini Arctic Knife Series is inspired by Janne Marttiini’s location in the Arctic Circle. The light-colored sheath and handles in this knife series represent bright summer nights, whereas dark blades represent dark winter months. The blades of this knife series are made using carbon steel with black coating or stainless steel and the handles are curly birch. All Arctic knives come with a leather sheath and are boxed.


Marttiini Basic Fillet Knives: Marttiini Knives Basic Fillet Knife Series is designed for accomplishing kitchen chores. The fillet knives have textured rubber handle. No-slip, soft grip handle minimizes fatigue and ensures a solid grip even when wet. The flexible stainless steel blade ensures clean cut fillets. The sharp blades smoothly navigate around rib cage bones and remove skin like a charter boat deck hand. The Marttiini Basic Fillet Knives are best suited for processing fish.


Marttiini Big Game Hunter Knife: Marttiini Knives Big Game Knife Series stands true to its name as the knives under the category are designed to deliver an effortless performance in hunting. At 10 inches overall with a 5 inch titanium finished stainless blade; rubberized handles and a satin finished finger guard. This knife is truly a big game hunter that does not hit your wallet hard.


Marttiini Classic Fillet Knives: The Classic Fillet Knives come in two sizes. The smaller classic fillet is 7.875 inches overall with a 4 inch blade and the larger classic is 10.625 inches overall with a 6 inch blade. These knives feature stainless blades, birch wood handles with a polished brass ferrule and come with a brown leather sheath.


Marttiini Condor Golden Trout Fillet Knives: Marttiini Condor Golden Trout Fillet Knife Series is designed for chefs who are fond of filleting the fish every now and then. There are 5 knives in this collection ranging from 7.875 inches overall to 14 inches overall. The knives of this series come with a rubber handle and a finger guard to ensure a firm grip even with wet hands. Stainless fillet blade ensures durability to the knives while also retaining the sharpness and functionality. Knives under this series are Martef coated to reduce the friction and to protect the blade against corrosion. All knives in this series come with a black leather sheath.


Marttiini Condor Game Skinner Knives: Marttiini Condor Game Skinner Series knives with sharp blades provide its users the versatility of cutting, skinning, hunting, and fishing. These knives range from 8.25 inches overall to 9 inches overall. The knives of this series have textured rubber handle that ensures a firm grip even during the most demanding forest conditions. The Condor De Luxe Classic Skinners feature waxed curly birch wood handles. All knives come with a leather belt sheath.


Marttiini Ergo Hunter Knives: These knives are 9 inches overall. One model features a 4 inch stainless drop point blade and the other features a 4 inch stainless skinner blade. Both knives have textured black rubber handles and come with a black leather belt sheath. The Ergo Hunter is a great all in all hunting knife.


Marttiini Kitchen Cutlery: The fixed blade kitchen knives in this assortment are outfitted with German steel blades and comfortable heat-treated birch handles with reindeer horn spacers. These kitchen knives are designed by Janne Marttiiini and are suitable to perform slicing and chopping tasks brilliantly. Apart from performing the kitchen tasks these knives also handle campsite chores and hunting activities with ease. This kitchen cutlery series feature a chefs, vegetable paring, Santoku and boning knife.


Marttinni Lapp Knives: At 9 inches overall with a 4.25 inch blade the Lapp series knives are view as the “Top of the Line” knives produced by Marttiini. These knives come with curly birch and or reindeer horn handles. The blades are razor sharp stainless steel and each knife comes with a hand made leather sheath.


Marttiini Lumber-Jack Knives: The Lumberjack Knives from Marttiini are a great hunting knife for the hunter that is looking for an affordable, stout fixed blade knife. The Lumberjacks feature a carbon steel blade with black coating to help prevent rust. They are also available with full birch wood handles or a combination of birch and reindeer handles. Each Lumberjack knife comes with a leather sheath of easy storage. Remember though if you are storing for an extend period remove the knife from its sheath as leather holds moisture and will rust the blade of the Lumberjack.


Marttiini Martef Fishing Fillet Knives: Welcome to the next level of fishing fillet knives; the Martef Fillet Knives from Marttiini are next generation fillet knives. These knives range in size from 10.625 overall to 14.125 inches and have blades that range from 6 inches to 9 inches. The fillet blades are stainless steel with a anti-corrosion black coating. Blue textured handles with finger guard and belt sheath included. A great addition to any tackle box for anglers young and old.


Marttiini Mushroom Knives: Marttiini Mushroom knives are designed not only for experienced but occasional mushroom pickers. 7.125 inch overall with 2.625 inch blades.The blades are specially shaped so that mushrooms can be processed easily without any wastage. The rubber handles of these knives are adjusted with a mushroom cleaning brush which offers a comfortable grip while cleaning the mushrooms.


Marttiini Superflex Fillet Knives: The name says it all; this fillet knives have the most flexible blade available from Marttiini. Available in two sizes the smaller version is 7.875 inch overall with a 4 inch blade while the larger version is 10.625 inch overall with a 6 inch blade. The blades are stainless steel and the handles are thermally treated birch wood handles that are coated with a protective wax. Brown leather sheaths are included.


Marttiini Taittoveitsi Knives: The Taittoveitsi Knives from Marttiini is a product line of liner-lock folding pocket knives. These knives are 4.5 inches closed with a 3.25 inch stainless blade with easy open thumb stud. The linerlock engages when the blade is opened securing it open. Available with olive wood or rosewood handles. These knives are a great tool to use everyday or add to your collection.  


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