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Marttiini Knives has been leading the knife industry since it was founded by Johan Henrik, also known as Janne Marttiini in 1928. The company is registered as J. Marttiini’s Knife Factory Ltd. and is located at Vartiokatu Street in Rovaniemi. Being a pioneer since the beginning, Marttinni made his voyage to the United States in 1952 to export his knife designs. Since then, the hunting and fishing knives by the brand have been popular in the USA knife market. The other popular knives by the brand include traditional knives, design knives, outdoor knives, folding knives, kitchen knives, sharpening tools, and accessories. With quality tools, the company has developed a name and following in Finland.


With each knife crafted with the user in mind, their premium quality utility articles work excellently in the harshest conditions imaginable. You might doubt a Marttiini Knife due to its elegant look, but the moment you test it, you’ll be convinced it is the perfect tool for you. With their sharpness, beauty, and toughness, each knife represents the North and is called “puukko” - the Nordic Knife. The Marttiini product assortment covers knives for professional use, camping, hunting, collectors, or household. Thus, there is a knife for every situation.


More About the User-Friendly Marttiini Knives

At Marttiini, experience, professional skills, and expert craftsmanship are combined with carefully chosen materials, the latest technology, and computer-aided design. The result is thus a knife that serves a lifetime. The different knives are made as per the job expected from it such as for fishing a stainless blade is ideal, a longer blade for big fish, and a flexible blade for salmon and trout. For increasing the lifespan of blades, Martef coating is done that minimizes friction and makes cleaning easier. The process of manufacturing a Marttiini blade is time-consuming and demanding. A steel mass is rolled into a steel strip from which the blade preforms are cut out. The preforms are then cooled and tempered to the correct hardness. This complete process ensures blades that are tough, reliable, durable, and perform each job smoothly with perfection.


The carbon steel blades by the brand should be dried after each use and unsalted oil should be used on a regular basis. Apart from the quality of the blade, comfort and ease of use are what the designers also consider. The handle material is thus chosen carefully and is combined with the blade in a way that it easily fits in the hand. The different materials used for handles at Marttiini include rubber, birchwood, reindeer horn, olive wood, or rosewood. For keeping the traditional style and unmatched quality intact, the knives are made completely in Finland at the brand factory only. Knife Sheaths are also made for the protection of knives and the user whenever the knife is not in use.


Product Categories of Marttiini Knives

Marttiini Fixed Blade Knives: The Marttiini Fixed Blade Knives Series come with a leather sheath, which keeps the knives safe, and makes them secure and easy to carry. The blades of this knife series have razor-sharp edges, which make them a perfect tool for hunting tasks. The rubber handles with integrated finger guard and diamond checkered pattern provide a secure and comfortable grip during the worst conditions. Fine sharpening of skinner fixed blade knives has been done to ensure the hunters do not miss their targets while hunting. The Fixed Blade series also includes chef’s knives for cutting, chopping, and finishing with ease.


Marttiini Folding Pocket Knife: Marttiini Folding Pocket Knives are designed and made in Finland. These knives have a liner lock mechanism that flips open with one smooth swing. The knives have sharp blades crafted using stainless steel for durability. These hand-finished blades have a sharpening angle, which makes them perfect for everyday use.  The handles of these knives are made using materials like rubber onlay, olive wood, and rubber, to ensure a stable and secure grip for prolonged usage. Some of the knives also feature a lanyard hole, giving you the leverage of extending the knife length using a cord. This makes the knife easy to spot whenever needed. The folding pocket knives feature a sturdy thumb ridge that lets the users hold their knives securely while chopping, thrashing, hunting, fishing, and skinning.


Explore Marttiini Knife Series

Marttiini Arctic Knife Series: Marttiini Arctic Knife Series is inspired by Janne Marttiini’s location at the Arctic Circle. The light-colored sheath and handles in this knife series represent bright summer nights, whereas dark blades represent dark winter months. The blades of this knife series are made using carbon steel perfect for carving jobs. The serrated edges along the knife spine have been designed for easy removal of scales. The Arctic Knife Series also has trailing point blades, perfect for gutting and filleting. The knives have a leather sheath with an embossed fish design and an attached belt loop. These leather sheaths keep the knives safe, while the pockets protect them from razor-sharp blades and edges.


Marttiini Basic Fillet Knife Series: The Basic Fillet Knife Series is designed for accomplishing kitchen chores or fishing cleaning back at the campsite or cabin. The fillet knives have a textured rubber handle. No-slip, soft-grip handle minimizes fatigue and ensures a solid grip even when wet. The flexible stainless steel blade ensures clean-cut fillets. The sharp blades smoothly navigate around rib cage bones and remove the skin like a charter boat deckhand. The Marttiini Knives are best suited for processing fish of about 1 kg. The fillet knives come with a green plastic belt sheath to protect the person from injuries caused by sharp blade edges. Another highlight is the belt clip, which has been provided for securing the knife.


Marttiini Big Game Knife Series: Big Game Knife Series stands true to its name as the knives under the category are designed to deliver an effortless performance in hunting, fishing, and chopping. Strong blades of Marttiini Knives ensure the hunters can handle large animals during the game. The dirt and moisture-repelling Martef coating reduce the friction to zero and at the same time keeps the blade away from corrosion. The Big Game Knife Series includes impressive knives for dealing with the carcasses of animals. The handles of this knife series are bigger than usual, ensuring the users get a strong grip when holding the knives. Some of the knives also have a safe rubber textured handle and a finger guard for a secure grip under all working conditions.


Marttiini Big Knife Series: Deal with the carcasses of large animals with a Marttiini Big Knife. For improved grip and comfortable grip even in a bigger hand, the handle of knives from this series is somewhat larger than the usual ones. With the finger guard and safe textured rubber handle, it becomes even easier to use and handle. For convenient carry, the hunting knives from the series come with a leather sheath. The stainless steel blade and coating of Martef ensure that the knives will last long, maintaining sharpness. The knives are made with quality materials and expert craftsmanship in Finland.


Marttiini Classic Fillet Knife Series: Marttiini Knives Classic Fillet Knife series represents super sharp and flexible stainless steel chrome blades designed for making perfect fish fillets. Knives under this series have long and sharp blades. These knives are available in different blade types and lengths. The  4” blade length is suitable for processing fish of half kg, 6” blade length for processing fish of 1 kg, and 7.5” blade length for processing fish of 2-3 kg. Handles of these knives are made using birch wood for durability. The plastic/leather sheath ensures the safety of the blade and provides easy storage. Traditional style knives with all the upgraded features deliver superior performance in tactile situations. Explore the expanding series and choose a reliable classic Fillet for your travel kit!


Marttiini Condor Golden Fillet Knife Series: This Condor Golden Fillet Knife by Marttiini is designed for chefs who are fond of filleting the fish now and then. The knives of this series come with a rubber handle and a finger guard to ensure a firm grip even with wet hands. Stainless fillet blade ensures durability to the knives while also retaining sharpness and functionality. Knives under this series are Martef coated to reduce friction and to protect the blade against corrosion. Condor Golden Fillet knives are useful in many other kitchen chores as they help to finish off maximum slicing tasks in no time. These Fillet knives come with a durable leather sheath that provides safety to the blade along with the convenience of carrying. Browse through the Condor Golden Fillet Knife Series for a performance-driven fillet knife for your travel kit!


Marttiini Condor Knife Series: This collection of Condor Knife is a great combination of classic Finnish and American knife designs. The knives are made in Finland with quality materials and feature a comfortable handle for small to average size hands. With this lightweight, fixed blade you get a dependable companion for fishing. Apart from fishing, this knife comes in handy for various other outdoor activities as well.


Marttiini Condor Skinner Knife Series: Marttiini Knives Condor Series knives with sharp blades provide its users the versatility of cutting, chopping, hunting, and fishing. The knives of this series have a textured rubber handle that ensures a firm grip even during the most demanding forest conditions. Most of the knives of this series have a stainless steel blade that ensures the knives can maintain their sharpness and stay durable for a longer period. Condor series Marttiini knives come with a firm grip to ensure the knife wouldn’t slip or fall even during wet weather conditions. Extremely sharp blades of these knives provide fine cutting results, ideal for tasks that require precision. The leather sheath provided with the Marttiini Knives Condor Series protects the knives from damage.


Marttiini Ergo Knife Series: Ergo Series knives feature durable and high-strength stainless steel blades. Made in Finland, the knives of this series come with a black rubber handle to ensure a strong grip. Most of the knives of this series have a black leather sheath to ensure the user carries the knife with utmost safety while hunting, fishing, or traveling. The leather sheath comes either with a carabiner hook or a clip to ensure the knife will not fall and stays at its position even during vulnerable environmental conditions. Marttiini Knives Ergo Series Knives have sharp blades used mostly for skinning or hunting. Sharper blades with fuller grooves make sure the hunters do not miss their targets while out for hunting.


Marttiini Fish Knife Series: With Super sharp and flexible stainless steel blades, Marttiini Knives Fish Knife is designed for making perfect fish fillets and removing fish scales. Knives under this series have long and sharp blades. These knives are available in different blade types and lengths. Curved blades make the filleting of fish easier whilst serrated edges make the scaling faster. Some knives also have a metal scoop at the end of the handle that helps remove intestines clean and fast. Handles of these knives are made using textured rubber to strengthen the grip. These knives are available with a plastic/ belt leather sheath to ensure the safety of the blade and provide easy storage.  Marttiini Series knives also have plastic shield blades to protect them from corrosion and abrasion.


Marttiini Hunting Knife Series: Marttiini Hunting Knife Series represents knives that are useful for carving and cutting activities. The fixed blade knives of this series come with lightweight drop point blades that are designed for hunting and firm cutting tasks. Some of the materials that are used in the making of handles of these knives are curly birch, rubber, and Kraton. Perfectly sized, the knives fit comfortably in your hand and offer a strong grip for prolonged usage. Some of the hunting knives have a wide curved belly and a narrow tip that allows a running sweep, perfect for quick and easy skinning. These hunting knives offer a side cutting edge that allows precise working in the side corners.  The finger grooves provide a comfortable hand grip even with wet and slippery hands. Smart knife folders come with a leather sheath making the hunting knives easy to carry for all your outdoor activities. 


Marttiini Kitchen Knife Series: The fixed-blade kitchen knives in this assortment are outfitted with German steel blades and comfortable heat-treated birch handles with reindeer horn spacers. These Tactical Knives are designed by Janne Marttiini and are suitable to perform slicing and chopping tasks brilliantly. Apart from performing the kitchen tasks these knives also handle campsite chores and hunting activities with ease. Some of the knives have wide blades that are specially designed for dicing or mincing celery, onions, nutmeats, parsley, and peppers.  This range of kitchen tools also includes a boning knife specially designed for removing tenderloins, deboning a chicken, filleting and skinning fish, and more. These kitchen knives have well-balanced handles that are specifically designed to offer perfect grip as needed to perform long hours of kitchen tasks.


Marttiini Lapp Knife Series: Designed for trappers, hikers, and hunters, Marttiini Lapp Knives keep them safe while hunting or fishing. Knives of this series have razor-sharp stainless steel blades for durability and easy maintenance. Handles of these knives are made using materials like curly birch and reindeer horn bone, ensuring you get a stronger grip every time you prefer using these knives. The Lapp knives have excellent cutting and chopping abilities which makes them ideal for general uses. These knives have beautifully etched engravings depicting a Lappish theme that reflects a strong Lappish heritage. All these knives are provided with a handmade leather sheath that helps in protecting knife blades and serves as easy storage. The Lapp knives feature a sturdy finger guard that makes the knife easy to use while preventing accidental injuries. Explore the expanding series to select a reliable cutting weapon for your toolkit!


Marttiini Lumberjack Knife Series: Lumberjack knives by Janne Marttiini are made using carbon steel blades. These carbon steel blades have razor-sharp edges suitable for carving purposes. Blades of these knives can be re-sharpened to their original shape, thus providing the same results on every application. Handles of Lumberjack knives are made using stained birch and reindeer horn spacers, assuring hunters get a secure and firm grip every time they prefer using these knives. Deep pouch leather sheaths provided with these knives have a plastic liner inside, which prevents the blade from slicking and puncturing the leather.  The sheaths of these knives have a leather thong that serves as a belt loop for keeping the knives securely in place.


Marttiini Lynx Knife Series: Lynx knives are one of the oldest knives developed by Janne’s Marttiini. These knives have stainless steel blades that are resistant to corrosion and sharp enough to handle a variety of cutting tasks. These tactical knives have 22 degrees sharpening angles to ensure they help in accomplishing everyday chores. The handles of these knives are made of curly or stained birch to ensure users get a strong grip while chopping, hunting, fishing, and thrashing. Handles of Lynx knives are larger in comparison to other knives, making them perfect to perform various hunting tasks with ease. All the knives are available with a handmade leather belt sheath that provides easy and safe storage. Most of the knives of this series have either fixed blades or are available as folding knives. Folding knives have a liner lock mechanism that makes opening and closing easier.  Choose from the collection of fixed blade and folding knives as required for your EDC kit!


Marttiini Martef Fillet Knife Series: Martef Fillet Knife Series by Marttiini Knives are categorized for specific applications like to cut clean the fillets from fish. The knives beautifully highlight the old-school methods and techniques of knife making. Primarily manufactured from the finest high-quality stainless fillet blade with the Martef coating; each blade is designed and crafted to achieve perfect edges. The blades undergo a hardening process and unique heat treatment that does not allow the splitting in any condition. These Martef Fillet Knives are flawless tools for the fillet owing to their impeccable sharpness and penetrating capability. Expect the knives to survive the toughest and roughest use. These knives have textured rubber handles that are comfortable and offer a non-slip grip.


Marttiini MEF Knife Series: A Marttiini MEF Knife features a stainless steel blade that is secured in the open position with a liner lock. The blade opens with just the flick of one finger and with the ball bearing at the pivot point, the knife opens quickly and easily. Secure hold on the knife is ensured by the fiber-enforced G-10 handles. Low-profile of the knife makes it convenient to carry. Made in Finland, this series of Marttiini knives include knives with a pocket clip as well. The drop point blade is ideal for outdoor adventures, so you can take it wherever your adventures take you!


Marttiini Mushroom Knife Series: Marttiini Mushroom knives are designed not only for experienced but occasional mushroom pickers. The blades are specially shaped so that mushrooms can be processed easily without any wastage. The rubber handles of these knives are adjusted with a mushroom cleaning brush which offers a comfortable grip while cleaning the mushrooms. The knives feature blades that are accurately shaped for cutting delicate mushrooms. The mushroom cutting knives have stainless steel blades to ensure durability. These mushroom picking tools come with a handmade leather sheath so that you can safely keep the knife in the pocket. Apart from cutting mushrooms, these knives are perfect for slicing soft vegetables in your kitchen.


Marttiini Pelican Knife Series: Marttiini Pelican Series are folding knives that have been designed to aid you in general domestic chores and carving tasks. The folding tools have razor-sharp blades that make them ideal tools for hunters and campers. The handles of Pelican knives are made using curly birch or practical rubber, assuring that you get a strong grip while working with them. The blades are made using stainless steel for durability. The handles are crafted using rubber for sturdiness. The everyday carry pocket knives have a liner lock mechanism that makes it easy to operate the knives. These tools with a 22-degree sharpening angle are good at cutting and chopping tasks in the kitchen.


Marttiini Skinner Knife Series: This series offers knives designed for hunting, fishing, and carving. The Skinner Knives are also exquisite kitchen knives. These survival knives feature different shapes and sizes, beneficial for performing various tactical jobs easily. The blades are crafted using stainless steel for durability. The knife handles are made of curly birch and rubber to ensure you get a strong grip even in the most demanding situations. The knives have razor-sharp blades that assist in accomplishing the carving jobs effortlessly. These hunting knives have a finger guard to make sure that the hunter doesn’t hurt his fingers while hunting their prey. The knives available in this series have a leather sheath to ensure the blades stay safe.


Marttiini Superflex Fillet Knife Series: Make fine fish fillets with the Marttiini Knives Superflex Fillet Knife Series! These kitchen knives help accomplish the skinning of fish easily. The Superflex Fillet Knives are perfect for anyone who considers fish filleting as an art form! The flexible boning knives feature handles that are crafted from thermally-treated finish birch wood, which is coated with a protective wax to ensure you get a strong grip while removing the skin of the fish. The razor-sharp blades and high-grip handle ensure unparalleled control and flexibility. The waxed handles mean the fillets fall away and do not cling to the blade. Also, as the knives are crafted from stainless steel, they withstand continuous exposure to fish blood and saltwater. The flexible knives have a brown leather belt to keep the blades safe in outdoor locations.


Marttiini Taittoveitsi Knife Series: Marttiini Taittoveitsi Series comprises knives designed for accomplishing indoor as well as outdoor tasks. These knives have a folding mechanism, which makes them easier to carry inside your pockets. The everyday carry pocket knives have a liner lock mechanism that helps the user open and close the knives without repositioning them. These linerlock knives have durable stainless-steel blades. These pocket knives have razor-sharp blades to perform hunting, filleting, chopping, and dicing effortlessly. The handles are made using olive wood to ensure the user gets a stronger and tighter grip. A thumb ridge on the handle provides a stronger grasp which makes skinning jobs easier. The lanyard hole on these hunting knives prevents them from getting misplaced during hunting or fishing activities.


Marttiini Tundra Bushcraft Knife Series: Tundra by Marttiini is a versatile bushcraft knife designed for heavy-duty use. It has a full tang structure and high-strength, stainless steel, durable blade. The Marttiini Tundra Bushcraft Knife is a combination of traditional materials and the latest design. This series of knives are available in two handle options: deadwood-like, gray-waxed curly birch, and natural-colored, waxed curly birch. The surface of these designs ensures a comfortable, firm grip. A sturdy leather sheath is reinforced with rivets. The sheath further keeps both the user and the knife safe.


Marttiini Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty Details

Every Marttiini Knives product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Marttiini Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Marttiini Knives product that is defective. Marttiini KnivesMarttiini Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Marttiini Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Marttiini Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Marttiini Knives product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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