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For those in search of rugged, reliable, and beautifully-crafted knives, the Marttiini Condor Knives Collection is sure to impress. Built with the finest materials and a steadfast commitment to quality, these knives are perfect for a wide array of tasks, from everyday utility to specialized outdoor adventures.


Marttiini Condor Timberjack Fixed Blade Knife - MN578013 At 8.5 inches overall, the Condor Timberjack features a 3.75-inch carbon steel blade. The black textured rubberized handle ensures a secure grip, and the black composition belt sheath allows for convenient storage and accessibility. Made with Marttiini's exceptional craftsmanship, this knife is designed to last.


Marttiini Condor De Luxe Skinner Fixed Blade Knife - MN167014 The Condor De Luxe Skinner is 9 inches overall with a 4.13-inch stainless steel blade. The handle is made of waxed curly birch and comes with a bronze guard. The brown leather belt sheath ensures the knife is always within reach when you need it.


Marttiini Condor De Luxe Classic Fixed Blade Knife - MN167015 Similar to the De Luxe Skinner, the De Luxe Classic also measures 9 inches overall and features a 4.13-inch stainless steel blade. The waxed curly birch handle and bronze guard add a touch of luxury and durability to this fine piece. It also comes with a brown leather belt sheath.


Marttiini Condor Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife - MN185013 This knife features an 8.25-inch overall length, a 3.5-inch stainless steel drop point blade, and a black Zytel handle. It comes with a black leather belt sheath, offering convenience and protection when carrying.


The Condor Knives Collection also features a range of high-quality fillet knives and junior models, perfect for fish cleaning or safe handling by younger outdoor enthusiasts.


Whether you're a hunter, a fisherman, or simply an admirer of fine blades, the Marttiini Condor Knives Collection offers an impressive selection of meticulously crafted knives to suit your needs.

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