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A tributary to WE Knife Co. Ltd., CIVIVI was introduced by the brand in 2018. This branch by WE particularly offers functional, utilitarian, and EDC line of products. The sub-brand combines WE’s core values of innovative design and quality manufacturing by using raw materials like G-10, peel ply carbon fiber, and D2, stainless, and Damascus steels. All the knives are “MADE BETTER” and look spectacular, feel good and are ensure superior performance.


WE Knife itself has pierced through the industry by providing a steady stream of successful products. It has made its mark by delivering some of the most innovative designs that are manufactured using top-quality products. A Chinese cutlery manufacturer, WE Knife has collaborated with the game-changers of knife designs across the globe to give you CIVIVI Knives. Some of the best knife craftsmen the brand has collaborated include Bob Terzuola, Elijah Isham, Alex Weese, Alessandra De Santis, Maciej Torbe, and more. Some of the knives like CIVIVI Anthropos had been voted Best New Value Folder 2019 and CIVIVI Baklash had been voted Best New Value Folder 2018.


Know CIVIVI Knives in Detail


Diving Deeper into WE Knife Co. Ltd. Details


Before knowing about CIVIVI Knives, it is also important to know about the parent brand in detail. WE Knife is one of the largest knife designers and manufacturers of knives and tools situated in Yangjiang, China. The company is based on the philosophy that all knives need to be “Made Better”. All the products are the life of the brand and design innovation and the driving force of its growth. The brand’s Research and Development team and the team of talented designers are dedicated to continuously bring exciting new products to the market and strive for ultimate perfection.


All you need about CIVIVI Knives


The initial knives by the brand were designed with a focus on fit and finish. The first few releases by CIVIVI were the Naja, the Baklash, and the Praxis. CIVIVI has worked with knife maker Elijah Isham to design and create Plethiros, a folding knife featuring a drop point blade. In fact, most knives by the brand have larger blades with better cutting edge. Unlike the parent label, CIVIVI rearranges its production priorities and focuses on giving you knives that are easy on the pocket and ensure ultimate performance.

All the knives cater to the requirements of users rather than the interests of knife collectors. Most knives by the brand boast G-10 handles and 9Cr18MoV blade steel. This steel variant falls somewhere between AISI 440B and 440C, giving you a tough steel blade that is resistant to corrosion and holds the edge well. Other blade materials used include CPM S35VN, Damascus, 154CM, Nitro-V, N690, 14C28N, VG-10, D2, and 10Cr12CoMoV. All the products are designed to deliver value and performance without compromise.


CIVIVI Knives Series


Anthropos Knife Series: Designed in collaboration with Elijah Isham, Anthropos is one of the best creations by CIVIVI Knives. Explore the series for knives flaunting satin-finished D2 steel blade and ergonomic G-10 handles with a carbon fiber overlay. The low-profile flipper tab hides in the handle when the knife opens. The blade is easy to deploy owing to the ball-bearing pivot system. The D2 blade is perfect to carry out everyday cutting tasks. This knife model has been awarded the Best New Value Folder in 2019.


Appalachian Drifter Knife Series: The Appalachian Drifter is essentially a double detent lock folder suitable as your Every Day Carry. Boasting a slip joint mechanism, the knife is easy to open and close without the extra force that is often required in a conventional back spring. The two detent balls allow you to exert just the right amount of force to deploy or close the blade. Browse the series for knives flaunting clip point blades made from CPM-S35VN stainless steel with a stonewash finish and Micarta handles.


Asticus Knife Series: Asticus by CIVIVI is what a classic EDC looks like. This is an attractive flipper with a sturdy liner lock and stylish design; this knife is meant to blend in with the urban lifestyle. This knife flaunts a Damascus steel blade, hollow ground, and often available in the satin finish. Designed with a contoured, G-10 or carbon fiber, broom-like handle, the knife is easy to grip. You can wear them deep in the pockets using equipped pocket clips.


Badlands Vagabond Knife Series: Exhibiting a simple yet elegant design, Badlands Vagabond is an attractive pocket knife combined with ultimate performance. The flipper sports a drop point blade with a flipper tab, dual thumb studs, and hollow ground for perfect edge retention. The FRN handle provides an ergonomic and elegant shape to the knife. The milling in the knife is combined with faux bolsters which add to the aesthetics. The attached deep carry clip can be reversed for tip-up carry as well. The knife is vouched for its caged ceramic bearing which makes it easy to deploy the blade at the crucial time.


Baklash Knife Series: A perfect example of quality and functionality, Baklash features a 9Cr18MoV stainless steel blade that is corrosion resistant and contoured G-10 handles for a secure grip during strenuous tasks. The skeletonized liners reduce the weight of the knife without compromising the knife’s structural integrity. It has a reversible deep-carry pocket clip for concealed EDC. This knife is lightweight has exceptional flipping action, thanks to the stainless steel ball bearings in the pivot.


Brazen Knife Series: An in-house knife design, Brazen is recognized for its D2 tanto blade- big, broad, and flat ground for unmatchable strength. The detent and caged ceramic bearings ensure smooth deployment of the blade using the dual thumb studs or flipper tab. This tab also acts as a finger guard preventing the hand from accidentally sliding forward onto the blade when thrusting. The G-10 handle is equipped with stainless steel liners. The handle also bears a deep carry pocket clip and backspacer with a built-in lanyard slot.


Brigand Knife Series: This is a dramatic Wharncliffe knife folder boasting linerlock mechanism. The blade is made from D2 tool steel completed in satin finish. The G-10 handles facilitate superior grip even for strenuous tasks. The handle is well equipped with stainless steel liners and a pocket clip for concealed carry. The knife also features ball bearings which ensure smooth deployment of the blade and the linerlock locks the blade in the position, preventing accidental closure during use. Carry the EDC around as you go hunting, camping, or going for other outdoor activities.


Bullmastiff Knife Series: The Bullmastiff knife by CIVIVI is a tough, cleaver-style folding knife that opens with a smack and offers effortless functioning. The knives in the series are available in two varied sizes mini and large. A Bullmastiff is named after the two dog breeds- an English bulldog and a Mastiff. Just like the two ferocious dog breeds, this knife too offers protection against intruders and is tough and dependable. Browse the series for knives boasting a 9Cr18MoV steel blade and G-10 handle. Its stout cleaver-style blade ensures precise cutting and piercing through a game without puncturing its organs.


C-Quill Pen Series: C-Quill is a tactical pen with a sleek contemporary design. Explore the series for combat pens constructed from aluminum in a black-coated finish. The pens have a bolt-action mechanism that provides smooth opening and closing. Each pen in the series is equipped with a glass breaker tip for emergency applications and a spring steel pocket clip for secure everyday carry.


Chronic Knife Series: The CIVIVI Chronic Knife is a streamlined gentleman’s carry pocket knife. A tactical tool for a distinguished man, it has a slender design that holds the seam of slacks in an organized way. The clip point blade is hollow ground and ensures quick slicing tasks. The broom-like handle provides an ergonomic grip even when the knife gets wet. The handle is fitted with a deep carry pocket clip to keep the knife discreet.


Click Carabiner Series: Explore the series for Click Carabiner, a keychain multi-tool. The EDC accessory has a unique non-magnetic, complete titanium design with two different compartments. In the smaller compartment, you can add up to four keys while in the larger one you can hold your belt, pack, or other tools. The carabiner also has a combination of a flathead screwdriver/pry bar and a bottle opener at the back.


Courser Knife Series: Courser Knife is one of the best pocket folders in the market. The knife is created using high-grade materials and features a VG-10 steel blade and G-10 handles fitted with gold-coated stainless steel liners. The blade offers great edge retention and is corrosion resistant. The knife is equipped with ceramic ball bearings in the pivot which allows effortless blade deployment via flipper. The G-10 handle is contoured for a secure grip. This knife is lightweight and perfect for every day carry.


Dogma Knife Series: Dogma is a classic yet modern knife for all discerning enthusiasts. The knife has a smooth and reliable action, balanced and attractive design. Browse the series for knives that flaunt Bowie-shaped blades usually constructed from Damascus steel and hollow ground for maximum edge retention. The G-10 handle is contoured with carbon fiber for secure grip which gives the knife a classic look. It is fitted with a reversible tip-up pocket clip for easy carry for everyday use.


Durus Knife Series: The Durus is a compact manual folding knife with a stout blade. The drop-point blade is made from D2 tool steel with a tough and reliable cutting edge with a satin finish edge. The G-10 handle provides a slim build and a secure textured grip for heavy-duty tasks. It has flipped opener and ball bearing washers for swift blade deployment at the time of use. Perfect to carry deep in the pocket or attach to the belt, it has a reversible tip-up pocket clip. Use this knife for activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and even combating.


Elementum Knife Series: CIVIVI Elementum is an extremely durable pocket folder boasting blade made from D2 or CPM-S35VN steel with a sleek finish. Explore the series for knives that emit a sense of inevitability of nature- the consistent tides, winds, and powerful fire. The balance of design in the knives is often compared with the balance in nature. Each knife is equipped with stainless steel clip in the handle and a caged ball bearing pivot that ensures smooth and reliable deployment of the blade. The overall design of the knife is modest, ergonomic, and performance-driven. Browse through for varied handle options including Micarta, Guibourtia wood, G-10, and Ebony wood.


Exarch Knife Series: Boasting most features of the Chronic flipper, Exarch is the knife for gentlemen. Created in 2020, the pocket folder bears a D2 drop point blade that is hollow ground for precise cuts and a slim and symmetrical design with smooth front flipper action that operated on caged ball bearings. This is an ambidextrous knife that bears a reversible pocket clip for use with both hands in the broomstick-style handle. This handle is contoured to give an ergonomic grip.


Fracture Knife Series: Explore the series for part tactical and pat everyday carry knives. The knives are available in two distinctive blade designs- tanto and drop point. The blade is constructed from 8Cr14MoV stainless steel and provides a sharp edge that performs well when it comes to slicing tasks. The skeletonized liners along the G-10 handle ensure ergonomic grip and make the knife light in weight. What makes the knife unique is the presence of a thumb hole opener and slip-joint for smooth use and effective completion of cutting tasks. A perfect EDC, the knife is equipped with a deep-carry pocket clip and lanyard hole for convenient carry. It features ball-bearing washers in the pivot which keeps the blade ready for heavy-duty tasks.


Governor Knife Series: The Governor by CIVIVI is an executive-looking folding knife that can endure even the heaviest tasks. The knife is seemingly large but is slender and lightweight in real. It sports an effective spear point blade with a sharp hollow ground edge and is completed with a brushed satin finish. Its slim profile allows you to easily stab the game. Its G-10 handle facilitates ease of grip thus reducing fatigue. The smooth opening of the blade is made possible with the bronze washers in the pivot.


Hooligan Knife Series: The Hooligan is a mid-size pocket folder with a light yet attractive design. Shop for knives that feature a handle with three grooves for your fingers to lie upon thus, providing ergonomic grip and reducing tiredness! The drop point blade is crafted from D2 tool steel and hollow ground for maximum edge retention.  It can be easily deployed using the dual thumb studs and the bronze washers in the pivot. There is light jimping at the back of the blade which offers a more secure grip and superior control while cutting or stabbing a large game. The compact size of the knives makes it a perfect EDC.


Incite Knife Series: An Incite by CIVIVI is essentially a beefy, full-size EDC folder with a wide handle and blade for heavier cutting tasks. Featuring a shape similar to Reate Horizon model, the design is simple yet elegant and promotes superior performance. The blade flaunts a wide drop point shape which allows for excellent slicing and whittling. The included sharp point is suitable for stabbing the game. There is an index-finger coil and light jimping on the spine for a controlled grip. Explore the series for knives with varied handle options- G-10, Micarta, Cuibourtia Wood, Resin, and Copper foil. 


Keen Nadder Knife Series: A Keen Nadder is a full-size folder with an intricate design. The knife is vouched for its complex recurve tanto blade made from Bohler N690 stainless steel, available in different finishes. The blade is compound ground for better edge retention and precise cuts. Despite being a full-size knife, the profile of the knife is slim and can be easily concealed in the pocket. It has caged ceramic ball bearings in the pivot for easy blade deployment and the in-built linerlock prevents accidental opening or closure.


Kiri EDC Knife Series: CIVIVI Kiri EDC takes its design inspiration from the traditional Japanese Kiridashi. A perfect gift for outdoorsmen and knife enthusiasts, this is a fine-quality fixed blade that is made in collaboration with Alessandra De Santis and much attention is paid to detail. Look for details like a Kiridashi-style neck with a skeletonized handle that offers a secure grip and a bottle opener built into the handle. The skeletonized handle makes the knife lightweight. The full four-finger grip on such a compact piece makes it one of the favorite knife models of knife enthusiasts. The blade is made from 9Cr18MoV stainless steel and has a sharp straight edge which makes the knife an effective utility cutter.


Little Fiend Knife Series: The Little Fiend by CIVIVI is a typical prototype of an everyday carry folder combined with performance and hand-filling ergonomic grip. The blade boasts a drop point design and is crafted from either D2 tool or 9Cr18MoV steel. It rides on stainless ball bearings for a smooth opening.  The hollow ground blade ensures superior edge retention for precise cutting. The handle is often textured G-10 and is fitted with steel liners. The attached, reversible pocket clip ensures ambidextrous carry options.


M2 Backup Knife Series: As the name suggests, M2 Backup is more than just an EDC, it is a reliable knife when you are in an emergency. This fixed blade was the result of the collaboration between CIVIVI and Alex Weese. The tactical tool flaunts a simple yet strong design and has non-removable scales contoured for providing ergonomic grip for the most strenuous tasks. The dual finger groove on the handle furthers strengthens the forward grip while the curved shape and thumb ramp is perfect for a reverse grip.


Mandate Utility Knife Series: The Mandate is a retractable, replaceable utility knife. It is equipped with a bottle opener and hex driver in the handle. The slide button deploys the utility blade. Light-in-weight, the knife is easy to carry around and is often preferred by scouts and campers. The handle is sized for ergonomic use and the retractable slide button lock in the handle keeps the blade open. The razor shape blade is suitable to cut paper, cardboard, ropes, and more.


Mastodon Knife Series: Flaunting a design similar to Bullmastiff, the Mastodon has a more traditional cleaver blade than the former. Suitable for everyday carry and tactical use, the folder is named after the huge furry creatures with tusks that were once habituated in North America. This is a burly folder boasting a stout cleaver style blade to create a statement and handle with a neutral shape. Favorite among knife enthusiasts, the knife can be carried around thanks to the fitted reversible deep-carry pocket clip.


McKenna Knife Series: Result of breakthrough collaboration between Elijah Isham and CIVIVI, McKenna is a go-to EDC for most knife enthusiasts. This pocket folder flaunts a compact profile and has lighting fast front flipping action, an ergonomic handle, and a deep carry pocket clip. Explore the series for linerlock knives that feature sheepfoot blades crafted from D2 tool steel and grounded for maximum edge retention. The handle is usually fitted with G-10 scales for a solid grip. 


MT-1 Multi-Tool Series: The MT-1 is essentially a single-piece multi-tool that can easily and unobtrusively fit into a pocket or a bag. This tool is particularly designed to help with medical emergencies in the current pandemic. The keychain tool has a generous finger hole, a button pusher, and a gentle hook. The hook can aid you in moving doors, boxes, cupboards, and other objects that require touch. The multi-tool is made of solid brass- an alloy of copper and is said to have natural antimicrobial properties, thus, keeping the bacteria and viruses at bay.


Odium Knife Series: Designed in association with Ferrum Forge Knife Works, CIVIVI is specially geared up for everyday use. The knife folder is inspired by a famous Archbishop. The featured drop point blade is made from D2 tool steel. The broad blade can open either with the thumb hole or the flipper tab. The blade is a stonewash finish for a more attractive design. The simplistic G-10 handle ensures functionality with ergonomic grip even the most strenuous tasks.


Ortis Knife Series: Ortis is a well-designed EDC that is built with solid and lightweight materials. The design of the knife is very much similar to that of Dogma. The blade is made from 9Cr18MoV steel and has a deep clip point near the tip for piercing packaging, food, and game easily. The handle is made from strong and lightweight FRN with a gentle texture to provide a solid grip.


Picaro Knife Series: The Picaro is a midsize folder with a light touch. Explore the series for a knife with a drop point blade that is made from D2 tool steel and is hollow ground for maximum edge retention. The bulbous, contoured G-10 handle has fitted stainless steel liners for solid grip during heavy-duty tasks. The blade can be easily deployed using the integrated thumb stud that hangs over the thumb hole on the blade.


Pintail Knife Series: The Pintail bears design similar to the older knife models- Durus and Hooligan. However, it stands apart as hark working EDC tool combined with elegance. Look for a knife with a drop point blade made from CPM-S35VN stainless steel with a satin finish for superior edge retention. The Micarta handle complements the overall design of the knife and is fitted with linerlock for locking the blade when in use. The ambidextrous thumb studs make it easy to deploy the blade with one hand be it right or left hand.


Planck Knife Series: The Plank is a fixed blade designed in collaboration with Maciej Torbe and is a unique combination of an EDC utility knife and a tactical Karambit. This knife is particularly designed to fit any size of a hand and even has an optional ring at the back of the handle for those with larger hands to fit their fingers and get an ergonomic hold over the knife. A relatively new knife, explore it for its modified sheepfoot blade made from industrial D2 tool steel which makes it an effective utility slicer or chopper. For ease of carrying, this utility knife comes complete with a Kydex sheath with stainless steel neck chain and Terzuola T-Clip.


Plethiros Knife Series: Explore the series for knives designed teaming up with Elijah Isham. Plethiros is a large-size folding knife boasting varied handle options- G-10, rubber, or carbon fiber handles; and blade options made from different steel quality- Damascus, D2 tool steel, or 154CM stainless steel. Each knife in the series is vouched for has a sweeping handle design and drop point blade that is fully flat ground for excelling in the cutting tasks.


Praxis Knife Series: Praxis by CIVIVI is affordability combined with premium quality. One of the most sought-after knives, this folder is marketed for its flat ground drop point blade with enough belly area to provide superior cutting performance and rides on stainless steel ball bearings for frictionless deployment in an emergency. The handle is made from G-10 and is fitted with stainless steel liners and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip.


Riffle Knife Series: The Riffle is designed and manufactured by CIVIVI Knives. The blade is made from Sandvik 14C28N and has a drop point shape with a large thumb slot in addition to the flipper tab. The G-10 or Micarta handle is smooth but is contoured for a solid grip. There is a hidden lanyard in the back of the handle and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip for easy carry.


Rustic Gent Knife Series: The Rustic Gent is a fine Lockback folder, a stylish gentleman’s pocket knife. Its design is inspired by the classic Lockback hunting knives. The clip point blade is crafted from D2 tool steel and is hollow ground for ultimate edge retention. The slim and elegant curved handle is often made from Micarta with carbon fiber bolsters. The blade can be easily deployed using the bronze washers in the pivot.


Shredder Knife Series: The Shredder by CIVIVI is a lightweight hunting knife combined with an everyday utility knife. The blade is crafted from D2 tool steel and is forged into a clip point shape and hollow ground for ultimate performance. It can be deployed either using the flipper tab or an oversized thumb slot. The handle is textured for ensuring a solid grip during use. It is fitted with a reverse deep-carry pocket clip for easy carry.


Statera Knife Series: CIVIVI Statera has raised the bar for other pocket folders with its intricate design and superior performance. The knife features a blade made from D2 tool steel which offers at par wear resistance with a stonewashed finish for a complete look. The handle is made from either carbon fiber or G-10 scales and is contoured for a secure grip and slip resistance even when the knife gets wet. The titanium reversible pocket clip ensures ease to carry.


Trailblazer Knife Series: Trailblazer is a modern, over-built knife and takes the cues for design from the knives carried by cowboys and mountain men. Sporting a slip joint locking mechanism, this pocket folder is composed of a blade crafted from Damascus steel and has a slit for a two-handed opening. The handle is clad with carbon fiber in G-10 scales and is fitted with steel liners. The slip joint mechanism boasts a powerful spring to minimize accidental closures during use.

Vexer Knife Series: The Vexer is a large flipper knife sporting a spear point blade crafted from D2 tool steel and has a satin finish. The blade can be deployed with help of caged steel ball bearings in the pivot for frictionless action. The handle is ergonomically built using textured G-10 scales and is fitted with a reversible pocket clip for ease of carrying around.

Wyvern Knife Series: The Wyvern is marketed for its premium design. Look for a knife made from a D2 tool steel blade and molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle. This folder is equipped with steel ball bearings in the pivot for easy deployment of the drop point blade, making it a perfect flipper. Thanks to the deep carry pocket clip made from titanium, you can conceal carry the knife for everyday use.


CIVIVI Knives Warranty

CIVIVI Knives swears upon its knives for quality construction and the use of premium quality raw materials in production. The brand provides warranty covers for all defective products if there is a fault in materials, manufacturing, or assembly. The malfunctioning product will be replaced by the new one. However, the warranty stands void in case you subjected the knife to any purpose other than cutting or if the knife is damaged due to misuse or neglect at your end. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear as well.

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