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A Bread Knife is a special type of Kitchen Knife with serrated edges that are useful for slicing breads. Generally, 6 inches to 10 inches long and serrated, this blade is designed to slice easily through bread, helping you get the exact kind of slice that does justice to your palate. A serrated blade featuring little teeth directly cuts through the hardest and softest of breads, without any sort of flattening. The result is neat cuts without splintering the edges of the bread.


Do Bread Knives require sharpening?

Sharpening is a pivotal concern for people who understand the utility of using specialist knives for different cutting or slicing requirements. A Bread Knife is one such knife. It is the king in the domain of slicing (or cutting) through different kinds of breads. Some bread knives are nearly impossible to re-sharpen—this is also due to the serrated teeth that are not easy to sharpen. In some Bread Knives, sharpening is nearly impossible!


However, our range of Bread Knives saves  such concerns. Here, the teeth of the blade are sharp enough to easily cut into and through the loaf of bread. If you are not adept at sharpening the knife, don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert for using this knife, neither do you need professional assistance. Our Bread Knives are curated for the best performance.


Get the Optimal Bread Knives Experience: What to do?

You just need to be familiar with the basics of using this knife. It is better that you use an offset serrated knife with an offset handle. We know that having an offset handle means you will be able to create the right amount of pressure on the bread without your knuckles touching the food!


Get the Optimal Bread Knives Experience: What not to do?

A Bread Knife is comparatively lighter than other Cutlery Knives that people often use for cutting fruits, vegetables, or meats. Using the Bread Knife for such miscellaneous activities can reduce its overall sharpness and life.


Get the Optimal Bread Knives Experience: Where to look for?

Knife Country USA is an established online retail brand, specializing in the market of knives and accessories. To ensure, our customers get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of knives from leading brands like Kershaw, Benchmark, and Cold Steel.

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Forschner Knives 40547 10 Inch Serrated Bread Knife with Black Fibrox Handle

List Price: $77.00 Our Price: $54.99 Savings: $22.01 (29%)
Forschner Serrated Bread Knife with Black Fibrox Handle: Model VN-40547. 10" stainless steel serrated bread blade. Black Fibrox handle. NSF certified and dishwasher safe. NSF Certification means handle material repels all fluids and resists bacterial growth. NSF Certification allows a knife to be used in the resturant industy.The knife meets or exceeds sanitary health code requirements.

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