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Shun Kitchen Cutlery


Seki City has been the heart of the Japanese cutlery industry since the 13th century. The Kai Corporation that is responsible for making Shun fine cutlery has been keeping the ancient traditions of japan alive for almost 112 years now. Hence, each knife by the company is still handcrafted in the Seki City facilities. The artisan’s design and creates exceptional quality blades with each piece involving at least 100 individual steps to complete. Moreover, by following ancient tradition, the brand does not forget to move hand in hand with the latest technologies in the market. The advantage is taken from modern, high-grade materials, and state-of-the-art technology, which makes Shun Blades the first preference of chefs and home cooks across the globe. Thinner blades, sharper edges, and lightweight knife designs are what make Shun knives stand out apart from heavy knives.


The foundation of the Kai company was laid 800 years ago when Saijiro Endo set up a shop in the cutlery city of Japan. In the beginning, the knives produced by the brand included folding knives, razors, and kitchen cutlery. Kai Corporation founder's idea of bringing Japanese cutlery to the USA and European markets is what further marked the birth of “Shun”. This name honors the tradition of seasonal and mindful eating. From naming the brand to designing the logo, all of it has been done by Endo. With awards for innovation and quality Shun is still one of the well-known and reputed names in the kitchen cutlery. By adopting new styles, materials, and to the spirit of innovation, the knife brand successfully continues to provide Japanese kitchen cutlery of indelible beauty, impeccable precision, and high performance.


More Information on Tools Handcrafted in Japan

Shun cutlery is handcrafted in Japan by the skilled artisans of Kai Corporation. The 3 generations of the corporation have dedicatedly worked for providing quality products for a tasteful life. At the Kai factories, the artisans still draw inspiration from ancient swordsmiths. The combination of traditional methods combined with modern technology and advanced materials makes Shun Knives a work of art. The unique designs of knives naturally bring up a lot of questions in the user’s head. One such is whether the Shun Classic’s D-shaped Handles are only for right-handed users? Well, it is not true as some of the left-handers have worked with it. The Shun honing steel is further only for honing and doesn’t take the material off your blade, while Shun Fuji Ceramic Rod is a sharpening rod and takes material off the blade.


For keeping the knife safe and the blades sharp, the Japanese Knives should be used properly, or else you will end up chipping the knife. The knife should be thoroughly dried before storage. Most of the Shun knives come without sheaths, as the company believes that most people like to store their fine cutlery in a knife block,in-drawer knife storage system, or on magnetic knife holders. The knives are however shipped with temporary cardboard sheaths to protect the blade during shipping. Moreover, there is an exception as Shun Dual Core Knives, Classic, and Kanso Brisket Knives are provided with a wooden SAYA or sheath for storing the knife. The different culinary blade shapes are developed for addressing specific needs and uses. As the boning knives and meat cleaver are for cooks who work extensively with meats. Moreover, the chef’s knife and the paring knife are general-purpose knives that are a perfect addition to any kitchen and every cook’s needs.


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Shun Steak Knife: Cut your steak with comfortable precision. The handcrafted Steak Knives by Shun usually have a blade length of 2-3.5 in. (51 mm - 89 mm) and 4-6.5 in. (102 mm - 165 mm). These razor-sharp knives smoothly glide through meat, cutting fewer capillaries in the steak and keeping more of the flavor inside. The Steak Knives are sold individually and in packs of 4 or 6 as well. The appropriate length of the knives allows them to provide outstanding cutting control. Shun Premier Steak Knife set is further delivered in an elegant box, which makes it perfect for gifting or storage. The hammered TSUCHIME finish allows the release of food easily when cutting. With the excellent finish, contoured Pakkawood handle, great comfort, and control are ensured.


Shun Kanso BBQ Set: The Shun Kanso BBQ Set includes three key knives that are designed for the handling of all types of grill-worthy proteins. It all comes in a beautiful Shun knife roll, for a convenient carry while taking the BBQ show on the road. This knife set features Shun Kanso Asian Multi-Prep Knife, Japanese style Poultry Knife, Shun Kanso Boning/Fillet Knife, and Shun Kanso Brisket Knife for trimming and cutting of meat, roasts, ham, and turkey. The brisket knife in the set comes with its own wooden SAYA or sheath. This set of knives have an AUS10A blade and the high carbon content offers strength, high hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion. The full-tang construction further contributes to durability and precision balance. While the tagayasan or wenge wood handle is contoured for firm grip and is extremely hard, dense, and gorgeous.


Shun Kanso Block Set: This series of knife sets features heritage finish AUS-10A stainless blades that are strong and durable. A Shun Kanso Block Set includes Paring with a 3.5-inch blade, a utility knife with a 6-inch blade, Chef’s knife with an 8-inch blade, Santoku with a 5.5-inch blade, and combination honing steel. The featured full, extended tang knives with lanyard holes are easy to carry and use. These come with a wooden box, which makes storage easier and convenient.


Shun Sora Paring Knife: As its name suggests, a Shun Sora Paring Knife efficiently removes things like peels or pits from fruits and vegetables. Thus, this one is perfect for use in coring, peeling, trimming, decorating, and other detailed work. The compact size of the knife offers complete control over the tip and edge of the blade. This comfortable grip handles knife is thus ideal for cutting even small foods like garlic cloves, or ginger. Shun utilizes proprietary composite blade technology for putting VG10 steel on the cutting edge and rust-proof Japanese 420J stainless steel on the blade upper. It is easy to maintain all thanks to the traditional handle design in textured PP/TPE polymer blend. Providing strength and balance, the blade tang extends to the embossed handle.


Shun Sora Utility Knife: Explore this range for excellent quality Shun Sora Utility Knives, which are basically between a chef’s knife and a paring knife. However, the blades of such knives are narrower and straighter. This design makes these knives ideal for tasks like trimming broccoli, green beans, and other smaller vegetables. Sandwich Knives is the other name of utility blades as they work well for everything that goes into a sandwich. It offers great strength and balance as the blade tang extends to the embossed handle medallion. Shun Sora Ultimate Utility Knife from the product range features hand sharpened 16-degree single-bevel serrated blade with VG10 San Mai core and Japanese 420J upper.


Shun Kanso Asian Utility: A Kanso Asian Utility Knife by Shun is a multi-tasking blade with a sharp tip, sharp edge, which makes it perfect for portioning meat. It is also adept for processing large quantities of vegetables for stir fry and thinly slicing meats. The unique design of the knife makes every part useful. The flat helps in smashing garlic clove, while the back helps in tenderizing meat. The AUS10A blade and high-carbon stainless steel used in the construction offer strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The addition of vanadium further refines the steel grain and allows for a razor-sharp 16-degree edge on each side. Its full tang construction ensures durability and precision balance. The contoured tagayasan wood handle of the knife is appreciated for its denseness, beauty, and longevity.


Shun Sora Bread Knife: The precisely crafted serration of the Shun Sora Bread Knife is what makes them stand out. Its razor-sharp, wide serrations smoothly glide through the bread. Cutting becomes easier as there is equal power on the forward and backstrokes. By just looking at the blade, you can see that serrations lean forward from the front and backward on the back of the blade. Thus, use this bread knife for cutting bread without ripping, squashing, or tearing. By utilizing proprietary composite blade technology, VG10 steel is put on the cutting edge and corrosion-resistant 420J stainless steel on the blade upper. San mei edge construction also contributes to the protection of the VG10 cutting core. While the razor-sharp 16-degree edge allows for quick cutting. The traditional style handle of the bread knife is available in a textured PP/TPE polymer blend that provides a contemporary look, firm grip, and balance.


Shun Sora Chef’s Knife: The Chef Knife in Japan is also known as gyuto. This knife from the Shun Sora collection is widely used for all-around food preparations. Due to the less curve, it comes in contact with the cutting board along with more of its length, to cut more food per slice. Shun Sora Chef’s Knife features a gentle roll off the tip in comparison to large rolls of western style knives. Hence, it has to be lifted less that makes cutting even more efficient and precise. The handcrafted Japanese knife cutting edge is made of VG10 steel, while the blade upper is made from corrosion-resistant Japanese 420J stainless steel for strength and durability. The chef’s blade further extends to the embossed handle medallion.


Shun Sora Santoku: This knife by Shun is designed by taking inspiration from the Asian Knives. Sora Santoku is a sharp blade that delivers optimal performance in all cutting tasks. Exceptional lightweight and maneuverability are the features that make it perfect for slicing, cheese & charcuterie, vegetable, and fruits. The hollow-ground indentations on the knife allow for easy food release from the blade with convenience. Shun Santoku is a small knife that flaunts san mei edge construction that supports the VG10 cutting core. For high strength and durability, high-grade VG10 steel is used for cutting edge, while highly rust-resistant Japanese 420J stainless steel is utilized on the blade upper.


Shun Kanso HG Brisket Knife: Explore the Shun Kanso Hollow Ground Brisket Knife range for a reliable companion for trimming and slicing larger cuts of meat. The long and narrow blade slices larger cuts of meat in a single pass, which keeps more of the juice and flavor inside the meat. The food also releases without much hustling due to the hollow-ground indentations on the knife. The rounded tip makes Shun Kanso HG Brisket Knife secure and easy to use. It comes with SAYA or sheath for ease of storage and carry. Handcrafted in Japan, for optimal performance and durability, this knife is constructed with materials like AUS10A, vanadium, and high-carbon contents. The handle is contoured for a firm grip and flaunts a tagayasan wood handle.


Shun Kanso Chef’s Knife: This multi-purpose knife is what must be included in every chef’s collection. The Shun Kanso Chef’s Knife comes in handy for a lot of cutting tasks. Thus, it is used in slicing, cheese & charcuterie, vegetable, and fruits. This one is perfect for push cuts as it provides a wider heel and a fairly flat profile towards the heel. The artisans at Sun gave this Kanso Chef Knife a little belly from mid-blade towards the tip so that it can be rocked through herbs or spices for producing fine mince. The tagayasan wood or “iron sword wood” handles are further contoured for ensuring a comfortable and firm chef’s grip. The full tang construction makes this chef knife highly durable and precision balanced.


Shun Kanso Bread Knife: A Kanso Bread Knife is the ideal tool for someone who bakes a lot and buys whole loaves of bread. Whether the bread is crusty or tender, Shun Kanso Bread Knife cuts through bread swiftly with less crumbing. The wide serrations are what allow the knife to perform excellently with less tearing. With the addition of vanadium, the AUS10A blade gets a razor-sharp edge. While the high-carbon contents offer strength, wear and corrosion resistance, and high hardness. This bread knife from the Shun Kanso collection has a tagayasan wood handle that is extremely hard and dense and is contoured for a firm grip to avoid accidents.


Shun Kanso Boning/Fillet Knife: The knives from this series are rigid and have a razor-sharp edge. Boning/Fillet Knife by Shun gets in close to the bone with narrow, curved blades. Hence, this knife is widely used for trimming the silver skin from a tenderloin or for making cutlets. For fish filleting, the blade glides through fish for quick removal of bones and skin for a precise fillet. Shun Kanso Boning/Fillet Knife is made from premium-grade high-carbon stainless steel that resists corrosion and extends the lifespan of the knife. The contoured tagayasan wood handle further provides a secure grip for exceptional control.


Shun Kanso Combo Honing Steel: This Kanso Combo Honing Steel is introduced for helping users maintain razor-sharp edges. By honing, the sharpest part of the blade will come in contact with the food even after multiple uses. This tool gently realigns the edges of the blades and prolongs the knife’s sharpness. The Combination Honing Steel has two surfaces: a smooth surface for weekly honing, and a micro-ribbed surface for monthly honing. Sturdy stainless steel is used in construction for durability. A firm grip is assured with beautifully finished, moisture-resistant pakkawood handles.


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