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Buck Knives: Trusted Quality for Over a Century


For over 100 years, Buck Knives has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Founded in 1902 by a blacksmith's apprentice named Hoyt Buck, the company has grown into one of the most respected names in the knife industry. Based in Post Falls, Idaho, Buck Knives is committed to producing high-quality knives that are both durable and functional.


Buck Knives are made from the finest materials, including stainless steel, brass, and ebony wood. Each knife is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that it meets the high standards that Buck Knives is known for. Whether you're looking for a hunting knife, a tactical knife, or a simple everyday carry knife, Buck Knives has something for you.


One of Buck Knives' most popular products is the Buck 110 Folding Hunter, which has been in production since 1964. This classic knife features a 3.75-inch blade and a lock-back design that ensures safety and stability. Another popular product is the Buck 119 Special, which is a classic hunting knife with a 6-inch blade.


At Knife Country USA, we are proud to carry a wide selection of Buck Knives products. Whether you're a collector or a hunter, we have the perfect Buck Knife for you. Shop our selection today and experience the quality and craftsmanship that only Buck Knives can provide.


A family legacy

Buck Knives came into existence in 1902. The very first buck knife was produced by the blacksmith Hoyt Buck that was conceived with an idea to find a unique way to temper the steel and in a way that it holds an edge longer. This was the starting of a legendary knife-making company. Hoyt Buck began handcrafting high-performance knives in the first half of the century and during World War II. Each knife was handcrafted and made using the worn-out file blades as raw material. Hoyt Buck was much appreciated by the qualitative knives he produced during that time. In 1945he set up a shop named H.H. Buck and Son.


History through Generations


The company was not established overnight, it took years of dedication, expertise, and knowledge to bring forth qualitative products. The legacy has been passed down from Hoyt Buck, founder of Buck Knives, to his son Al Buck to CJ Chuck (Al Buck’s eldest son).


Backbones of Buck Knives


“When Your Family Name Is On A Product, You Care A Bit More About How Well It Works”

-      Al Buck: Al Buck along with his father, Hoyt Buck, struggled in the initial days of making knives and other tools to establish the much renowned Buck Knives. Al worked hard and revolutionized the knife industry with the introduction of 110 Folding Hunter.

-      Chuck Buck: Chuck Buck, son of Al Buck and grandson Hoyt Buck (Founder Buck Knives), has worked magnificently well, with which the company has touched great heights. His contribution as the President and CEO for many years has paid off well. In 1999, he handed over the reins to his son, CJBuck.

-      CJ Buck: CJ Buck (4th generation family member), has been an active member of the Buck family to participate in the production of the line building 110 Folding Hunters.


Resolve Your Doubts about Buck Knives


Buck makes 85% of its knives in Idaho, USA, and the rest 15% are made overseas. Some of the most popular Buck Knives include Buck Knife 110, Buck Nobleman Knives, Buck Fixed Blade Knives, and Buck Woodsman Knives. One of the best ways to shop for Buck Knives is through the product categories and series. Buck Knife 110 is counted among Americas’ best-selling knives, which revolutionized the market and is reputed for its vintage design, steel clip point blade and G-10 handles. One of the defining characteristics of the Buck Knives is the high edge retention, ease of sharpening, and durable blades. Buck Knives undergo a rigorous heat treat process and filed-tested to ensure quality performance in most circumstances. A majority of the Buck Knives come with a leather sheath that allows for safe storage and carry.


Diving Deep into the Product Categories by Buck Knives


Buck Fixed Blade Knives: This category includes a vast selection of framelock pocket knives, linerlock knives, and lockbar knives. A popular choice among hunters, trekkers, and campers, most of the Buck fixed blade knives are available in a choice of drop point blades, tanto blades, and serrated blades to serve varying requirements.


Buck Folding Pocket Knives: Features an assortment of folding knives with stainless steel blades and colored handles. Buck folding pocket knives are designed to offer an outstanding cutting performance and are available in a variety of colors such as tiger stripe, orange, purple, black, red blue, and more. Most of these knives feature a framelock mechanism that enables easy maneuverability.


Buck Axes & Hatchets: It includes a large selection of camping tools and outdoor gear. Most of the axes in this category feature fixed steel blades, natural micarta handles full tang construction, and comes packed in a leather sheath for safe carry.


Buck Fire Starters – Ferro Rods: Ideal for adventure enthusiasts, outdoorsmen, and campers, the Buck fire starters are designed to help user signal for help or build fires. Combining a range of tools, the lightweight Ferro Rods are easy to configure. The can be used as a bottle opener, screw driver, and line tensioner.


Buck Hats: Buck Knives features a vast collection of hats for men and women. Most of these hats feature adjustable snapback, flat visor, cotton headband, and adjustable mesh. Buck hats are available in a multitude of colors such as teal, black, tan, navy, and more.


Buck Knife Sharpeners: This category includes an assortment of sharpening stones, FlipStiks, Fish Pick Sharpener, Bench Stone, and more. These tools are designed to help user hone the edges of knives and cutting tools, to maintain efficient performance.


Buck Fillet Knives: Combining functionality and strength, the Buck Fillet knives are made to perform fine cutting and skinning tasks easily. Most of these knife blades are made from 420 J2 stainless steel which is reputed for its anti-rust properties. These knives are available in different types of handle materials which include micarta, thermoplastic, rubber, and more.


Buck Knife Sheaths: Designed to allows user to safely carry and store the knives, the Buck Sheaths are a must-have accessory for knives users and collectors. Buck Knife Sheaths are available in genuine leather and nylon for a vast variety of knives including fixed knives, folding knives.


Buck Knives Apparel: Buck Knives bring forth a huge selection of women's t-shirt, fishing gloves, hats, long-sleeve T-shirts, and more. Crafted with top-quality materials, Buck Knives apparel ensures superior comfort.


Buck Knives Tools & More: Consists of a variety of tools such as acrylic knife stand, mini bead, steel sharpener, fire starter, fishing towel, zipper pull, and more. In this category, user can find a variety of tools to maintain the edge of the knives, gear for building fire in survival situations, and more.


Buck Saws: This category includes pocket knives with saw cut handles. Most of the saws in this category feature nickel silver bolsters, inlay shields, stainless steel clips, sheepsfoot blades, and pen.


Buck Scissors: It includes a fine range of scissors and bow tools, designed to undertake general as well as heavy-duty tasks. A majority of the scissors in this category features Sandvik stainless blades which are praised for their remarkable durability.


Buck Sheaths and Stands: Buck Knife Sheaths are available in a host of designs and colors to suit various preferences. The category includes a huge selection of, polyester sheaths, leather sheaths, acrylic knife stands, single knife display stand, and more.


Buck T-Shirts: Explore the vast range of women’s T-shirt and men’s T-shirt; available in a plethora of colors like tan, navy, black, red, brown, and more. This category includes everyday styling T-shirts in various sizes and prints.


Buck Traditional Pocket Knives: These tactical knives are great for carrying out general cutting, slicing tasks. Most of the knives in this category feature clip, pen, and skinner stainless steel blades that add to the functionality.  Buck Traditional pocket knives feature integrated blades that make them easy to handle.


Buck Toothpick Pocket Knives: Consists of a variety of traditional pocket knives featuring narrow, single-piece stainless steel blades that allow for detailed cutting. Most of these knives sports woodgrain handle with nickel silver bolsters that allow for easy maneuverability.


Buck Knives Bump Boards: A popular choice among adventure enthusiasts and fishermen, the Buck Knives Bump Boards are manufactured with superior grade acrylic to offer long-term performance. Most of these bump boards feature LED lights, a water-resistant battery case, and an auto-timed power-off function for maximum user convenience.


Buck Trapper Pocket Knives: These traditional multi-blade pocket knives are available in a choice of clip and spey blades. Based on the model, most of these knives come equipped with woodgrain handles and nickel silver bolsters that add to the functionality and help in achieving a sure grip.


Buck Straight Razors: This series includes an array of straight razors featuring contoured handles with carbon inlay. Featuring thin blades with excellent edge retention, the Buck Straight razors are a fantastic choice for complex tasks and bigger games.


All You Need To Know About Buck Knife Product Series


Buck 110 Knife Series: Comprises a vast collection of knives featuring 420HC stainless steel clip blade capable of undertaking various tasks. Buck 110 Series knives are available in an assortment of handle types such as Macassar Ebony, nylon, G-10, and many more. These knives are counted among America's most popular knives that sports a lightweight design, sleek appearance, and allows for hassle-free single-hand opening.


Buck 112 Knife Series: It includes an array of folding pocket knives featuring different handle patterns such as green nylon, black nylon, red nylon, brown micarta, and many more. Based on the model, most of the knives in this series come equipped with 420HC stainless steel blades which are ideal for carrying out general cutting tasks. Boasting a lightweight design, the Buck 112 knives can be easily carried in handbags or pockets.


Buck 119 Special Knife Series: This series caters to the demands of hunters and outdoorsmen who wish to experience the feel of a solidly fixed blade knife. A majority of the knives in this series features satin-finished blades and comes with genuine leather sheaths.


Buck 55 Knife Series: These knives are known to be the heirloom size of 110 Series hunter knives. Boasting a classic design, the Buck 55 knives are a fantastic choice for everyday carry. Based on the model, most of these knives feature natural wood grain handles and steel clip blades.


Buck Abyss Kryptek Knife Series: This series comprises a range of knives suitable for camping, fishing, hunting, and various outdoor chores. Most of the knives in this series feature qualitative 420HC stainless steel blades that enable the user to perform contouring cuts with ease. Based on the model, the Buck Abyss Kryptek knives feature unique handles with finger grooves that provide a comfortable grip and allows for extended use.


Buck Bantam Knife Series: Comprises a host of lockback knives equipped with stainless steel drop point blades with a standard edge, that ensures ultimate strength for various heavy-duty tasks. Buck Bantam Series knives are available in a myriad of vibrant colors to meet the demands of knife enthusiasts. Based on the model, most of these knives feature Kryptek, nylon, and thermoplastic handles that providing a firm grip, preventing accidental injuries.


Buck Big Diamond Knife Series: This series features a vast collection of foldable knives featuring spey, clip, and footblades that add to their functionality. A majority of the knives of Buck Big Diamond Series feature deer stag and red pick bone handles. Based on the model, these knives feature stainless steel blades that make them suitable for stabbing, piercing, cutting, and carving.


Buck Bones Knife Series: Features a variety of framelock folding knives, equipped with skeletonized stainless handles. Many of the knives from Buck Bones Series sports stainless-steel construction that offers excellent resistance to rust and abrasion, making them durable enough to endure extensive use. All the Buck Bones knives are manufactured combine innovative design and accuracy, delivering superior performance in outdoor atmospheres.


Buck Bow Tool Series: The series caters to the demands of archers and outdoorsmen, offering a variety of multipurpose tools such as hex drivers, scissors, and more. The Buck Bow Tool is designed to assist the user in maintaining a super-efficient bow performance.


Buck Bucklite Knife Series: The series covers a wide range of fixed blade knives suitable for hunting and camping. These knives are lightweight which makes them easy to carry. The blade is made of 420HC stainless steel and has a full tang construction. Based on the model, some of the Buck Bucklite knives have a larger blade and a longer handle and can withstand aggressive usage.  


Buck Cadet Knife Series: It includes a vast collection of foldable knives featuring stainless steel blades. Most of the knives in this series come equipped with clip-point blades which assist the user in performing carving, piercing, and cutting task with ease.


Buck Compadre Series: These knives are reputed for their heavy-duty construction and extremely sharp blades. A majority of the Buck Compadre knives feature natural canvas micarta handles that provide a secure and positive grip.


Buck Decatur Knife Series: These linerlock knives feature drop-point blades in a satin finish that resists general abrasive factors, helping in long-term edge retention. Most of the Buck Decatur knives feature extended tang construction, pocket clip, and G-10 handles.


Buck Doctors Knife Series: The series comprises a variety of spear blade knives that feature a satin finish. Bone handles and nickel silver bolsters. Buck Doctors knives are available in green bone, black bone, brown bone, and stag handles.


Buck Edge Tek Sharpener Series: A fantastic addition to any tool kit or knife collection, Buck Edge Tek Sharpeners are made using top-quality stainless steel that ensures lasting performance. Most of these sharpeners feature composition housing and diamond-coated surfaces that withstand extensive use.


Buck Frontiersman Knife Series: These knives flaunt a classic design with full tang construction and fixed blades. A majority of the Buck Frontiersman knives feature micarta slab-styled handles that offer a performance grip.


Buck GCK Knife Series: Designed to carry out a range of tasks, the Buck Ground Combat Knives are made to deliver remarkable performance in the most demanding and tough situations. These knives are mission-ready made with high-performing carbon steel blades for maximum durability.


Buck General Knife Series: This series features 420HC stainless steel knives equipped with Cocobolo Dymondwood and Phenolic handles. A majority of the General knives feature a brass guard and pommel for greater control and safety. These knives boast a lightweight construction and come with leather sheaths, which makes them safe to transport suitable for everyday carry.


Buck Haxby Knife Series: Comprises of drop point knives featuring lanyard holes and extended tang. Most of the Buck Haxby knives feature stainless steel blades which are reputed for excellent resistance against normal wear and carbon fiber handles that provide a positive grip.


Buck Knives Mr. Crappie Series: Equipped with trailing point blades, these knives make for a fantastic choice for fishermen, trekkers, outdoorsmen, and mountaineers. A majority of these knives feature stainless steel blades which are made to withstand tough conditions.


Buck Langford Knife Series: It includes a collection of slender, strong everyday carry knives. The Buck Langford pocket knives open up with a flipper tab and come equipped with stainless steel blades that remain immune to rust.


Buck Legacy Knife Series: Comprises a vast variety of dagger-styled blades, handcrafted with natural materials. Based on the model, these knives feature mirror finish stainless dagger blades, redwood burlwood handles, and maple burlwood spacers.


Buck Momentum Knife Series: This series features an array of drop-point knives, suitable for EDC use and general tasks. Based on the model, most of these knives feature extended tang construction, removable stainless steel pocket clip, and thumb slop for hassle-free deployment.


Buck Nobleman Knife Series: A majority of the knives in the Nobleman Series works on the simple framelock folding mechanism. These self-defense knives are manufactured using premium-grade stainless steel that withstands high compression and resists general wear. Based on the model, Buck Nobleman knives feature stainless and carbon fiber handles that grant great strength to the knife.


Buck Odessa Knife Series: These knives are both capable and stylish, which makes them a great choice for EDC endeavors. A majority of the Buck Odessa knives come equipped with dual thumbs that allow for ambidextrous deployment.


Buck Omni Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are a fantastic choice for field chores and skinning games. Based on the model, Buck Omni knives come equipped with stainless guthook blades, thermoplastic handles, and dual thumb studs.


Buck Open Season Knife Series: This series is designed to meet the requirements of hunters. Buck Open Season Series includes a variety of fixed blade knives featuring skinning, boning, and caper blades. Many of the knives in this series feature stainless steel construction the ensures superior durability. These lightweight hunting knives offer a sure grip and are available in an assortment of color options to choose from.


Buck Paklite Knife Series: The series covers a wide variety of lightweight fixed blade knives. Buck Paklites are an amazing choice for field dressing and hunting. Their one-piece stainless steel construction ensures resilience. Most of the knives in this series boast a compact profile and can easily fit in the hand while some of the knives in this series are designed for aggressive usage and have a larger blade with a longer handle; these knives are created to undet=rtake tough and precise skinning tasks.


Buck Paradigm Knife Series: Comprise of a large selection of spring-assisted knives that allows user to locks up the blade with ease using bolster lock. A majority of the knives in this series feature spear point blades with a satin finish that boasts outstanding edge retention and toughness.


Buck Pathfinder Knife Series: These knives are great for hunting, camping, and other outdoorsy tasks. Based on the model, Buck Pathkinder knives feature 420HC stainless steel clip point blades and full tang construction. These blades are prised for their commendable strength and made to withstand high compression or pressure.


Buck Redpoint Knife Series: The Buck Redpoint knives are recognized for their unique blades and handles. The series includes a variety of strong knives featuring stainless steel partially serrated blades. A majority of these knives attribute distinctive one-hand SafeSpin deployment that allows for easy opening. Based on the model, these knives have oversized utility arch and thermoplastic handle that makes them easy to handle.  


Buck Rival Knife Series: Most of the knives under this series feature satin finish stainless steel blades and black nylon handles. Supplied with the lockback mechanism, the knives remain securely open. Based on the model, the Buck Rival knives feature a thumb stud, pocket clip, and lanyard hole that makes them easy to carry. Their stainless drop point blade boasts incredible strength and sharpness ensuring superior performance.


Buck Selector Knife Series: The series is based on the Buck Open Season knives series. It consists of a variety of hunting knives available in the choice of interchangeable blades to meet varying requirements.


Buck Selkirk Knife Series: This series combines a range of fire starters, fixed blades knives, and folding knives. Popular among survival experts, adventure enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen, most of the Buck Selkirk knives feature stainless steel blade that makes them resistant to abrasive factors and scratches. These knives are a fantastic choice for chopping, cutting, and slicing.


Buck Sentry Knife Series: These knives make for an ideal choice for hunting, fishing, and outdoor chores. Buck Sentry knives come equipped with eye-catching Kryptek Highlander Camo handles made up of nylon, that ensures a close grip. Most of these blades are made with black traction coated 420HC stainless steel which results in anti-corrosion properties. These knives come with a durable sheath that protects the blade and makes storage convenient.


Buck Silver Creek Knife Series: This series comprises a collection of heavy-duty knives featuring titanium-coated 420 J2 stainless steel blades. Most of these fillet knives feature long blades that make skinning tasks effortless. The Buck Silver Creek knives are available in the choice of thermoplastic and rubber handles for a safe grip. Based on the model, most of these knives include an injection-molded plastic sheath with a belt clip.


Buck Skinner Knife Series: This series includes an assortment of fixed blade knives, praised for their classic appearance. Popular among knife enthusiasts and collectors, these knives feature 420HC stainless-steel blades and are available in the choice of Cocobolo Dymondwood or Phenolic handles. The knives are counted among the leading gear for fishing, hunting, and many more outdoor pursuits.


Buck Solo Knife Series: Consist of a range of classic clip blade knives, ideal for piercing, cutting, and detailing in tight spaces. Most of the Buck Solo knives feature a woodgrain handle with nickel silver bolsters that allows for positive grip.


Buck Spitfire Knife Series: Designed for EDC endeavors, these folding knives boast a sleek and lightweight profile. A majority of these blades can be opened with a single hand, thanks to their lockback mechanism. Based on the model, Buck Spitfire knives feature stainless steel drop point blades that ensure superior strength.  


Buck Sprint Knife Series: This series is all about lightweight, EDC knives featuring a ball-bearing mechanism that enables smooth opening whilst reducing fiction for quick deployment. Based on the model, the Buck Sprint knives feature satin finished drop point blades which are suitable for a range of tasks.


Buck Stockman Knife Series: Consists of a vast selection of pocket knives featuring spey, sheep foot blade, and stainless steel clip. Most of the Buck Stockman knives sport an unsharpened back spine and straight cutting edge, which is ideal for a range of cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks. 


Buck Talon Machete Series: It includes a collection of multi-purpose fixed blade knives, suitable for chopping, clearing, splitting, and cutting tasks. A majority of these knives feature G-10 handles and Cerakote ceramic-coated blades that make them highly resilient.


Buck Trio Series Knives: The series includes a collection of folding pocket knives featuring a spey blade, clip blade, and sheepsfoot blade. These three-blade knives are designed with woodgrain handles that offer performance grip.


Buck Trunk Knife Series: Comprises of solidly-built EDC knives which excel in slicing, chopping, and cutting tasks. Buck Trunk knives are counted among the first clever blades by the brand. These knives are made to accompany the user anywhere, featuring a linerlock that allows for one-hand opening.


Buck Vanguard Knife Series: These knives signify a sense of adventure, designed to accompany outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and explorers. Buck Vanguard fixed blade knives are made to serve the demands of hunters, fishing enthusiasts, and collectors. These knives sport unique rich grain laminated wood or textured black rubber handles. Most of them have 420HC stainless steel blades which are corrosion-resistant and denotes strength. The Vanguard knives are perfect for cutting, skinning, and carving-related tasks.


Buck Vantage Knife Series: The series includes an assortment of knives featuring 420HC stainless steel blades with a black oxide coating, which are known to withstand high compression and rust, enduring rugged use. Buck Vantage knives are available in G-10, rosewood, and nylon handles with a removable pocket clip that makes them safe for carrying.


Buck Woodsman Knife Series: Featuring 420HC stainless steel blade and Cocobolo Dymondwood or black Phenolic handles, the Buck Woodsman knives are a fantastic choice for fieldwork and outdoor pursuits.


Buck Zipper Guthook Knife Series: Consists of a vast range of knives featuring hollow ground stainless skinning blade with a guthook. Based on the model, the Buck Zipper Guthook knives feature rich grain laminated wood or textured black rubber handles. These knives come with a heavy-duty nylon belt sheath that assists in safe carry.


Warranted Against Defects

Buck Knives believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Buck Knives products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.


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