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Discover the World of CJRB Knives: Affordable Quality and Unmatched Performance at Knife Country USA


CJRB Knives, a subsidiary of Artisan Cutlery, is a brand that takes pride in creating high-quality, stylish, and functional knives at affordable prices. Combining advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, CJRB Knives cater to a wide range of users, from outdoor enthusiasts to everyday carry (EDC) aficionados. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features and qualities that make CJRB Knives a top choice for knife users worldwide.


Why Choose CJRB Knives


  1. Premium Blade Material: CJRB Knives utilize high-quality blade materials, such as D2 tool steel, to ensure excellent edge retention, toughness, and wear resistance. This guarantees reliable and consistent performance for various cutting tasks.

  2. Durable Handle Materials: CJRB Knives feature durable handle materials, such as G10 and carbon fiber, which provide a comfortable grip, lightweight nature, and long-lasting durability. These materials enhance the overall user experience while ensuring the knives stand the test of time.

  3. Innovative Designs: CJRB Knives are designed with both form and function in mind. Each model showcases a unique, visually appealing design while maintaining optimal ergonomics and functionality. The brand offers a diverse range of blade and handle styles to suit various preferences and requirements.

  4. Advanced Locking Mechanisms: CJRB Knives employ secure and reliable locking mechanisms, such as liner locks and the patented Artisan Cutlery "Reversible-Stop" lock. These mechanisms ensure the safety and stability of the knife during use.

  5. Smooth Opening Action: CJRB Knives feature smooth, user-friendly opening actions facilitated by flipper tabs, thumb studs, and ceramic ball-bearing pivot systems. This allows for quick and effortless blade deployment, making the knives an ideal choice for EDC and tactical applications.

  6. Affordability: CJRB Knives are committed to offering top-quality knives at budget-friendly prices, making them accessible to a wider range of users. The brand believes that high-quality materials and craftsmanship should not come at the expense of affordability.


Top CJRB Knife Series to Explore at Knife Country USA


At Knife Country USA, we offer an extensive selection of CJRB knives to suit various preferences and needs. Some of our top CJRB knife series include:


Agave Knife Series: Boasting a distinctive shape and sturdy build, Agave is a rustic folder from the brand. Named after the Agave plant, which is known for its large size and sharp spikes; this folding knife is honed at the edge to provide you clean cuts during heavy-duty tasks, thus, living up to its namesake. It sports a D2 steel drop-point blade with a flat grind for precise slicing tasks. The ceramic ball opening system makes sure that bearings aid in smooth blade deployment while the liner lock system keeps the blade securely open and prevents accidental closures. Explore the space for varied handle options including aluminum and G-10 in natural, black, and grey colors.


Barranca Knife Series: This is a linerlock flipper defined by its distinctive blade design which is Wharncliffe. The blade is tall and craggy and boasts a curve on the spine. It is made from D2 steel and ensures durability and sturdiness when in use. The handle is scaled from G-10 and is equipped with linerlock to ensure a steady hold of the blade when in use. There is a shingle-like texture that runs through the middle of the handle for extra grip retention. Find this knife model equipped with a tip-up clip which makes it a perfect EDC. The knife in the series is also available in the copper model.


Briar Knife Series: CJRB Briar is one of the longest flippers offered by the brand. Boasting a D2 blade, this is a dexterous folder that can get into clustered spaces owing to the pinpoint of the blade. The flipper operates on smooth ceramic bearings that make the blade easy to deploy while the linerlock prevents accidental opening and closure in critical situations. Explore this series for the handles made either from G-10 or from carbon fiber scales for ergonomic grip during strenuous tasks. The knife design is completed by a reversible pocket clip that secures the knife on either left or right side.


Centros Knife Series: Explore the series for knives that boast simple yet solid construction. Each knife in the series has a solid thumb stud action, the USP, which makes it one of the kinds. It features a spear point blade with a flat grind for superior performance outdoors. These knives are available in two handle options – G-10 and Canvas Micarta, both of which are marketed for their solid grip. Like most of the knives by CJRB, this knife too has a ceramic ball-bearing pivot for quick blade deployment and linerlock mechanism to secure the blade when in use. The steel clip makes it easy to securely carry this slim profile knife.


Crag Knife Series: The Crag is essentially a bold cleaver knife that flaunts a stout liner lock and flip opening. The knife features a distinctive sheepfoot blade which appears chipped off from the side of a boulder. The blade has superior quality D2 steel construction and stonewash finish which makes it suitable for rugged use. The handle ensures secure grip owing to G-10 scales and sports finger groove for extra-large design. This agile design in finished off with ceramic balls for quick blade deployment.


Feldspar Knife Series: CJRB Feldspar is an EDC with a neat and compact design. An upcoming knife model, this pocket folder flaunts an aesthetically pleasing design with no compromise over the functionality. The steel blade sports a drop point and a precise tip. The knife has a smooth handle that is ergonomically shaped to facilitate secure grip thanks to the thumb stud action. The handle also bears a reversible pocket clip for minimal pocket wear.


Gobi Knife Series: A recent addition by CJRB, Gobi gets its name from the famous desert in Northern China. The design is inspired by the traditional knives of the desert dwellers- a trailing point blade made from D2 steel and features a stonewash finish and deep belly that facilitate enough room for precise cuts. The handle is scaled out of G-10 and features an ergonomic curve, which makes it easy to hold the knives for a longer duration. The slim profile of the handle and liner lock makes it suitable for strenuous tasks. It is bonded by screws that connect to a ridged backspacer which facilitates an even hold over the knife. 


Kicker Knife Series: One of the unique knives by CRJB Cutlery, the Kicker has brought in a new spin for the pocket folders with the Recoil Lock. This lock can be pulled from the right side, left side, or spine of the handle. It has a flipper tab that makes blade deployment quick and reliable. Explore the series for folders with D2, slip point blade, handle made either from G-10 scales or carbon fiberglass, and steel liners. For secure carrying, the knives bear a deep-carry, reversible pocket clip and lanyard hole at the butt of the handle.


Mangrove Knife Series: CJRB Mangrove is vouched for its unconventional design. The steel blade is 3.5 in. long and flaunts a teardrop shape with a large belly and an upswept groove along the spine. This pre-historic design provides superior slicing power which is not present in most knives. The G-10 handle has a snakeskin-like texture which provides a secure grip for longer duration cutting tasks. The ceramic ball-bearing pivot ensures easy deployment of the blade. A perfect EDC, the design is finished off with a steel pocket clip for easy and secure carry.


Rampart Knife Series: Browse the series for knives boasting the Wharncliffe blade that is marketed for delivering versatility, strength, and precision as you slice through the game outdoors. The blade boasts D2 steel construction and a stonewash finish. Despite being thick, the blade easily transitions into the thin handle which takes little space in your pocket. There are handle choices available- G-10, carbon fiber, or copper. Rampart is supported by a linerlock and can be easily deployed using ceramic ball-bearing. It is completed with an ambidextrous steel pocket clip for tip-up carry.


Taiga Knife Series: Taiga is the perfect companion for all your cutting tasks. A perfect embodiment of efficiency and style, it sports a D2 steel blade equipped with comfortable folding and locking mechanism- linerlock mechanism. The knife is known for its design which includes a drop-point blade completed with a stonewash finish. Explore the series for knives with two handle options- G-10 or optional carbon fiber, both of which ensure a secure grip. It has an ambidextrous steep pocket clip and a lanyard hole that facilitate easy carry.


Talla Knife Series: CJRB Talla is a non-assisted flipper that primarily operates on ceramic ball-bearing. It is a smooth flipper with a rough Wharncliffe blade shape crafted from D2 steel and bears a stonewash finish. The concave spine gives you space to rest your thumb as you slice fruits and vegetables. This is a medium-sized pocket knife with a handle scaled out of either G-10 or carbon fiber. The handle has a reversible stainless steel clip that makes the knife suitable to be carried on either side.



CJRB Knives provide an exceptional balance of quality, performance, and affordability, making them an excellent choice for knife enthusiasts of all levels. At Knife Country USA, we are proud to offer a wide range of CJRB knives, catering to the diverse preferences and requirements of our customers. Explore our extensive selection of CJRB Knives today and experience the quality that sets this brand apart from the competition.

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