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Automatic Pocket Knives

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Automatic Pocket Knives

It's common knowledge that automatic knives have been around since the 1800s when flintlock and coach guns were equipped with folding spike bayonets. An ever-expanding range of progressively capable variants would follow over the next century as this concept gave rise to what is now known as the first portable switchblades.

It was previously a niche market, but it's become the go-to alternative for a large number of EDC fans over the last decade or so. Knife Country USA contains a large inventory of various automatic pocket knives in multiple configurations, from pocket knives to multi-tools.

Types of Automatic Pocket Knives

Even though automatic knives have many characteristics with traditional, hand-deployed knives, there are a few subtle differences to be aware of when making a purchase. In addition, these knives are known by different names, such as flicker and switchable.

Side-Opening Switchable

These knives are pretty similar to classic, hand-operated folding knives. Side-opening knives get their name because the blade emerges from one side of the handle. The only difference between traditional folders and the modern switchable knife is that the latter has a spring mechanism to deploy the blade.

A safety mechanism typically prevents the activation button on this device, making it highly secure. They are likewise highly robust and typically less expensive than OTF knives, although they are less practical.

OTF Knives

With OTF (Out of the front) switchblades, you don't have to choose the side that the blade will come from, which is a much more practical option. It's like having two knives in one! So please browse through our collection to find your perfect switchblade today.

The OTF automatic knives can have two different opening mechanisms.

Single Action OTF Switchable:

The single-action OTF blade does not retract when the button is pressed. Instead, Hand-compression of the mechanism's spring is required to bring the blade back to the open position. These OTFs have a solid spring to support the powerful opening of the knife.

An automatic pocket knife is the ultimate choice for those who want the absolute best when it comes to their blades and don't mind doing a little extra work. Single Action OTF knives are perfect for any cutting that needs a strong spring, be it butchering or dicing.

Double Action OTF Switchable:

Double Action OTF knives are tactical knives well known for their reliability and durability. The main feature is a single button click that expands and retracts the blade. The spring tension is released by pressing the button, allowing the blade to return to its previous position. These knives have sharp edges at both ends, making them perfect for hunting and self-defense purposes.

Due to the minimal likelihood of unintentional activation, they are more convenient and safer than OTFs with a single action.

Visit Knife Country USA to find the Best Automatic Pocket Knives

Ultimately, the best automatic knife is a matter of personal taste. However, you must understand the primary distinctions before making a purchase. Take a look at Knife Country's selection of automatic knives and discover the one that best suits your needs.


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