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Rescue Pocket Knives

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Rescue Pocket Knives are specially designed to be used in emergency situations. Widely preferred by fire fighters, EMS and police officers, these knives are used during accidents. Most of the knives come complete with seat belt cutters and glass makers. Some knives have blunted or curved tip so that you don’t accidentally stab the person you are rescuing.


These knives are not just for rescue volunteers and firefighters. Several outdoor enthusiasts, campers, climbers, hikers and fishers prefer the versatile tool. The knives differ in terms of style, shape, size, and use. Explore the series for knives from brands like Gerber, MTech, TacForce, Kershaw, Buck Knife and more. The Gerber rescue pocket knife was designed by knife maker and firefighter Rick Hinderer, who integrated the knife with most important features needed by firefighters. The TacForce rescue knife is durable and has a sharp blade tip and partially serrated edge. You can use this knife in the grass, while hiking in the woods. The hand grips of this rescue knife feel comfortable in your palm. Kershaw rescue knife has a built-in cord or seatbelt cutter and a carbide glass breaker tip. It has a solid lockup and a reliable spring assist. The blade of this rescue knife is perfectly centered whether it is open or closed.


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What brands are manufacturing Rescue Folding Pocket Knives?


Listed below are direct link to brand pages on Knife Country USA. These are the top five brands that are manufacturing Rescue Folding pocket knives currently.




  1.  MTech Rescue Pocket Knives
  2. China Made Rescue Pocket Knives
  3. Tac Force Rescue Pocket Knives
  4. Army Knives Rescue Pocket Knives
  5. Swiss Army Rescue Pocket Knives


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