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Fallkniven Knives: Quality Craftsmanship and Innovation at its Finest


Fallkniven Knives is a Swedish brand that has been producing high-quality knives for over 35 years. The company was founded in 1984 by Peter Hjortberger, who had a passion for knives and a vision to create the best knives in the world. Today, Fallkniven is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and use of premium materials.


Fallkniven knives are made with the highest quality materials, such as laminated cobalt steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention and durability. The brand's unique combination of different steel types in the laminated blades enhances the performance of the knives. The knives are also heat-treated and hardened to ensure that they are able to withstand heavy use and retain their sharpness for longer periods.


One of the most popular knives from Fallkniven is the A1 Pro, which is a tactical fixed blade knife that has a 6.3-inch blade made from laminated cobalt steel. The knife features a full-tang construction, which means that the blade runs the entire length of the handle, providing maximum strength and stability. The handle is made from Thermorun, a high-friction rubber material that provides a secure and comfortable grip even in wet conditions.


Another excellent option is the F1 Pro, which is a survival knife with a 3.8-inch blade made from laminated VG-10 steel. The knife features a convex grind, which provides a very sharp and durable edge. The handle is made from Thermorun and has a full-tang construction, ensuring maximum strength and stability.


At Knife Country USA, we carry a wide selection of Fallkniven knives, including the A1 Pro, F1 Pro, and many other popular models. Our inventory also includes knives with different blade lengths and handle materials, allowing you to choose the perfect knife for your needs. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and fast shipping, making us a great option for purchasing your next Fallkniven knife.


Virtual Tour of Fällkniven Product Categories


Fällkniven Fixed Blade Knives: Comprises of strong, convex blade knives designed to carry out chopping, cutting, slicing, and crafting tasks. A majority of these knives feature laminated VG-10 stainless blades which confer corrosion-resistant properties. Fällkniven fixed blade knives are available in the choice of leather and thermorun elastomer handles, to suit varying preferences.


Fällkniven Folding Pocket Knives: Combining timeless design and exceptional strength, Fällkniven folding pocket knives are great for survival situations and self-defense. Based on the model, these knives feature framelock, linerlock, and lockback locking mechanism. A majority of these folding knives feature 3G laminated steel blades, and are available in a choice of wood handles, pearl mosaic handles and aluminum handles, to name a few.


Fällkniven Accessories & More: The category explores the vast array of diamond knife sharpeners, fixed blade sheaths, and ABC of knives books. Fällkniven Accessories and other equipment are geared towards travelers, campers, real-life knife users, and enthusiasts, and would make a great addition to any traveling kit.


Fällkniven Gentlemans Knife: This category features a vast array of pocket knives, made up of top-quality materials that makes them a preferred choice among hunters. Most of these knives incorporate laminated cobalt steel blades which are amazingly sharp and strong. Based on the model, these knives feature a linerlock mechanism that makes them easy to maneuver.


Fällkniven Professional Hunter: The category covers some of the best hunting knives, reputed for their stainless laminate powder steel blades. Fällkniven Professional Hunter knives feature an upsweep-drop point blade that excels in skinning and cutting tasks. A majority of these knives come equipped with a thermorun handle and a stainless steel cross guard that provides a sure grip even in tough work environments.


Fällkniven Kitchen Knives: Consists of a vast range of fine-quality chef’s knives, suitable for domestic as well as commercial kitchens. A majority of the knives in this category feature high carbon steel blades. Based on the model, the Fällkniven Kitchen Knives come equipped with highly durable micarta handles and come packed in sheaths or wooden boxes.


Fällkniven Sharpeners & Knife Blanks: Ideal for sharpening and maintaining the razor-sharp edge of knives, the Fällkniven Sharpeners can be used on a large section of knives such as hunting knives, military knives, and kitchen knives. A majority of the sharpeners have diamond steel-crafted micro teeth made up of ceramic steel and whetstones. The category also covers a range of knife blanks that can be used to create custom knives to meet personal requirements.


All you need to know about Fällkniven Knives Product Series


Fällkniven A1 Survival Knife Series: These drop point knives were specifically designed to meet the demands of special force personnel. A majority of these knives feature lanyard holes, checkered thermorun handles full tang construction, and come packed in a nylon belt sheath.


Fällkniven Black-Hawk Knife Series: Comprises of an assortment of sleek knives, known for their remarkable edge retention and easy to maneuver design. Most of the Fällkniven Black-Hawk knives come equipped with laminated cobalt steel blades and linen micarta handles.


Fällkniven CMT Chef Knife Series: Conferring to exceptional strength and sharpness, these convex edge blades are a fantastic choice for cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks. A majority of the Fällkniven CMT Chef knives feature maroon micarta handles that provide a tight and comfortable grip. Based on the model, these knives come with hardwood storage boxes that ensure fuss-free storage and transportation.


Fällkniven Embia Knife Series: Designed with inspiration gathered from Swedish minimalism, the Fällkniven Embia knives sport neat and sleek aesthetics. A majority of these knives feature convex blades which are reputed for exemplary performance in a range of tasks. These knives are counted among the finest options available in the functional knives domain and are usually available with ironwood handles.


Fällkniven F Knife Series: The series covers a multitude of survival knives, praised for their technical and ergonomic design. Based on the model, the Fällkniven F Series knives feature laminated steel blade that makes them suitable for demanding tasks as well as general use.


Fällkniven F1 Military Survival Knife Series: Fällkniven is counted among the reputed manufacturers of survival knives and functional tools for the Swedish Air Force and Military. This series comprises fixed blade knives featuring laminated cobalt steel blades that boast outstanding rigidity and retain sharpness for years to come.


Fällkniven FH9 Folding Hunter Knife Series: Comprises of a huge selection of laminated folding knives that combine sharpness, exemplary strength, and durability. Specifically designed to meet the demands of hunters, Fällkniven FH9 folding knives are great for self-defense, survival situations, and cutting or piercing objects.


Fällkniven H1 Hunting Knife Series: The series covers a range of classic knives that boasts impressive strength. A majority of the Fällkniven H1 hunting knives feature an ergonomic textured handle made using thermorun plastic that provides a comfortable grip, and laminated cobalt special steel blades that boast high strength and sharpness.


Fällkniven HK9 Knife Series: The series covers professional hunting knives featuring laminated powder steel blades which are capable of retaining the edge for longer. Ideal for hunters, outdoorsy men, and mountaineers, these knives sport micarta handles that don’t easily slip, offering a sure grip.


Fällkniven Kolt Knife Series: Covers a diverse range of fixed blade knives, suitable for EDC endeavors. Boasting clean lines and a traditional design, these knives are sure to make a bold statement. A majority of these knives feature a standard convex blade in satin finish, sturdy handles, and comes packed in hygienic Zytel sheath.


Fällkniven Legal to Carry Knife Series: The series covers a vast selection of folding pocket knives that conform to various knife laws. These pen knives feature spear point blades made up of powder steel that retains sharpness exceptionally well. A majority of the Fällkniven Legal to Carry Knives come equipped with anodized handles, which are available in a range of colors to suit various preferences.


Fällkniven Modern Bowie Knife Series: The series focuses on large survival knives, designed with inspiration taken from traditional bowie knives. A majority of these knives feature laminated CoS steel which is praised for its unbelievable edge-retention. Based on the model, these knives come equipped with Thermorun handles that feel comfortable in hand, especially in arctic weather conditions.


Fällkniven Modern Folder Knife Series: The series covers a vast selection of folding pocket knives featuring a framelock mechanism that assists in the easy opening and closing of the blade. A majority of these drop point knives feature a thumb stud and comes packed in a nylon belt sheath. Fällkniven Modern folder knives are available in the choice of stainless handles and black carbon fiber handles.


Fällkniven Northern Lights Knife Series: Comprise of heavy-duty knives which can be used to carry out a range of tasks such as cutting, big game hunting, chopping, and more. Based on the model, Fällkniven Northern Lights knives feature convex edge laminate VG-10 stainless blades and stacked leather handles.


Fällkniven Number 5 Idun Knife Series: These knives create a fine balance of form and function, combining resilience and edge-retention in a single, compactly sized blade. These knives sport laminated blades that boast high torque resistance, ensuring durability.


Fällkniven PC Knife Series: The series covers a massive variety of lightweight pocket knives featuring laminated Cobalt Special Steel blades that boasts remarkable edge retention. Based on the model, these knives feature fiberglass reinforced Grilon handles that feel comfortable to hold and ensures durability.


Fällkniven PXL Folding Knife Series: Consists of modern, slightly large pocket knives, ideal for EDC endeavors. These folding knives sport stainless steel drop point blades which excel in various cutting, stabbing jobs. Equipped with micarta handles, the Fällkniven PXL knives, offer a positive grip.


Fällkniven S1 Forest Knife Series: Suitable for fishing, camping, and outdoor adventures, the Fällkniven S1 Forest Knife works extremely well in skinning, cutting piercing, and stabbing jobs. A majority of these knives feature laminated VG10 stainless steel blades and checkered handles.


Fällkniven SK1 Jari Knife Series: These fixed blade knives are a fantastic choice for camping, hunting, and hiking. Equipped with a satin finished clip point blade and curly birch handle, the Fällkniven SK1 Jari knives are great for general cutting, slicing tasks.


Fällkniven Taiga Knife Series: The series covers larger fixed blade knives, ideal for adventurous outings and hunting excursions. The Fällkniven Taiga knives sports a full-tang construction, slightly thicker blade stock, satin-finished blades, and thermorun handles.


Fällkniven TK1 Knife Series: The series offers a range of minimalistic knives, featuring full tang construction, desert ironwood handles, convex edge blades, and stainless steel finger guards. The Fällkniven TK1 knives are praised for their strong blades that retain an edge, offering extremely-well cutting performance.


Fällkniven Tre Kronor Knife Series: Comprises a huge selection of folding knives with a lightweight structure. The Fällkniven Tre Kronor knives are reputed for their razor-sharp drop point blades that which are a fantastic choice for piercing and cutting. Based on the model, these knives feature a thermorun handle, lanyard hole, stainless guard, inlay shield, and full tang construction.


Fällkniven U Knife Series: The series covers innovative folding knives featuring laminate powder steel blades, which are praised for exemplary strength and edge retention. The Fällkniven U Series knives come equipped with slim handles made up of highly durable composite material. These knives feature dual-side grooves, which makes them an ideal choice for left-handers as well as right-handers.


Fällkniven U2 Lockback Knife Series: Bosting symmetrical design, the Fällkniven U2 Lockback knives are suitable for both – left and right-hand use. These knives sports slim handles that allow for easy maneuverability. Equipped with laminate powder steel blades, these lockback knives boast remarkable edge retention.


Fällkniven Valcano Knife Series: These knives are a fantastic choice for adventure enthusiasts, hunters, and outdoorsmen. Ideal for skinning and dressing games, the Fällkniven Valcano knives are praised for their ultra-sharp convex blades. A majority of these knives feature wooden handles that provide a firm grip.


Fällkniven WM1 Sporting Knife Series: Ideal for EDC endeavors as well as outdoor adventures, the Fällkniven WM1 Sporting knives boasts extremely sharp blades. These knives make for a fantastic choice for slicing, whittling, and cutting tasks. A majority of these knives come with an injection molded Zytel sheath that allows for worry-free carry.


Fällkniven Wolfs Tooth Knife Series: This series covers everyday carry knives featuring satin-finished powder steel blades, Zytel handle scales, nail nick opener, and lanyard holes. These drop point knives feature lockback folding mechanism that allows for effortless maneuverability.


Warranted Against Defects

Fällkniven products believe in providing the best quality products to the customers. The products are free of any manufacturing defect in terms of material and workmanship. The brand will replace or repair the new item in case of a defect. However, the brand is not responsible to replace the tools in case of normal wear and misuse. This is to be noted that Fällkniven Knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. The repair department will analyze the damage in such a situation and charge reasonable fees for the repairs.

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