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Fixed Blade Bayonets

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Fixed Blade Bayonet is a type of bayonet or knife used to convert a rife into a spear. These bayonets are spike-shaped weapon which fit under the muzzle of a rifle gun. Fixed blade bayonets are used in the military forces training sessions worldwide. One of the reasons, as they are named military bayonets. Blade styles and shapes are one of the most looked at aspects while buying these bayonets. The blade of these bayonets is properly tempered in order to hold a razor edge.

Our wide display of fixed blade bayonets is inclusive of Long M1 Bayonet, 16" blade bayonet, Mini M1 Mini Garand Bayonet, Butcher Blade Bayonet, Type 30 Bayonet, M-1905 Springfield Bayonet, M-1917 Bayonet, and WWII K-98 Mauser Bayonet, to name a few. These bayonets are available in a number of oil finishes. Moreover, these bayonets can be availed with different handles like Black Wood Handles, Dark Brown Wood Handles, Natural Wood Handles, Black Grooved Composition Handles, and many more.  Knife Country USA carries reputed brands like Arisaka, Assassin's Creed, Smith & Wesson, Waffentechnik and Frost.

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