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Survival Bracelets

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Superheroes have made saving lives a common movie theme. To witness such awesomeness in the real world, try using Survival Bracelets. Be it personal safety or that of somebody else, a Survival Bracelet can help!


Get the Basics Right


A Survival Bracelet consists of Paracords and a braided outer shell. The cushioned bracelet makes the best wrap for knife handles, spears, and survival gear. It is extremely flexible and can be used to pull or lift heavy weights. While buying a Survival Bracelet, please ensure that the bracelet contains at least 14 inches of 550 lb test Paracord. Having this feature, one can easily survive emergencies when survival hangs by a strand.


The Ideal Construction


An ideal Survival Bracelet fits up to wrist size of 7.5 inches. There should be enough tightening facility, enabling a customized fit that prevents slippage. The plastic side-release buckle will help you to easily wear and take-off this bracelet, as and when required.


Buy with Confidence


Knife Country USA isan established online store, selling popular and rare knives and outdoor accessories. To ensure our customers get the best deals, we procure Survival Bracelets from leading brands in this segment like Para Cord Brands and Knotty Boys. To get questions answered, please, Contact Us without any hesitation.

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